Ashes of the Wake review by Lamb of God

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  • Released: Aug 31, 2004
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (177 votes)
Lamb of God: Ashes of the Wake

Sound — 9
How to start off, the sound on this album is "unique" at worst, that's right worst, to try to think of it in it's best terms isn't possible, it kicks far too much ass. The first time I heard about Lamb of God I shrugged it off as some band trying to make it big with drop D tuned guitars, I've never been more glad to STFU. This is an amazing album, containing some of the most amazing riffs and the instrumental track is just insane. "Hourglass", "Faded Line", "Omerta", and "Break You" are definite winners when it comes to inginuity and innovation. Where other bands just recycle their riffs and power chords, these guys really make new things. Perfect example is in the song "Hourglass", forward it to 2:07 and have an orgasm that lasts until 3:00, no wanking required. The drums on this are just simply amazing, Joey Jordison=childsplay, who the hell is Lars Ulrich? So on so forth. Chris Adler is one of the best, scratch that last, the best metal drummer as of right now. No if's and's or but's. The fills and rolls are just awesome, and his use for dual bass is perfect, its not overused like some say. If you play guitar, prepare to be noobified. If you can learn half the songs on this album, congratulations, if not, welcome to the real world. Metallica to some extent is easier to learn. One word of advice, I had to listen to this album about 4 times through until I realized the greatness of this masterpiece, it won't appeal to you right off the bat. You'll find that most albums you don't like to begin with will grow on you over time (albeit not all albums) such as this one for sure. 01. Laid To Rest - great opener, could have been a bit heavier in parts, but I'd like to see other bands top it (that are in this genre and year). 02. Hourglass - definitely one of the best songs on this album, just an insane collection of pure raw energy in guitars, drums, and vocals. 03. Now You've Got Something To Die For - although I thought it was an unncessary track, it's still got some great parts, especially the vocals, just amazing vocals on this one. 04. The Faded Line - this is one of those songs that you listen to over and over again and can't get enough of, just freakin amazing. The whole band gives it 150% on this song, and I can only imagine the mayhem in the pits when they play this live. Simply amazing. 05. Omerta - starts of with a spoken part, not a bad starter as most would point out. Kind of slow and definitely "heavy". They employ a bit too many pinch harmonics in this song, but it's the chorus so ya, the vocals on this are top notch, a keeper for sure. 06. Blood Of The Scribe - overall good song, could have been much better, great fills in this one for drums (top notch), guitars could have done a better job and eased off the palm muting in some parts, vocals not as strong on this one. 07. One Gun - another great overall song, could have been better in some parts, the screams in this one are to die for, the only reason why this song is good, and there's a part in this particular song that saves it, forward to 0:48 and listen on fellow metalheads. 08. Break You - holy crap I think I wet myself when I first heard this song. Freaking awesome, puts all the band in the metal scene to shame just by this one song. Simply awesome, if anyone knows how to tab by ear, this song would be the one I highly recommend you tab next. Amazing guitars, and the vocals holy shit, listen for yourself, forward to 1:15 and prepare to blown away. Blythe's voice ranges so much it's amazing, puts Corey Taylor to shame. 09. What I've Become - an unnecessary track. 10. Ashes Of The Wake - holy shit, wow, listen to this now. Amazing solo's that will make you cry at night because you wish you could play as good as them (they had two extra guitarists come in, I'm sure you know who they are by now). 11. Remorse Is For The Dead - starts of slow and sad/creepy, and the dual bass in the starting is just so damn good, the first "drum" parts I learned from this album was the intro to this song, it sounds superb. But after that it kinda goes downhill unfortanately.

Lyrics — 10
System Of A Down should be ashamed, they're like a pop group compared to Lamb Of God. Especially this album out of all their other ones, its very political. This is one of the most anti-bush albums out in 2004, blowing SOAD out of the water. To think otherwise would be to believe a shovel is an ice cream truck, it ain't gonna happen dumbass. The vocalists voice ranges so much it's impossible to describe in words, no emo bullshit, no half assed screams, no stupid sounding growls. Pure energy. Just put the album on and judge for yourself, don't make me spoonfeed you this info. The lyrics flow naturally (unlike most of the songs/albums out right now) with the music for sure, no question about it. There are even parts where you begin to doubt that in the album, where you say to yourself "wait a minute, that doesn't seem to fit", listen closely and you'll realize that not only does it fit, it's a level above, if you catch my drift. We need bands that will help spread the word of corruption going on in the gov't, and although I applaud SOAD for doing that so far, move over, you have been usurped.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall this is an amazing album, right up there with Pantera's work (these guys are the next Pantera by the way). Personally, I got into them by listening to Slipknot (a while back), so I guess to some sense they relate to them, how I have no idea, but for me they do. I love how they've gone out of their way to make a unique album with some of the most impressive guitars I've heard in a looong time, and the drums, oh man, just delicious. The one thing I hate is that it seems to go at the same tempo (even though it does not, there are a lot of breakdowns however). They should have done some more post-production, but still an awesome album. Keeper tracks: Hourglass, The Faded Line, Omerta (if you like the dark growls/screams, which by the way I don't care too much for unless it's Blythe, all the other vocalists suck compared to him), Break You, Ashes of the Wake. If it were stolen, I'd definitely buy it again, add this to your collection it's totally worth the money, however much it may be.

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    Watched em last night, wet my pants and went crazy in the moshpit, best money spent (not to mention Children of Bodom and Slayer were also playing =D )
    I disagree Lamb of God is a very good band, Kick Ass even, but not the best. However GuitarGeek706 is the biggest dumbass ever. He says the drums are average???!!!! Chris is one of the greatest drummers of all time! Also he said that the solos save the cd? no offense but Lamb of God isn't about solos although Mark Morton can definitely shred, make no mistake.
    I agree completly with jwb89 and bass_emagdnim. I saw these guys live on July 10th and they were THE BEST LIVE SHOW IVE EVER SEEN. I got to meet Willie and John afterwards. It was so awsome!!!
    Message to GuitarGeek706: Ummmm... Are you a Retarded Monkey that just ate its own poo? This the best CD I have ever heard from any band, EVER. Lamb of God is without a doubt, one of the best bands to ever walk the Earth. And Randy Blythe does have an "interesting voice", if, by "interesting" you mean Awesome and Amazing.