Resolution Review

artist: Lamb of God date: 05/10/2012 category: compact discs
Lamb of God: Resolution
Released: Jan 24, 2012
Genre: Groove Metal, Metalcore
Label: Epic, Roadrunner
Number Of Tracks: 14
The seventh studio release from Lamb Of God, "Resolution" is another chapter in a great discography by the band. "Resolution" is both musically aggressive and lyrically cerebral and a great listen besides.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8
Resolution Reviewed by: UG Team, on january 24, 2012
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Sound: Lamb Of God has released consistently good material since Randy Blythe joined the group and they changed their name to Lamb Of God from their previous incarnation as instrumental band Burn The Priest. "Resolution" is no different in delivering solid heavy music. Lamb Of God entered the studio in February 2011 to begin recording, once again bringing in Josh Wilbur for mixing and producing (who also worked with the band on "Wrath"). On January 19th, Lamb Of God released an animated music video for the lead single from "Resolution" titled "Ghost Walking", which debuted on Vevo and YouTube which is a very good example of what you can expect from the album. "Resolution" has 14 tracks and clocks in at over 56 minutes, which is almost an ideal length for an album. Lamb Of God are kind of like geniuses at writing low tuned riffs with two guitars, and they continue to show that genius on "Resolution". Mark Morton and Willie Adler have continued to raise the bar. The solos are interesting, the riffs are heavy and the lyrics fit in both subject matter and vocal execution. The guitars, bass and drums seem to be mixed really well my only complaint would be that sometimes the double bass pedals are just hammering away at what I see as a heavy metal clich, and it seems excessive to me. Otherwise the drumming is inspired and mixed well. Of their previous releases, "Resolution" may be my favorite and maybe I just feel that way because it is new, but only time will tell. It is a great album. // 8

Lyrics: Lamb Of God's lyrics have always used biblical references, criticized politics and society, and attacked organized religion. Some albums have tended to focus on one subject more than another and in "Resolution" the focus seems to be on armageddon and death. If you listen to "Invictus" on the album, the lyrics "Yeah, we're all gonna die/ You brand it a crisis/ I name it an honor/ To face what arises/ To remain unconquered", then this will give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect from a lyrical theme standpoint from "Resolution". My favorite lyrics would have to be the first verse from "Desolation", "Spoken sideways and indirect/ Without a single word left unchecked/ And by your own admission no one is ever above suspicion/ Defenses never to be let down/ The lies readily abound, gaping jaw tightly wound". Randy Blythe's vocal delivery is impressive throughout the album. I've never been a huge fan of the screaming/demon voice/growled type of vocals that Lamb Of God is known for (okay, maybe it isn't the same as the "demon voice" vocals a lot of black metal bands use, but close enough for me), but you have to respect his skill in going from super low notes to high pitched screeches and his lyrics are still coherent enough to understand. What I look at as a handicap with many metal bands Randy manages to turn into a boon for Lamb Of God, using his voice to express the emotions behind the lyrics. Also, as a thought, I hear a lot of comparisons between Pantera and Lamb Of God and to me the really huge difference is Lamb Of God has a great vocalist/songwriter. // 8

Overall Impression: I was really impressed with "Resolution", as I have enjoyed Lamb Of God's music casually in the past but not really grabbed by any of their previous releases, but this was different for me. My favorite songs from the album are "Ghost Walking", "King Me", and "Desolation". I like that Lamb Of God's music, especially on "Resolution", manages to feel both very aggressive and also cerebral (from a lyrical point of view). My least favorite track would have to be "Straight For The Sun", which starts out very aggressively but then doesn't really feel like there is much movement in the song after that to me. I love the acoustic intros on a few of the new tracks and makes me wonder what an acoustic set from Lamb Of God would sound like but I'm not holding my breath. There are a lot of great albums coming out in 2012 and this is one of the earliest to hit the streets, and I'll be spending time with it in the weeks ahead and really becoming more familiar with it. // 8

- Brandon East (c) 2012

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overall: 10
Resolution Reviewed by: coreytaylor15, on january 24, 2012
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Sound: Lamb Of God's new album "Resolution" is just what you would expect from these masters of their craft. Amazing guitar playing, drumming and all topped off with Randy Blythe's fantastic vocals. The album reminds me a lot of LOG's first two albums because of the intensity and ruthless power in this new record. // 10

Lyrics: I haven't read the lyrics yet but I've been able to hear some of what Blythe's been singing and the sections I've heard fit the music perfectly. He knows when to hit the highs and lows amazingly well so no complaints of his singing at all. // 10

Overall Impression: As I said earlier it's a lot like the first two albums. Very ruthless and powerful. The songs that really make me think "wow" would be, "Desolation", "The Undertow" and "Straight For The Sun". I have to say that I love every bit of this album and nothing has been too bad on this album. // 10

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overall: 9.7
Resolution Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 24, 2012
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Sound: Lamb Of God is widely considered one of the best modern bands, with hit albums like "Ashes Of The Wake" and "Sacrament", some would say that these are such masterpieces that they're not possible to top, that the band should give up now. Well I'm happy to say this is not the case AT ALL with "Resolution"! It seems like Lamb Of God are listening to all of their previous albums, picking them apart and choosing the bits that made them really unique and better than most other modern bands, and improving on those parts while experimenting with new. People who were worried about a "Wrath 2" or an "As The Palaces Burn" failed throwback should not worry, while LoG definitely have a signature sound (which is largely explored here) there will NEVER be a day when Mark Morton or Chris Adler or any of the guys throw up their hands and not produce revolutionary music. From the new 7 string riffs in "Straight To The Sun" to the full orchestra in "King Me", and the circle pit anthem Cheated and the groove ridden "Ghost Walking", this is an album that once again changes everything. // 10

Lyrics: Randy's vocal talents on previous records were limited to low, medium, and high. Then sacrament came around and he could do a bit more of a range. Then in "Wrath" we had songs like "Set To Fail" and "In Your Words" with a full range of pitches. Now we have a song with clean vocals from him, "Insurrection". While for most of the album he does his signature growl, there are many moments where he experiments with spoken and more of the full pitch range from "Wrath". Lyrics aren't of "Palaces" quality, but they're still brilliant. "Desolation": "A Dying man might take you with him \ until then I'll split the difference \ all that for nothing, what a f--king waste of time \ I'm gonna take what is rightfully mine". // 9

Overall Impression: This album doesn't feel like it was made by a Lamb Of God, this stuff must have come from God himself. This really does feel like a turning point, where the best elements of each of the modern bands are culminated into one album. I can't recommend this enough. If this album was stolen, the only replacement I could think of for it would be Led Zeppelin's "Mothership", or "As The Palaces Burn". The guitar work rivals the work of Brent Hinds from Mastodon, and Nergal from Behemoth. The drums skills leave no one to rival. And the vocals are what ties the whole album together. There is an issue with the tone of the album however, when listened to in one sitting the change of pace comes about 2 songs later than it should. Of course when it does change, it changes in force, in amazing quality. Individually however, the songs shine. Buy it, and you won't look back. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Resolution Reviewed by: LambOfGod117, on may 10, 2012
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Sound: Much more technical than anything in their past albums, though I think switching to drop C was a bad transition for them. I found the bass to be much more oriented in this album, with multiple bass solos in many songs. Although being slightly softer, it is a new, fantastic sound for Lamb Of God. // 8

Lyrics: Good Ol' Lamb Of God lyrics. I do enjoy their lyrics in every album. And I personally, (from experience in a Metalcore band), more Metalcore - oriented vocals, as opposed to a thrash sound in their older stuff, which I quite enjoy. This album can be enjoyed by all metal heads and Lamb Of God fans alike. // 9

Overall Impression: Definitely something Very new for Lamb Of God, compared to any of their other work, their is much more technicality in this albums as opposed to a previous sound. To me personally, it seemed to be leaning more towards Metalcore, rather than Thrash. Any real Lamb Of God fan will accept and enjoy the change. I know I sure did. // 8

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