Wrath review by Lamb of God

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  • Released: Feb 24, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (317 votes)
Lamb of God: Wrath

Sound — 8
Ok, to start off, I am a big Lamb Of God fan. So you have an idea of where I'm coming from, my favorite album is Ashes of the Wake and my least favortie is probably Sacrament (as a whole album, there are some individual song off there I like). Now when I popped Wrath into my CD player, I was shocked to hear an acoustic intro to the album. I am a big fan of acoustic guitars, so this was a pleasant suprise to me. Mark and Willie's acoustic playing sounds very classically influenced and I like it a lot. I proceeded to review each individual song, and here are the results. 01.The Passing: this is a great ablum intro by any means. The acoustics sound excellent on it, and it leads directly into the next song. 02.In Your Words: they can do better. This song starts off with a neat little guitar riff (but we should expect that by now from Willie and Mark), then wait... What is that? Is that the bass? Yes, the bass is clearly audible on this song, which is quite rare for Lamb of God. I thought the upfront bass gave this song the kick it needed to not be totally boring. I can't describe Randy's singing as anything other than strange. I also can't help but think that the end sounds like "Blacken the Cursed Sun" the one drum part sounds almost exactly the same. 03.Set to Fail: this song sounds like a B-side from Sacrament. that's all I can really say about it. It's pretty unexciting and doesn't do anything original or exciting. The only thing it has going for it is an appropriate, fitting solo. 04.Contractor: what can I say about this song other than it starts of fast, and by the end is still chugging away at great headbanging speeds. Sure it may slow down during the breakdown, but that's part of the magic of this song. The drum work is excenllent and consistent on Chris Adler's part. Also, it is the most lyrically interesting song off the album. 05.Fake Messiah: this here is the low point of the album. This song sounds like a filler and is unnecissarily long. It repeats way to much and the breakdown at the end seems forced. Randy's singing is also. Strange during this song, and not in a good way. 06.Grace: and right after the worst song off the album, comes one of the best. From here, Wrath reaches it's soaring climax and doesn't falter for the rest of the album. This is where the classically influenced acoutic intros come in. The sound is excellent and it almost sounds 'midieval' in a sense. The short solo is great and fit's the song nicely as well. 07.Broken Hands: I can't say much about this song either. It's a solid preformance on all the member's count, but I do have one complaint. That snare drum in the prechorus is just plain annoying, good thing he doesn't use it much. The occasional pinch harmonics in the prechorus are nice and cutting though (think Killswitch Engage style harmonics). 08.Dead Seeds: this here is the high point of the album. It sounds like more traditional Lamb of God, and at this point, that's just what Wrath needs. The guitar Groove from this song is infectious and it's impossible to not want to headbang to it. The drums are also great and bring the song to a new level. Vocally this is also one of Randy's best songs in a long time. Props to log for this one. 09.Everything To Nothing: this is another great vocal preformance by Randy. He mixes his range very nicely and uses all of his vocal styles appropriately. Chris sounds excellent as well and Mark rips out a great traditional Thrash solo. 09.Choke Sermon: it's been four songs since Wrath reached it's climax and 'Choke Sermon' doesn't intend to slow it down. This song contains more of the groove riffs we love from Lamb of God and it's another song that's impossible not to headbang to. The short, sweet, shred solo also is a sweet climax to the song. 10.Reclamation: as Lamb of God's fifth studio album draws to a close... We get a song with a melodic, minor acoustic intro. It really helps build up to the rest of the song, which is LOG's longest song to date. Suprisingly, it doesn't sound forced at all and it flows nicely. If you had to listen to one song of of the album to get a feel for Wrath, this would be the one I recommend. A solid song which wraps up the album very nicely.

Lyrics — 8
Lyric wise, Wrath keeps up the tradition of many other Lamb Of God albums. Randy Blythe does a good job writing about death. And plagues. And killing people. One thing stands out to me though, this album has significantly less profanities than other Lamb of God records. This makes it a little more listener friendly around sensitive people and small children.

Overall Impression — 8
In conclusion, Wrath is a solid studio effort by Lamb of God. They try some new things on it and overall it works out. The bass guitar seems to be more prominent on this album than past Lamb of God albums. Randy Blythe gives another great vocal preformance and uses his vocal range to it's fullest extent. The acoustic guitars are great as well. But the electrics feel like they are lacking something. Overall, this was a nice change of pace for Lamb of God and even if you aren't a fan of their previous efforts, you may just find something you like on Wrath.

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    I got the album today, it's awesome, "Grace" just blew me away, it's my favourite Lamb Of God song now.
    This may be a stupid thing to ask but, why is Metal being mainstream a bad thing?