Trampled Sun review by Kyng

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  • Released: Sep 27, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (4 votes)
Kyng: Trampled Sun

Sound — 9
Earlier this year, I was browsing in search of hard rock/metal news when I spotted an album review for a band called KYNG. The weird name interested me, so I read the review and decided to check out their album, "Trampled Sun". After listening to the first single "Falling Down", I immediately downloaded the entire album. KYNG is a trio from California. The members are Eddie Veliz on guitar/lead vocals, Tony Castaneda on bass, and drummer Pepe Clarke Magana. "Trampled Sun" is their debut, and it's a hell of a first impression. Their influences seem to include Soundgarden (particularly in the song "Down On Me"), stoner rock/metal bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, and in a few songs ("Trails In Veins", "The Beauty Of The End/Shoreline Pts. 1 & 2"), thrash. Throughout the album, KYNG shows that they have already figured out dynamics. Several songs start out soft and then build into raging crescendos. Several tracks, including "Falling Down", feature guitar solos that go beyond mere shredding. Magana impresses, even throwing in a couple of blastbeats in "Falling Down". Castaneda shows that he is a rising talent on bass, particularly during "Down On Me". KYNG is a band that has a vintage sound yet it also sounds modern.

Lyrics — 8
Eddie Veliz. Who the f--k is this guy and why hasn't he been discovered before this album? To quote Ted Nugent, "where the hell did they find this son of a b-tch?" My profane statements above are all compliments. This dude can plain sing his a-s off. He has a voice that sounds like it'd fit in perfectly in the '70's classic rock era. People have made the comparision to Chris Cornell, and at times Veliz sounds a bit like the Soundgarden frontman. The lyrics are nothing too special, but nothing falls flat either.

Overall Impression — 8
To sum it all up, KYNG is a young band that will only grow better with time. The scary thing, most bands really have no idea what they're doing on their first album, yet KYNG has already figured it out. They're not famous yet, but if they keep churning out records as good as "Trampled Sun" is, they will be mentioned right up there with Mastodon and the like. Veliz is the centerpiece, but Castaneda and Magana form a rock-solid rhythm section and get their spots to shine in songs. This band has so much potential, and it'd be a shame for KYNG to get lost in the wash while bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Nickelback get tons of money and media attention (I like Nickelback, but let's face it, they're generic and cheesy as f--k). I highly recommend checking "Trampled Sun" out for yourself.

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    Not only rocking as hell, but also got tinges of King Crimson here an' there, especially the title track. Nice stuff.