Tortured Inauguration review by Laceration

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  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.9 (7 votes)
Laceration: Tortured Inauguration

Sound — 8
Anybody that has heard Laceration before knows that they are... Well... The definition brutality. A Brutal Death Metal band from Scotland, the one-man-band of Hamish Maguire is signed to UK Extreme Metal Records, an independent label created in January 2011 and managed by Chris Newby. Laceration stood out to UKEM Records by a milestone, and it's easy to see why with Death Metal as awesome as this. Deservedly, Laceration was the debut signing for UKEM Records and has gigged with the likes of Achren, Cerebral Bore, Amputated, Cancerous Womb and many more, with more gigs planned for 2012.

Lyrics — 8
Hamish Maguire's vocals are the typical Death Metal style of growling and grunting, and it sounds brilliant with the brutality of the music. He has obviously practiced them to nail them to perfection, which has been achieved. The lyrics are quite unintelligible but that doesn't matter too much if I'm honest.

Overall Impression — 9
Though being heavy as hell, Hamish adds some very groovy and outstandingly catch riffs into the music. "Tortured Inauguration" is a prime example of this, as it opens up straight away with a chunky wall of sound that hits you straight in the face that goes by the title of "Traumatic Insemination". Track Listing: 01. "Traumatic Insemination" - a brutal but very groovy track that got my head nodding as I was writing this review. This is my favourite track on the album. 02. "Gorging On Putrid Orifices" - again, another groovy and brutal track. Some of this song is slow and chunky, while other areas are fast and brutal. 03. "Human Tikka Masala" - first things first, the name of the song made me chuckle. It opens up with a pulsating-like beat with a sludgy guitar tone, and carries on with the fist-pumping tempo throughout the song. 04. "Force Fed Fecal Matter" - again, the guitar tone is thick as hell and the drumming is ace, even if it is programmed. This got me banging my noggin as well. 05. "Condemned To Torture" - the song opens with a voice saying "I wanna play a game" and carries on with a creepy sort of tune, which is awesome. The vocals are definitely at a peak on this song. 06. "Flesh Sculpted Atrocity (Live)" - manical. That word pretty sums up this song. Utterly brilliant mind you. This track is a live recording (obviously) and I love the vibes I get from listening to it. 07. "Enlightenment Through Introspection (Live)" - this next one's called Enlightenment Through Introspection. It's heavy and stuff.' that made me laugh. But yes, it is heavy (and stuff)! This song is great, and anybody who gets this album is in for a treat! 08. "Human Tikka Masala (Live)" - track 3, but... Urm, live. And "About Eating People" as Hamish put it. Haha! So, overall, this album is a great debut. Well done Hamish!

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