Ashes of the Wake review by Lamb of God

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  • Released: Aug 31, 2004
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (177 votes)
Lamb of God: Ashes of the Wake

Sound — 8
Great but that's a tad bit of generousity. It sounds really cool while your listening to it but then you look up the tabs and the intro is flyin' all over the neck but then the verse is just "0, 0... 0, 0, 0, 0... " and on and on. Although, "Ashes Of The Wake" is a damn good song they don't play all of it just about half of it. The drums are still very impressive and same with John Campell on bass but Willie and Mark could've stepped it up a little on the guitar.

Lyrics — 10
What do you get when you take the rage of a thousand protesters, the vision of Che Guevera, the talent of Bob Marley, and the heart of Charlemge? Randy D. Blythe. The great thing about this album is they orginaly wrote the over half the songs as poems then wrote the music. Also they will repeat a verse or a chorus just as a spoken word undertone. Randy's preformance in this album is flat out amazing! He does a great job with mixing the old Burn the Preist sound that you can barely understand with the new, great simple screaming sound.

Overall Impression — 10
Amazing. Lets just say that. There is not a singal song on here that I don't like. Songs such as "Laid to Rest", "Hourglass", "Omerta", or "Remorse Is For The Dead" are all rated 5 stars on my computer. Lamb of God took a completey different look at things and a lot of risks by making this album and I admire them for that.

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    cptazad wrote: Watched em last night, wet my pants and went crazy in the moshpit, best money spent (not to mention Children of Bodom and Slayer were also playing =D )
    u lucky mother ****er, u got to go to the unholy alliance tour
    I'd like to see if guitargeek706 could play LOG riffs. What a dumbass. Do you even know what metal is?
    I agree with guitargeek. LoG isnt anything special or new to the genre, they only thing they bring is mediocre soloing and repetitive drumming. The vocals are what I would call different, but nothing special. This CD would have a lower rating if it wasnt reviewed by only fanboys of LoG like the first reviewer. Waste of my time to be honest. This album / band sucks in comparison to real Death Metal bands like Bodom.
    i hate this type of singing it sucks. the only good voice in metal that screams like this is alexis from COB. why the **** do so many metal bands now aday sing like this, it sucks. wat happend to not screaming like megadeth or slayer or metallica. and for the guy that said evanesence album fallen is a masterpiece, u gotta be shitting me dude, that bandis terrible , its all whining
    Hey guys, go on and look up mark morton. then theres a video of him beating the shit out of randy blythe whos drunk as hell. and for some reason, randys wearing a skirt.
    my fav LOG album i wish i had seen em when they came out here randy has such an awsome range and mark and willie kick the ****ing shit
    [quote]jesussowns lol m8 u do make me laugh even more than rx_eb. 1.Sorry 2 tell u but how can his mother scream when she doesnt let him suck her cock.i mean shes the 1 who turned the lad down,why would she be screaming. 2.ure just jealus cuz hes prob got a life unlike u who probly slits his wrist everyday 2 look big.not that i dont love LOG cuz i do. 3.Without metallica,there wouldve been no slayer and without slayer there wouldve been no LOG,cannibal corpse or nile. 4.why u dissin LOG after u threatening people who have their own opinion,trying 2 act all hard.YOU:oooooh im bloody hard me,n e 1 diss LOG ill shove my mothers cock up her arse,i only threaten people 2 hide the truth about me and me mam,oh yeah my daddy left home cuz of me and her getting up 2 no good.the truth is im scared of going 2 hell cuz there r devils that r going 2 shove pointy sticks up our arses 4 all eternity cuz me and her have been up 2 no good,u no,me mam 8nt even had her periods yet. IM SOOOOO SCARED (sarcastic). 5.And why the hell would a hardcore xtreme metal fan like fallout boy. 6.James hetfield and kirk r both guitar gods.Fine u pick up a guitar and try get as good as not saying i am better cuz it is xtremely hard 2 get 2 their level,im just saying,if u think they r crap,try get better. Thats bout all rli
    lol u do make me laugh.cmon u ****tard,ive got alot of negative point bout ure comment and u. 1.Nu metal is metal,why would they name it nu-metal u dumb****. 2.Lamb of God r not even nu metal,they come from the nu wave of american metal eg killswitch engage,god forbid. 3.They r metal actually,because they have distortion,gutteral vocals eg screaming,shouting and the right attitude. 4.If u r here 2 just nag about a band u dont even like,why the **** r u commenting on this page? 4. 4.
    Oh yeah,and while im at it - anyone who thinks a single track on this album is gay,come say it to my face and ill force feed you you're ****in skin after i rip it off with a cheese grater. The drumming is shit/randy blythe sucks/the guitars sound like kazoos. Thats why Chris Adler's on drummerworld. Thats why hes considered a prodigy among modern drummers by other drummers all over the world. And for the past year or so i cannot remember a single ****in guitarworld that willie and mark ARENT mentioned in. Kazoos my ****in ass. Ill tell you where to shove your kazoo mother****er. Guitargeek706,please go kill yourself because if i ever find out who you are,ill make you scream even more than your mother does when she doesnt let you suck her cock.
    Dude it sounds like this guy thinks slipknot and metallica are bands you can put in the same category as lamb of god. There is a genre for bands like metallica and slipknot. Its called,gay. I mean,metallica are cool sure. Just as cool as britney spears and robbie williams. Fuck-ing cool. Not. James Hetfield is useless and so is Kirk Hammet. Everyone says,ok then mr smarty pants (in a queer voice cos anyone who defends metallica is queer) if you're so much better than James Hetfield,how come hes so famous and you're not? The only reason 90% of famous people are famous its because they knew someone who hooked them up big time. End of story. Lamb of God are ****in metal to the core. Try call it something else. Metalcore is for pussies. Or you could just stop being queer and listen to something like Nile or Cannibal Corpse. Jesus i hate people who go on about genres trying to tell me that lamb of god arent metal. I guess that makes Slipknot DEATH METAL aye faggots? Go **** your mother. Lamb of God kick ****in ass. Their solos are perhaps a bit quiet,but they're better than most of the shit the modern industry is churning. I mean,****in fallout boy is some killer music. Very cool. And im ****in jesus.
    lamb of god is metal? since when? hahaha i dont know about the new album but they were never metal is not metal, fu[i[b[/i[/b]cksticks no offense, but that's a fact. and im not saying they suck or something - theyve got some pretty catchy songs afterall
    This album, along with every other Lamb of God album, is just fantastic! LAMB OF GOD!
    Chris is a great drummer. Mark is a great guitarist. I used to think Randy Blythe was a great vocalist, but I hate his new style. Do these three good musicians come together and make a masterpiece for AotW? Dead god no. Ashes of the Wake is recycled kazoo-tone wankery shoved through a starter pack amp. The drums have their fun parts, and even the most despised four year old can come up with a cool little ditty on his kazoo. Randy Blythe sounds like he just talked into a mike and cranked up the distortion. There is no creative genius present anywhere in this album other than the title track. If you want a good metalcore album with hints of both death metal and grindcore, pick up New American Gospel. If you're an emo douche without the motivation to cut yourself, pick up this album.
    but, unfortunately, i do agree that The System Has Failed is better...sorry LoG
    wtf GuitarGeek?...St. Anger is a joke...A MOTHER F***ING JOKE!!!!! honestly, mention st anger in a group of metallica fans and a roar of laughter follows
    i think that Lamb of God were at a creative peak for Ashes...not so much for As the Palaces Burn...this was a major influence on my playing, mainly rhythm. if i had to come up with a downside...not enough guitar solos! although the ones they do have kick more arse than...something that kicks a s**t load of arse
    The Next Pantera, Pure Metal, Legends, Heroes - Thats just a few words that GuitarGeek geek needs to learn. Were you actually listenin 2 ashes of the wake or do you just wana be different and say its crap? Well whichever one applies to you, you need your friggin head sortin out. Ashes of the Wake is Lamb of God's masterpiece. I mean, it's up there with other brilliant new millenium albums like Evanecence's "Fallen" and Trivium's "Ascendancy". Stay off the drugs dude. Oh yeah, here's four words to choke upon: Lamb of God rule.
    Last Ablaze
    there okay, but definately not legendary. They stick to the same scale to much and there riffs sound the same. Im not saying that there bad but they could definately hone their sound. They get more credit than what they deserve. I thought Children of Bodom ruled the unholy alliance tour... slayer was kinda sloppy.
    unholy alliance was ****ing many good bands..but LOG definately stole the show from slayer in my opinion. GuitarGeek? wtf is ur problem, open your ears and then go back and listen to your ****ing god rock you worthless waste of space
    unholy alliance was ****ing many good bands..but LOG definately stole the show from slayer in my opinion. GuitarGeek? wtf is ur problem, open your ears and then go back and listen to your ****ing god rock you worthless waste of space
    Best album in the whole world! Just put this album on repeat for the rest of your life! Amazing
    Oh wow, just saw the thing about "The next Pantera". Dimebag is tossing in his grave...What a disgrace to put a band like this to their level.