Kyuss/Queens Of The Stone Age review by Kyuss

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  • Released: Dec 9, 1997
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (10 votes)
Kyuss: Kyuss/Queens Of The Stone Age

Sound — 9
"Kyuss/Queens Of The Stone Age" was a split LP released in 1997, the first three songs on the album are performed by Kyuss and the last three tracks are played by the newly created Queens Of The Stone Age. The sounds on this album are very different and show the contrast in the two bands, something that Josh Homme was aiming for as he simply did not want a "Kyuss 2." Kyuss/QOTSA did not aim to innovate and introduce new ideas rather it took an already good thing and simply made it better improving upon tracks from an earlier era "If Only - If Only Everything," and finishing tracks which were long awaited by fans (even if they weren't as critically received "Fatso Forgotso"). Overall this is an excellent album; it's a shame that it was only recorded on EP. 01. "Into The Void" - an excellent cover of a Black Sabbath song, this one might even border on being better than the original. 02. "Fatso Forgotso - a long track, nonetheless it is a heavy dredge ballad which quite efficiently overwhelms a person on their first listen. 03. "Fatso Forgotso Phase II (Flip The Phase)" - the long awaited continuation of "Fatso Forgotso"; unfortunately it is not a good ending for such a great first part. 04. "If Only Everything" - a remake of "If Only" this is my favourite track on the entire album, quite simply it is amazing, and possibly one of the best QOTSA songs ever released. 05. "Born To Hula" - another amazing song by the newly created QOTSA, the beginning has stuck with me and influenced the intros for more than one of my own songs. 06. "Spiders And Vinegaroons" - unfortunately not the greatest song that has came out of QOTSA it sounds too industrial to be true "dredge-metal" but even so if you can ignore the samples and get to the root of the music this is actually a decent track.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are typical of this style of music, ugly, dirty, and downright bad, which in this case is excellent, the lyrics fit perfectly with the music. Josh Homme has an amazing vocal range, however he does not use this to the fullest and some of the songs suffer slightly, however it was a good effort despite the downfalls.

Overall Impression — 8
Kyuss and QOTSA virtually invented the genre of stoner rock or as I like to call it dredge-metal this album is not as good as Kyuss or QOTSA independent albums however it does capture a good mix of both bands. On the albums the songs most worth a listen are "Fatso Forgotso," "Into The Void," and "If Only Everything." Pros: combined elements of hard rock stoner rock and intense vocal elements create one of the best split EP recordings ever created (in this era). Cons: was only released on EP (as far as I know), and there are a few issues with the singing being a little bit over par as far as future/past works were concerned. Overall this is an excellent collector's item, and even somebody not acquainted with dredge-metal will enjoy this. If this were stolen/lost I would be horrified, I had to purchase a record player just for this one album, rather than finding the guy I would take satisfaction knowing that he would rot in the desert where vultures would peck out his eyes for stealing this (simply due to the fact that these are getting pricey on eBay).

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    "Dredge Metal"?! lol this is a really good split, though I was a bit disappointed when I heard the awesome "Fatso Forgotso", the second part was just lame. "If only everything" isn't the remake of "If only", in fact it's the reverse. Still I love both versions of it.
    "Cover of a Black Sabbath song, this one might even border on being better than the original"-BLASPHEMY!!! Seriously though it's a nice Kyuss album.