Walk With Me In Hell [DVD] review by Lamb of God

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  • Released: Jul 1, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (75 votes)
Lamb of God: Walk With Me In Hell [DVD]

Sound — 10
Lamb of God, a metal band out of Richmond Virginia, released their newest live DVD since Killadelphia which was four years ago. It was what Lamb of God fans have been waiting for and LOG delivered on the same perfect metal performance they bring to every show. I have quite a story to tell on this subject; I was in attendanc at the live show filmed at Download 2007 at Donnington Park in England at the mainstage. It was great, over 75, 000 people in attendance and I was there... truly an unforgettable performance. I have biological family in Ireland and I go to see them every once in a while so with Download as an opportunity to go see them that Sunday. "Walk With Me In Hell" is one of the best releases that LOG fans have been ready for for 2 years since "Sacrament" was released in 2006. LOG has a new album due in February 2009 and I'm sure it will not disapoint. This record used odd time signatures, very strange chord structure and more than advanced drums and guitar playing. Lamb of God has a sound that no one can touch.

Content — 10
The DVD has a full documentary entitled "Walk With Me In Hell" which was highly entertaing and informative on all fronts. From studio experience, to playing live shows, to playing/returning to their home in Richmond Virgina to see family. The documentary track listing is: 01. Setup to Fail (The Unholy Alliance Tour) 02. Playing The Game (Sacrament Release Day) 03. The Be All, End All (Megadeth Tour) 04. A One Eighty Shift (Japan) 05. Speed Boats and Koalas (Australia) 06. It's a Travesty (The Unholy Alliance Europe) 07. Summon the Devil (Conan & The Grammies) 08. Better Than Nascar (U.S. Headline Tour) 09. They Got A Bar Here? (Return To Australia) 10. As Forign As It Gets (Return To Japan) 11. Payoff? (European Festivals) 12. Big Shoes To Fill (Ozzfest) 13. Crickets (Heaven and Hell UK) 14. Time Served (Arena Headline Tour) Live Movies: - Redneck (from the Unholy Alliance US) - Again We Rise (from the Megadeth Tour) - Walk With Me In Hell (from the Unholy Alliance Europe) - Now You've Got Something To Die For (from European Festivals) - Blacken The Cursed Sun (from Ozzfest) - Pathetic (from the Arena Headline Tour) The Donnington Park 2007 playlist: - Laid to Rest - Again We Rise - Walk With Me In Hell - Pathetic - Now You've Got Something To Die For - Blacken The Cursed Sun - Redneck - Black Label And just some extra shit: Deleted Scenes: - Japan - Australia - United States - Europe - Redneck Music Video - Behind the scenes of the "Redneck" video shoot All in all the DVD is packed to the brim with good and chunky stuff as well as interviews and music. Great stuff!

Production Quality — 8
The production quality is what you should expect from a documentary DVD but there is one MAJOR difference in the Donnington Park show in England. The intensity felt like 78 % of what it was like when I was there in actuality. As for the rest of the DVD, nothing really awesome, but it's Lamb of God dude... come on.

Overall Impression — 10
In terms of the technical guitar and drums, Nile comes close to guitar and "Overcome" by All That Remains for the drum portion of the DVD. The part of the DVD that really jumped out at me had to have been the "Walk With Me In Hell" documentary was interesting. Live shows only impress you for how long right? But the documentary kept my attention through the whole thing. I love that it's Lamb of God finally coming out with another DVD and that the documentary is just as interesting as the live cuts. I don't hate a thing, which is what I say with most of the reviews that I make for this website. If it were stolen, I would flip a shit, but it has not been yet (thankfully) but yeah I would definetly buy it again and agian.

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    great dvd. funny to see what they do while on tour and how chill those guys really are. the tiger head and the roshambo slap....classic.
    Check my project out : www.myspace.com/theburningmanaz
    Bummer that there's no DESCENDING on the tracklist anywhere. Is the making-of-Sacrament feature the same as what came with the special edition of the album?
    Ashes of the wake is better than Sacrament in my opinion..killadelphia was great bt for some reason i just thing this dvd is showing that lamb of god is selling outtttt..most unfortunate..bt if i had the chance id definitly gett IT..
    dread the dawn
    Awsome dvd brutal from start to finish the quality of their performance at the download festival is a great example of how lamb of god are the best band to ever exist no mistakes great energy easily as good as their studio work inspirational band!