Sacrament review by Lamb of God

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  • Released: Aug 22, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (344 votes)
Lamb of God: Sacrament

Sound — 10
Alright, their sound is amazing. They've worked out all the kinks, and it really seems to me that they've achieved the exact sound they want for every song. Thes, guys have such great talent to get such abstract sounding riffs, beats, and vocal lines out of their heads onto the album. Lamb of God is a metal band unlike any other, in that they're nothing but heavy. You'll come across hardcore bands now a days, or supposed metal bands, but hardly any of them hold true to what metal is, to it's inexplicable motives and feelings. Lamb Of God know what they're doin, they are metal, and nothing less. Of course, some songs strayed away from what the die-hard Lamb Of God fan would expect, but at the same time, this whole album is nothing but Lamb Of God; they are nothing but original, there aren't any riffs, etc., that anyone can say are at all unoriginal. This is definitely an album, hell, a band, for any metal inclined listener, and for any open-minded person.

Lyrics — 10
Randy Blythe has delivered it all, yet again. Although a couple songs had similar names as songs from the past, (requiem, [again] we will rise) the lyrics within the songs were still very heartfelt and original. Blythe doesn't seem to run out of ideas. Mark Morton, the guitarist, also wrote lyrics for Redneck, which were still very meaningful. The lyrics were fit into each song perfectly, Blythe even added some notes on pitch, whereas he used to growl. All the lyrics express great anger, but hey, it's metal, so if you don't understand it now, wait till you're pissed, or until you hate somebody, to listen to it. Blythe is definitely progressing vocal-wise, lyric-wise, he's not givin any hint that he'll lose his abilities anytime soon.

Overall Impression — 10
This album will blow any other metal album out of the water (aside from perhaps another LOG album). No question. Each single member of the band has more talent, in one way or another, then any two members from any other band(s), in my opinion. If you aren't a metal head, still, you can't listen to this album and not appreciate it. Any musician or music fan would definitely appreciate it. I love everything about it, and I hate nothing about it. If the album were stolen from me, not only would I still get it back, I would kick whoever's ass it was who stole it from me, for depriving me of a metal masterpiece go listen to it, be amazed.

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    i do suppose everyone is entitled 2 their own opinion,but saying this album is gobshite,crap,mediocre etc can go 2 hell.this is classic metal in every sense,i mean cmon,u have 2 love the opening riff of walk with me in hell or u obviously have something rong with ure head.
    Ok. Couple things wrong here. lamb of god is NOT death OR black metal. Originally they proclaimed themselves as a thrash metal band, now they just call themselves Pure American Metal. As for people calling them generic, name a band that sounds like them. You can't. lamb of god is just that good.
    bold statement here slayer have been surpassed by lamb of god even on the unholy alliance tour in my opinion lmab of god were the best band there. ALSO MON CHILDREN OF BODOM!!!!!
    with all this sub-genre crap going round nowadays - people always argue whether its death metal - or metalcore or clown metal or whatnot. People (in not aiming this at anyone in particular) are straying from the fact that this is a METAL album...and a pretty awesome one too. If the band members are trying something new in the way they write songs or riffs doesnt mean its not Metal anymore (obviously to a certain extent - i mean its not like they're writing rap songs) - if they didnt do as such , metal would've ended with Black Sabbath (or whatever you consider the beggining of metal) and we'd all be singing along to kelly Clarkson. Im glad that after 10 years - Lamb of God (or at least the members) are still coming up with brilliant material and are on top of their game - if these lads were a pop group...they'd have split up after 2 years - have stupid mansions in Hollywood , Randy would go on writing music as a solo artist and the others would try their hand at acting as part of the cliched " pop band member to attempted acting" bit of a rant there
    angels side
    fatdrew66 wrote: they sucked ass on sacrament should have stopped with ashes of the wake
    i agree, Ashes of the wake was way better, i like a band that changes and makes each cd different.and i respect that they did change on this album (especially with redneck) but they did not have the riffs that got you into the song like on the last album (for example: the beginning of OMERTA and the drum/guitar solo on the faded line). In my opinion they could have done better. they are still a sweet band.
    The song Again we rise, which is my favorite song, doesn't really have anything to do with politics, unless your talking about metal politics. its bashing all the ****ing posers out there are now a day. i think why you thought it was about the president was a "hear what you want" error. some of my favorite lines are: "An instant rebel just add greed, another useless comodity" "Go home son hang your costume up, a goddamn insult to the rest of us" "There's nothing for you to fight against, your so unreal it's evident, you'll never be one of our kind, this ain't yours, F*CK YOU DON'T TRY!!!"