Killadelphia [DVD] review by Lamb of God

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  • Released: Jun 21, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.2 (49 votes)
Lamb of God: Killadelphia [DVD]

Sound — 10
In this DVD the sound qualiy is awesome and the musicianship is also really good. Some of the songs they play at this show sounds better then when they acually recorded them (Terror and Hubris).

Content — 10
The DVD itself is the best that Lamb of God has put out so far. They have great live footage that shows the pure energetic power of the band. They also have an awesome behind the scence's look at the band's life and how they actuallt act not what they want people to think how they act. They also have sound checks for all the band members that shows how to do a few parts of songs and Chris (drummer) shows how he does this crazy foot technique thing that seriously made my mouth drop in awe. This is a wicked DVD.

Production Quality — 10
The quality of the DVD is excellent. The sound is great and the camera angles are awesome, it catches all the members at the right time's and show the crowd in their craziest moments.

Overall Impression — 10
My overall Impression of this DVD is a perfect 10 out of 10. I loved everything on this DVD and of all the DVDs I own this one is definetly the best one I have. If this was stolen or I lost it I would Definetly buy it again. Any true Lamb Of God fan has to get this album if you already don't have it.

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    this is without doubt THE best metal dvd i have ever seen, and probably ever will see. their live footage is absolutely mindblowing, every single member of the band is in their element & i was loving every minute of it. every song that they did, they played flawlessly. it was great how it felt like i got to know each of the members as the dvd went on, it shows them in both their personal and their professional lives. i could watch this dvd again & again and never get tired of it. lamb of god are the best metal band out there by far.
    the guy who said not as druggy is a ****ing retard.
    This DVD is so perfect, you get more than your money's worth. The live footage is perfection! Best metal band out there right now, hands down.
    Lamb of god is not another metal band... lamb of god is THE METAL BAND... I don't have this DVD because I'm leaving on Venezuela, and it's so difficult to find it!!!... But I Do have all the others records. but I want KILLADELPHIA Damn it!!!
    With this DVD I listened to Lamb of God for the first time, and yeah, perhaps you could find better bands on the road... but this guys have something that the new bands doesn't... solid sound and integration like a team!
    THC wrote: the guy who said not as druggy is a ****ing retard.
    Drugs no. Beer yes. Lots of it. And yes, the fight scene was epic. Some memorable linef from before and during the fight: "What? You scared to fight a guy in a skirt? C'mon laddie Ah wonna foight yeh!" "I'm not even fighting you Randy. I'm not even fighting you randy." "C'mmmon shhow me whatcha got." *wimpy headbutt* "Randy I'm not even fighting you." "Yeah! Get 'im! Get 'im! AHH! Not on me!!!" If you've seen the DVD, you know what I'm talking about.
    "Get ready for the sucker punch" haha..The easter eggs are great lol FANTASTIC DVD..burn the priest haha
    I could not (****) buy this DVD, because my ****ing parents are totally against heavy ****ing metal. Anyway I watched Lamb of God's entire live performance on youtube and it it my ****ing god!!! I could not stop headbanging while watching. This deserves 10/10. If there was star for 100000. This DVD still deserves that much stars. I do not care if you are LoG's biggest fan. If u are a metalhead buy the ****ing dvd and learn how to get sick from the crowd in the Livehouse>
    I cant wait for the new dvd because Killadelphia and Walk With Me In Hell were BRUTALLY epic. I hope its not too much like Metal A Headbangers journey. I hope its more of what they do best. Live shows and good times on the road.