Own The Night review by Lady Antebellum

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  • Released: Sep 13, 2011
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6 (11 votes)
Lady Antebellum: Own The Night

Sound — 8
There was a lot of hype about this album, and personally, I'm not sure if it lived up to all of the hype. Don't get me wrong, this is a GREAT album, but it could use some improvements. I think they found their sound with this album, but some tracks were definitely more thought out than others. They seem to be very diverse in what they play, from a rocking track about a "Friday Night", to a slow ballad about, what else, love. My first impression of the album that is was pretty good, but not spectacular, like "Need You Now". These guys are one of my favorite groups, but I don't think they hit the nail on the head like they did with "Need You Now".

Lyrics — 8
Here is what I think of the individual tracks: 1. "We Owned The Night" - This song has a pretty good message; Live in the moment, enjoy now, own the night. It is also the slogan for their tour. This song has a nice ring to it, and its a good sing along song. Now, the riff at the beginning is interesting, making the song seem really happy, but it a semi-sad subject. It is about a person loving someone in the moment, but then not seeing each other again. It's a good track though, with some good backing vocals. 2. "Just A Kiss" - This song has another good message; It's better to take things slow than to rush them. The track starts out with the piano, which is pretty, and then gets more produced as the track goes on. This is the first number one single off the album, and it deserves it. The instrumentation is good, and lyrics portray a good message. Although, I do believe it was overplayed, and I'm a huge Lady A fan! 3. "Dancin Away With My Heart" - This track is another really spectacular track. Its about someone who remembers a past love, who they are still in love with. The simpler instrumentation makes the song a good acoustic song, and vocals are great. 4. "Friday Night" - Now this is a really rockin' song. It's all electric guitar, and doesn't sound all that country. It's a song that will make you want to get up and dance, or play in your car on... "Friday Night". 5. "When You Were Mine" - This is one track that I don't really like. It starts off almost Juvenile, with lyrics like "Words, Spoken. My Heart, Broken." And, the key change leading into the chorus kinda bugs me, but that's just me. Now, the chorus I do like, but the verses I almost can't stand. It's an ok track, but nothing special. 6. "Cold As Stone" - This track is just stunning. The vocals on this track are amazing, and the meaning behind it is fantastic. It is sung with such emotion, that the first time I heard it, I actually started to tear up. And the ending is just phenomenal. Words cannot describe how amazing the ending is, it just puts me at the edge of my seat. Definitely should be their next single. 7. "Singing Me Home" - Another Happy, fun, summertime track. The acoustic guitar is really upbeat, and just an all around feel good song. 8. "Wanted You More" - This song was written by Lady A's entire band. Its a really country sounding track, with the "fat" telecaster, it almost sounds like a Brad Paisley track. I really like it, and its special because their entire band contributed to it. 9. "As You Turn Away" - This is the one track I cannot stand. I'm not sure if its the vocals, the into, or just the person singing it. I really don't like the verses, but the chorus is pretty good. I don't know but I could listen to every track on both their other albums and enjoy them, but every time I hear this, I kind of want to skip it. Its kind of lack luster and nothing special. It is for sure a filler. 10. "Love I've Found In You" - Another good song, definitely country sounding. Vocals are spot on, and the message is good. I like it, but I don' think its anything too special. 11. "Somewhere Love Remains" - This track almost reminds me of a soft rock type of track. I like it, I'll listen to it and sing along, but its nothing to get excited over. Good track overall. 12. "Heart Of The World" - This is another phenomenal track. It has a great message, and every time I hear it, I think of Christmas. This could also be one of their next singles, it's so good.

Overall Impression — 9
Lady Antebellum has done very well, but are still missing some key components. I, being a HUGE Lady Antebellum fan, was semi disappointed with the album, but I definitely would recommend buying it. The most impressive songs are "Cold As Stone" and "Heart Of The World", they are truly amazing. I love all of the harmonies and guitar, but I don't like the two songs I mentioned above. If this was stolen, I would buy it again, but I am a huge Lady A fan, so I would buy anything from them, even if it was a rap CD (That will never happen). I'll give it a nine, just because of those 2 spectacular tracks. They need that string section behind them at all times, "Cold As Stone" is just wonderful.

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