Karmacode review by Lacuna Coil

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  • Released: Mar 31, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (61 votes)
Lacuna Coil: Karmacode

Sound — 9
It starts of with a perfect opening 'Fragile' what gets that anticipation into you to get ready for the album the fell of the song entering your body makes you want to piss your pants or have an erection from Christinas sexy voice. 'To The Edge' what a satisfying second song on the album, nice guitar riffs and ass pounding drums that make you want to sing along, when you don't even know the fucking words to it. 'Our Truth' you obviously know this song, there latest single and guess what fuck that song, theres better ones on the album as much as good that song is, still it's an eye catcher for a first time listener. 'Within Me' an acoustic start and quickly builds up to classical Lacuna Coil. 'You Create' a little intro with Cristina doing loads of opera like sound building onto the next song. 'What I See' the song what 'You Create' builds onto, this song has the darkness of the bass at the tip of its fingers with the voices of both singers it makes it a perfect song to press repeat with. 'Fragments Of Faith' well what can I say this song did come from faith its so fucking awesome its unbelievable I real catchy tune on the album. 'Closer' is simply a plurific song and I don't even know if thats a word but who cares, this song is awesome and I luv it to bitsies and I'm sure you will too. 'In Visible Light' a nice title to a song and also has nice lyrics, a song worth listening too on the album. 'The Game' is one of them nice songs that you really never bother listening to when you get towards the end of the album, your just waiting for the last song to be played, but if you listen to it seperatly its a nice song. 'Without Fear' another song which ends the original part of the album, a relaxing song for the album to sort of end with if you would like to say. 'Enjoy The Silence' a Depeche Mode cover by the band, I can tell you something, its the best Depeche Mode cover I've ever heard, Christinas voice captures the mood of the song perfectly, not any band could do this apart from Depeche Mode and Lacuna Coil, this is definatly a way to end an album, a song that makes you want to go and press repeat.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics on each song is amazing, some of them make some sense to you, but the rest do jack shit to you but you still like them, its one of them albums you don't come across with lyrics like that. Gothic rock my ass there on about heaven in some parts, but still it makes sense to gothic rock. The skills that Cristina shows are amazing, if she was singing live or infront of you, it would be like an opera show her voice makes your spine shiver but you love the voice, you can't escape it. Take 'Fragments Of Faith' for example the lyrics and the sound of the song morph together to make a perfect song on the album.

Overall Impression — 10
Since 2002's 'Comalies' this is the most anticipated album of the year, it has brought fans from all around the globe to egearly await this album. It has been 4 years since 'Comalies' and 'Karmacode' brings all it can from that uplifting chant 'Comalies' put on us, this album has just got better and better everytime you listen to it, if someone said to me "handover the money" and I was in the middle of this album I'd be saying to them "can't you wait I'm in the middle of 'Karmacode' f--k off and find someone else or wait till its finished." The sound of an enthusiastic album is in the air, you can sense it coming towards you with the first track on this album. This is an album that I have played continuously, it's amazing that I've done this because it's rare I do this, theres only about 3 or 4 albums that have made me do this before and Lacuna Coil is one of them. 'Comalies' was a classic album for them but this album makes a whole new era to them, they said we would be impressed by it, and basicly it's made me more impressed than ever. 2006 just came open to more come back albums so theres plenty more to come, but for the 1st section of '06 its perfect to start the year off. Undoubtly a 10/10, one of the best albums I have heard in my lifetime, f--k 'Comalies' get 'Karmacode' blasted out.

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    Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Goth Metal? sorry, but none of them, maybe in their old times, but now they're GothRock or something similar. Another pitiful lost.
    Afriad i must agree with nineinch9 to a degree, and this is comming from a longtime fan of the band. This album is good, but falls behind their previous efforts like 'Unleashed Memories' and even 'In A Reverie'.. It has all the elements you'd expect from the sum of it's parts, but falls flat on any conviction. You need only look to say Within Temptation or Nightwish to see some better examples of using synth on a record without it sounding 'naff.. I Like This album But despite all its good merits, overall it just falls flat, with a very overproduced sound..
    Well, I wasn't really sure if it was reviewed so I searched and found this...one good and one not so good review. Having a fresh look on a bands album while still being able to relate to the sound of it is something you very rarely see in reviews. However, why review something if you don't like it. I'd only heard one Lacuna Coil song before this cd "Heaven's A Lie" and thats kinda what got me to get this cd...I'm not really all that angry that its not good because I do have a taste for it, but its not one of those "omg go buy this now, best cd of 06" deals sorry.