Time Will Fuse Its Worth Review

artist: Kylesa date: 07/21/2010 category: compact discs
Kylesa: Time Will Fuse Its Worth
Released: Oct 30, 2006
Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: Prosthetic
Number Of Tracks: 10
With "Time Will Fuse Its Worth", Kylesa has shown that they are a band to be recognized with the sludge genre. Their powerful riffs and booming vocals are a staple of the sludge genre.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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Time Will Fuse Its Worth Reviewed by: DimebagLivesOn, on july 21, 2010
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Sound: At first, Kylesa may seem like a typical sludge band. They differ from the norm by having two drummers, which sometimes follow each other, and sometimes not, and they also have a female singer. Their music itself can be exciting and groovy in one song, and in the next one showing a large amount of sorrow. Time Will Fuse Its Worth makes a good example of the versatility of the sludge genre. The guitars on this record are phenomenal, they give off many vibes throughout the whole album, and the tone is solid. Probably the most interesting part of Kylesa's work is the dual drummers. Having two drummers allows them to come up with more complicated parts, and it also makes the music a lot more powerful. There is a whole track devoted to them ("Outro") and it is fun to listen to all by itself. Having a female vocalist is also a nice change. Track listing: 01: Intro 0:34 02: What Becomes an End 4:02 03: Hollow Severer 4:12 04: Where the Horizon Unfolds 4:53 05: Between Silence and Sound 6:18 06: Intermission 2:01 (Instrumental) 07: Identity Defined 3:20 08: Ignoring Anger 5:17 09: Warning 6:26 10: Outro 2:23 (Instrumental) Total: 39:26 Band members: Phillip Cope: guitar, vocals Laura Pleasants: guitar, vocals Carl McGinely: drums Jeff Porter: drums Corey Barhorst: bass There are also two good music videos from this album, for "Hollow Severer" and "Where the Horizon Unfolds". // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics featured in this album primarily seem to be an internal reflection, either on the band's part as a whole, or the individuals separately. You can sense a vibe of struggle through some of the songs, and of conquest in other ones. The way the lyrics are delivered usually matches what's going on in the music at the time, and along with the music, there is a nice variation in the delivery of the lyrics. The album climaxes in intensity towards the middle, and then slows its way back down, and the vocals do a pretty good job of helping the overall vibe of the album progress. I believe the singing peaks in songs like "Hollow Severer" and "Where the Horizon Unfolds", they are the most entertaining to listen to in those songs for me. I think Kylesa utilizes multiple vocalists to help cover all bases. They made a smart move in doing this, because the different screams you get between Laura and Phillip are amazing. They also get some drone-like vocals in there too, which can help put a trance-like vibe on the music. // 9

Overall Impression: With Time Will Fuse Its Worth, Kylesa has shown that they are a band to be recognized with the sludge genre. Their powerful riffs and booming vocals are a staple of the sludge genre. Their dual drummers and female vocalist help put a refining touch on the music, which I've yet to find in the genre. It is also quite a bit different than their previous two releases, with more complicated music and vocal styles. "Outro", "Hollow Severer", and "Where the Horizon Unfolds" are the stand out songs to me, the latter two are great songs with a lot of energy, and the first one is a really cool jam between the two drummers. "What Becomes an End" is also a good song, it relentlessly kicks off into furious music with some good screams over the top of it. Overall, Time Will Fuse Its Worth would be better if it didn't lose as much steam as it does after about track 5 or so. Kylesa seems to be at their pinnacle on this album when they are delivering quick riffs and screams to compliment it. Though a couple of the songs build up well from a somewhat slow start, such as "Where the Horizon Unfolds" and "Between Silence and Sound". Still a great album. // 9

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