Songs For The Last View review by Lacrimas profundere

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  • Released: Jun 27, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.3 (3 votes)
Lacrimas profundere: Songs For The Last View

Sound — 9
This band is probably a band most of you have never heard of. They are a gothic metal/rock band from Germany, formed in 1993. Their style can be described as a mixture of HIM, The 69 Eyes (especially concerning the vocals) and good old Sisters Of Mercy. Produced by the famous John Fryer (of Nine Inch Nails and HIM fame), the CD features 12 songs which surely are settled in the gothic rock genre but never fail to come up with some nice surprises. Lacrimas Profundere also are true masters of creating atmosphere while playing some really dirty rock'n'roll. This leads to their own description of their music: they label themselves as a "rock'n'sad band". I always have liked those song-by-song analyses, because they give you a pretty good idea of what the songs sound like. 01. Intro: you hear some heartbeats as well as the sound of an electrocardiography. Later on, babies start to cry and women start to laugh. At the end of this 55-second-intro, the electrocardiography tells us that the patient has died. A perfect intro, which leads right into the following track. 02. A Pearl: the first track and also the first single they have published. It's a good opener, about 3 minutes long and very catchy. Rob, the singer, sings with a very low voice, which creates a gloomy atmosphere. This is a good example of what I've said before: creating atmosphere while playing rock'n'roll. It's really nothing special if you take a closer look at it, but it gets stuck in your head right away. (8/10) 03. The Shadow I Once Kissed: starts with a poppy piano and some strings. The piano will play the same figure during the choruses. Nice rock'n'roll riffing during the verses, and in the chorus you hear Rob singing a duet with a girl. Those two voices are perfectly matched and sing a very poppy melody, which some people might not like. There's also a very cool solo in it, which sounds rather bluesy than like a gothic band. (7/10) 04. Veins: this song reminds of the older times of Lacrimas Profundere. Back in the 90's, they played doom metal with death metal vocals. There's no growling in here, but it's probably the heaviest song on the entire record, with heavy guitars and some very atmospheric keys. This time Rob sings a lot higher, which in my opinion fits his voice better than the lower notes. Although it's the 'doom song', it's the shortest song on the record, with less than three minutes. First I did not like it at all, but now I think it's one of the best songs on the album (8/10) 05. We Shouldn't Be Here: starts with a distorted, electronic keyboard sound. This song has probably the catchiest vocal melody on the entire CD, without sounding to poppy. Once again, really heavy guitars go hand in hand with the keys. There even is something you could call a breakdown in the middle of the song. It's so damn catchy - and atmospheric at the same time - it's one of my favourites on the album. (9/10) 06. And God's Ocean: the second single (and music video) and in my opinion the best song on the record. It starts with clean guitars and some sound effects, like a submarine radar. Then Rob starts to sing in a higher pitched voice, which - as I said before - fits him much better than the lower voice. In the chorus, he's supported by Lacrimas Profundere's former singer, Christopher. Robs high voice and Christopher's very low one match perfect! The drums and the bass join in the second verse, which is followed by a chorus and a very nice instrumental part. As you think it can't get better, after this instrumental part the distorted guitars join and make this great song a true masterpiece. At the end of the song, you get to hear another sweet, little solo. Best song on the record in my opinion. (10/10, I don't like giving a 10/10, but this song deserves it) 07. Suicide Sun: Sir Alfred Ernest Ramsey once said "Never change a winning team". Following this word, the song once again starts with a piano Elton John probably could use as well. Really dirty riffing during the verses, which lead to a very sweet chorus. Nothing special, but good though. (7/10) 08. Dear Amy: ladies and gentlemen, this is the best singing on this record. Rob goes rock'n'roll! He sings with a very rough voice here which makes the song different from the others. The overall sound is not what you would expect after you heard this record up to this point. It's probably the dirtiest song this band has ever made. It's not gothic at all, if you ask me. It's more like Motrhead with a gothic sound. Really good song and a nice variety. (8/10) 09. A Dead Man: it's a pure piano-and-strings ballad and the only track which really remains tranquil. I don't have to lose much words about Rob's high voice here, do I? It's a beautiful song, but it's certainly a song you have to listen to carefully, for it's not suited as background music in my opinion. (7/10) 10. Sacrificial Lamb: honestly, I don't like this one, but I'll try to describe it how it is. It's probably the creepiest song on the record. A dostroted bass and clean guitars during the verses and a wall of distroted guitars during the choruses. Here you can hear Rob's rock'n'roll voice again, but to me it's the only thing I really like. Give it a try, I don't like it. (5/10) 11. Lullaby For A Weeping Girl: but I dig this one! It's similar to "A Pearl", the opening track: nothing really special or innovative, but just a good song I like to listen to. It has more of the gothic style in it, though. Rob sings in his deep voice again, but this time I think it fits the song better. His high voice probably had ruined it. (8/10) 12. While: the last song on the regular album is similar to "And God's Ocean", which I call the best song on the album. It features Rob's high voice again, and it features Christopher in the chorus. It's very depressing, probably the most depressing song on the record. It takes a long time for the distorted guitars to come in, but when they join Rob uses his distorted voice again and you even hear double bass drums. Unfortunately, this part doesn't last for a long time. At the end you hear the electrocardiography of the ded person you've heard in the intro again. This time he's dead at first, but after a few seconds he comes back to life. This and the intro form a nice frame for the album. (9/10) There is also a special edition of the record available, which features a DVD with a tourmovie, a live concert and the video clip for "A Pearl". But the most interesting thing on this special edition are the four bonus tracks: 13. Burn: very heavy track, they use a lot of semitones in the vocal lines which creates a dark atmosphere. This song is not very catchy, but this definetely does not make it a bad song. (7/10) 14. The Beauty Of Who You Are: the second-best song of the record in my opinion. I can't even tell you why I love it so much, because it's another track which has nothing very special to it. Probably that's what I like, short songs with catchy melodies which are straight-forward. Anyway, there are some doubla bass drums in the chorus, which really is special for this band. Give it a listen. (10/10) 15. The Shadow I Once Kissed: this is a version with different vocals during the verses. The chorus is the same. Not better or worse than the other one you can find on the regular record, just different. (7/10) 16. Sweet Letter C: again a catchy vocal melody and a nice lead guitar during the chorus. Very deep singing during the verses, with the distorted voice in the background.Good song. (8/10)

Lyrics — 8
I'm a person who is not too much interested in the lyrics, I pay more attention to the music. The lyrics are mostly about love and broken-up relationships, but not in the generic "I loe you, why don't you love me" way, but in a very intelligent and poetic way. If you'Re into versatile lyrics, you probably won't like the ones on this record, because there isn't much versatility here, but once again: "Never change a winning team". The lyrics work perfect and go well with the particular song they are wrote for. You would not want Slayer to sing about daisies and puppies (unless they slice them), would you?

Overall Impression — 9
Of course, there are many gothic rock bands out there, but this one is somewhat special. I never heard a band creating this kind of atmosphere and playing stripped-down rock'n'roll at the same time. It's a little more of a mainstream sound than the albums before it, which feature Christopher as the lead singer (this is the first one with Rob). Lacrimas Profundere write songs which are just straight-forward, but also songs that have really ambitious structures and are just masterpieces of art, like And God's Ocean. This paricular one is one of the most impressing songs I've heard in my life. If it were stolen or lost, I would definetely buy another one, because it's one of my favourite albums and the DVD doesn't get boring until today.

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    Its.. so-so. I prefer higher pitched vocals in metal, more power and passion in it. But to be honest though its a bit like a Poisonblack knock off, except less heavier, and less distortion. Oh and another thing, you spelt distortion wrong 3 times XD. Isa meh review, about a meh band. So meh. Before The Dawn are MUCH better.
    Another thing, the singer isnt that Johnny Pisshead bloke from that emo group, is it? o.O
    EpiExplorer wrote: Its.. so-so. I prefer higher pitched vocals in metal, more power and passion in it. But to be honest though its a bit like a Poisonblack knock off, except less heavier, and less distortion. Oh and another thing, you spelt distortion wrong 3 times XD. Isa meh review, about a meh band. So meh. Before The Dawn are MUCH better.
    Before the Dawn are really metal. Lacrimas Profundere are more in a goth-rock style. I did not like this album =\ No personal atmosphere to it.
    concerning the band more than the album, i think quite a few people have heard of them contrary to the first line in the article. but idk if i like the album or not, i just listen to whatever songs i find online by them that have an interesting title and/or are slower and not as distorted as poisonblack as stated above (btw, their first album was the best). but i'm into this band, so i can't imagine the album's horrible or anything, nice to see a review of them instead of some generic metal band that seem to plague the reviews section.
    i really loved your review of this (: lacrimas are a hugely favoured band of mine and are such sweet guys but 5/10 for sacrificial lamb? i really enjoyed that song but everyone to their own personal tastes i suppose ANYWAY shithot review, man, and it's awesome to see people who know the band! ^__^