Cherno review by KYPCK

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (8 votes)
KYPCK: Cherno

Sound — 8
KYPCK (Kursk) come across as a well laid out band, musically. The use of pounding drums and haunting arpeggio's set well their claim as "Doom metal from Finland". They have been wise not to focus on drones, as would many bands opt for due to simplicity and the fact it would help fill space on an album. KYPCK have focused more on vocals for a "Dooming" affect to the music which, personally, I think shows a distinguishing trait for the band, despite the obvious "Finnish blokes singing in Russian". The album seems to be a mix of Communist Era Russian history with tracks such as "Christmas in Murmansk", "1917" and "Stalingrad" to name a few, though those are the more obvious ones, more can be found by reading the booklet with is written in Russian and has an English translation on the other side. The band portray the feeling of a bombed, cold and damaged city extremely well through heavy influence on the vocals aswell as the guitar riffs. My one complaint is the use of bass. It often comes across as just fuzz, which may or may not be a fault at the recording. Personally I feel they've missed out a chance to add another layer of detail to the mental pictures the album incurs by having a fuzzy bass.

Lyrics — 9
The vocals here are in some parts the strongest part of the entire song. Despite the fact all the songs are in Russian, all have a stride to them making the songs far superior, in my eyes, to the drone effect so many bands use these days. The songs are mostly about Communist Era Russia, 1917 to 1943 mostly. The lyrics themselves make for a gloomy read, but portray a great mental image of a bombed out urban city. Erkki Seppnen makes good use of his voice, entwining well with the pounding drums.

Overall Impression — 9
I cannot find anything similar to compare it to, so it is, it seems, unique. "1917" and "The usual" stand out due to epicness in both, aswell as a "Tyr" styled rhythm in the latter. The songs all have good hooks, although, for example in "The Black Hole" it comes later rather than sooner. Overall, a good album and a change to usual Doom metal. Worth the buy, most definetly.

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    Excellent review. This record does indeed portray a dark, bombarded portrait of the urban USSR. The atmosphere is dead on. I will agree with you that the fuzz emanating from the bass in this record leaves something to be desired... such as actually hearing the bass frequencies rather than the scratch of the tone writhing away. I think the album would lose its effect if it was sung in anything else but Russian, the language adds the harsh tone to the entire sound. Again, an excellent review.