Ashes of the Wake review by Lamb of God

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  • Released: Aug 31, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (177 votes)
Lamb of God: Ashes of the Wake

Sound — 10
If you haven't listened to Lamb Of God, I can honestly say you are missing out on one of the best bands out there. Randy Blythe's intense vocals combined with the dropped tuning of blistering guitar riffs and intricate drumming. That is how I describe Lamb of God. Pure American metal and Pure Talent. Ashes of the Wake is all out hardcore metal from front to back. The best part of this album is no matter if the music is simple, or complex, it sounds amazing.

Lyrics — 9
I believe it is Blythe and Morton who wrote the lyrics for this album, and they are great lyricists at that. The lyrics of the album are based on a political view. This is obvious on songs like "Now You've Got Something To Die For", (which to me is about the Holocaust), and "Ashes of the Wake", (which in the beginning and end of the song have lyrics about civilian murder during the War on Terror).

Overall Impression — 10
The whole "Ashes Of The Wake" album is a great work, but my personal favorites are "Omerta" and the infamous "Laid To Rest". I've listened to Lamb of God a lot before buying this album (I had some connections through a friend), and now after buying it, I definately plan on getting all of Lamb of God's other albums. If you are a metal fan who loves raspy vocals, wicked double bass, and crazy guitars, this is the album and band for you.

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    stumtk wrote: Hey guys, go on and look up mark morton. then theres a video of him beating the shit out of randy blythe whos drunk as hell. and for some reason, randys wearing a skirt. DUUUUUDE its a ****ing kilt!!!! Im scottish and i hate it when people call it a kilt but yeah i dont hate you so hahaha its off of the killadelphia dvd.
    LoG is FUKING AMAZING!!!!! "In the presence of greatness, the humble can only bow"
    le screamist
    Lamb of God are my favorite metal band for a multitude of reasons: They're technical, they sound incredible on record...its hard to describe, they just really grasp my attention, not to mention they're fun as hell to cover!!! And guys please, stop being so argumentative over which band is better, when it comes down to it it doesnt matter which musician is more skilled, as long as it pleases the listener then so be it and if you dont like a band, dont bad mouth them, just dont listen to them! it truly is that easy! Either way you look at it, Ashes of the Wake a does boast at least a shred of cool, be it in the amazing guitar work, the incredible dexterity of John Campbell, the complex drumming of Chris Adler or the strains of Randall Blythe. Hooray!