Wrath review by Lamb of God

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  • Released: Feb 24, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (317 votes)
Lamb of God: Wrath

Sound — 9
The sound of this album is Lamb of God at their most aggressive since Palaces, which for me is a welcome return after Sacrament, which I felt lacked the hard-hitting riffing of Palaces and Ashes. The guitar's sound as good as on Sacrament, with Mark Morton outdoing himself solo-wise, particularly on the 'Grace' intro and solo, which is, in my opinion, nothing short of immense. There's also a lot more harmonisation of the leads, as evident on 'Grace' and opening instrumental 'The Passing'. The rhythm guitars carry LoG's trademark, complex riffing which is something they've kept up through all their albums, and the riffs are tight and fast as ever. The breakdowns on this album have more of a hardcore feel to them, a particular favourite of mine appearing on 'Reclamation'. Chris Adler's drumming is as awe-inspiring as ever, he manages to be extremely percussive for a player of this sort of music, whilst making the drums sound as aggressive as possible. He also makes use of a few blast-beats on this album, something I haven't heard him do before, and something I see as a welcome addition to his already formidable repertoire. I'm a huge fan of his style and for me, he appears to have taken it up another notch on Wrath. John Campbell's bass was never particularly audible on any of LoG's previous records and whilst it has definitely been brought forward in the mix on this album, it is still not as defined as I would like. It's a shame because he's a talented, underrated bass player and I would've liked to have heard more of him.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are as in-your-face as ever, Randy Blythe spitting bile and rhetoric, dealing with inner demons, the government/politics and denouncing the human race for it's failings. Blythe is already reknowned for writing intelligent lyrics and this album is no different from any of his previous material. Lyrics of this sort go hand-in-hand with their style of music, so I didn't expect to see any straying from the negativity, and to be honest, if I wanted happy and uplifting lyrics I'd listen to Bobby McFerrin, not LoG. Some choice excerpts for me are "Another body bag, pathetic, picture-frame obituary faded in the attic," from 'Everything to Nothing' and "Covert reactions and you never saw me, a glass parking lot in the American Dream," from 'Contractor'. Randy's vocal performance is strong, his use of pitched screaming is more evident on this album, and you can almost sing-along with some of the lines on the album. He's also lowered his use of the harmonies that were all over Sacrament. I loved the harmonies on the aforementioned album, but felt that they were overused and it took away from the songs when they were performed live. My only fault lies with the fact that he's not used his range as much on this album. He can go from piercing high-pitched screams to bowel-rumbling growls, and whilst there is variation on Wrath, there is definitely a lack of screams pitched in the higher range.

Overall Impression — 9
I've taken a shine to this album much quicker than I did with Sacrament, which took me a few listens to get into, and I'm particularly impressed with the drumming and soloing courtesy of Chris Adler and Mark Morton. I love the aggressive feel of the album as a whole, and I'm impressed that LoG are continuing to keep their sound fresh six albums and ten years on from New American Gospel. Early favourites from this album for me are 'Grace', 'Broken Hands' and 'Reclamation' but I'm a fan of every other track on the album, those particular three just stood out after the first few listens. All in all an impressive album and if it were lost/stolen/trodden on I would most definitely go out and get myself a new copy.

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    This album is excellent...everyone keeps trying to relate to previous works, but true musicians grow, not stay stagnant... After stating that, I expected a bit more technical drumming on this album, Adler dumbed down alot of beats, but he's still untouchable... 9.5 for this album...
    Also, these guys are not metalcore...that label pisses me off...either thrash, groove, or straight up f*cking metal...don't tarnish the greatness of LAMB OF GOD with bullsh*t...
    Phe4rTheGod wrote: This album is excellent...everyone keeps trying to relate to previous works, but true musicians grow, not stay stagnant... After stating that, I expected a bit more technical drumming on this album, Adler dumbed down alot of beats, but he's still untouchable... 9.5 for this album...
    I disagree because this album does feel like their other stuff. someone said it sounds like the B sides to other albums and I agree with that. I am a big LoG fan but sacrament and this are just boring. definitely not as good as Palace, their best album.
    I wish that bands would stop using thrash just because it is popular now. Leave it to real thrash bands or just let it be dead. Thanks but no thanks log we didn't need more of the backward thinking thrash.
    How can anyone listen to 'Broken Hands' and not want to pummel someone's face in? You guys are entitles to your wrong opinion if you think this CD is boring or bad... Sure, I'll always enjoi the fruits of Burn The Priest (listening to Departure Hymn now) but these guys are always looking and moving forward... I've got nothing but respect and great hopes for this band...they are the best metal band ever and always will be...until my music gets out there, then they'll be wondering 'WTF!?'...
    The guy ranking the albums forgot about As the Palaces Burn lol. Wrath is pretty sweet, it's got some nice Lamb of God songs to add to the collection, but overall i don't think it's nearly as good as Ashes, Palaces, or Sacrament.
    A step forward i think, its a good balance between mainstream-ish stuff with its production and its metal roots. Although Randy's voice reminds me sometimes of Nathan Explosion.
    Carrothead 73
    This album is so damn good. The riffs pound the hell out of your ears and the lyrics are good like always. Another album to the collection, and it's an album that stands out from all the rest.