Wrath review by Lamb of God

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  • Released: Feb 24, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (317 votes)
Lamb of God: Wrath

Sound — 9
Lamb of God's 2009 release of album "Wrath" is a new direction for the band. The sound is unique; a mix of soft, harmonic melodies with traditional LOG thrashful riffs, certainly amongst the heaviest the band has ever produced. Nowhere in the album is this better illustrated than on the track "Grace". The song starts with an amazingly technical clean introduction that leads into a pure powerful headbanging masterpiece that will undoubtedly have all metal-heads moshing in unison. The sound of the guitars and drums produced in "Wrath" are of the highest quality and this is no different of Randy Blythe's masterful vocal stylings. Album to album Blythe's singing style has evolved seemingly to find the perfect fit with all of the elements that comprise Lamb Of God's sound. This sound has finally been achieved with Wrath; a combination of the vocal style found on "Ashes Of The Wake" (2004) and "Sacrament" (2006) solidify Randy Blythe's position as one of the top metal singers on the scene today, and ultimately for album "Wrath" to be considered LOG's strongest effort to date and one of the best metal albums of 2009.

Lyrics — 7
Although "Wrath" is a quality recording, one criticism would be of the lyrics within the album. It seems almost routine for LOG to produce stunning lyrical works, as is obvious from certain classic tracks such as "Laid To Rest" and "Ruin", but the lyrics on their latest effort don't really follow suit. Of course at times their is evidence of customary LOG greatness however most of the lyrics are unfitting and obscure. For example lines such as; "Feeding blood junkie habit's of the elephant man" (taken from song "Contractor") don't seem to produce any real meaning or have any place within the song. The flow of the lyrics with the musical elements is mediocre at best. At times the band seem to have struggled with the compliance of the guitars and vocals, unusual for a band that in the past have been so consistent with their flow; one of the components that have made them such a great metal act.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall Lamb Of God's "Wrath" is a great record and definitely worth picking up if you are a fan of the metalcore/ groove metal sound. In comparison to their other works it is stronger than "Sacrament" and comparable with "Ashes Of The Wake". The most impressive songs on the album are "Grace", "Dead Seeds" and "Set To Fail" all of them powerful and unique in their own way. The things I personally love about the album are mainly the drumming of Chris Adler and the guitars, I am not to fond of some of the lyrical sections both vocally and written. Go pick up this album and get ready to do some serious thrashing, Lamb Of God style!

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    "LOG doesnt blow its load in the first two songs as many bands tend to do on an album" That's just gross
    This album is the balls. Grace is sooooo fun to play and chris' snare sounds amazing. i just got it
    SaiNt adEL #13 wrote: Great album! Fucking awesome! Favorite songs: -Walk with Me in Hell -Set to Fail -Contractor -Fake Messaiah -Choke Sermon
    Walk With Me in Hell isn't on Wrath... But anyways, I'd say that Wrath is their 2nd best, behind Palaces. Idk, Wrath, to me, feels like Ashes but more refined and heavier. Palaces has better riffs though.
    In the beginning Randy is actually saying "Bled out all you had to lose!" Just saying.
    There really is a lot of hate for Sacrament. It's all based on opinion though. Some that claims the only way you'd like Sacrament was if that was the first CD you linstened of theirs, when in fact for me it was the opposite. Listened to to AOTW first, liked a few songs but thought it was kinda generic and simple. Listened to Wrath next and liked it a lot more strictly from a songwriting perspective. Listened to Sacrament and even after 10+ listens it's my favorite LOG CD. Just preference guys
    Lamb of Tom
    I absolutely love lamb of god and have done for years they are my favourite band (username kind of gives that away eh?), but yeah i do have to agree that wrath was kinda predictable. Have to say that i was a little disappointed by it to be honest. There are some great moments in there, but just not enough to keep me interested like the previous efforts. Ashes and palaces are my favourite albums they are incredible pieces of metal, this one just seemed a bit safe and straightforward. I'd love to see them do something a bit more interesting next album, considering how talented mark and willie are as guitarists i'm pretty sure they will. I've tried so hard to love this album but i just cant, i mean its technically brilliant and i'm sure lots of people love it and rightly so, but for me it doesn't show what they're truly capable of. Bet you weren't expecting that from me haha but lamb of god still rule and i eagerly await the next album. Hopefully that one satisfies my lamb of god needs!!
    Meh. Some of this is worth listening to, but nowhere the 'As The Palaces Burn' or 'Ashes of the Wake' standard, when I had no doubt they were the best metal band alive. Definitely agree that they became too predictable and haven't experimented enough with song structure and stuff (remember Hourglass? Little to no structure, pure chaos, and my fav song by far) Good songs: the sped up part in Contractor (rest of song was disappointing), Grace (by far the best song), Broken Hands (fell short on the chorus), Can't even sit through the rest without reaching for the skip button. Far too predictable.
    Reviewer Pete wrote: "LOG tradition of southern-fried grooves mixed with a technicality normally reserved for Swedish bands like Meshuggah. " Yep, us Swedes are superior to all in terms of technique, it's in our DNA. Err...
    Decent, but certainly not great, album from LoG. Tracks like 'Contractor' and 'Reclamation' are steps in a different direction and are the standouts in this record. But, really, many of these songs are boring (Fake Messiah, Dead Seeds),tiresome, and repetitive(last third of 'In Your Words' sounds EXACTLY like 'Blacken the Cursed Sun'). The LoG guys have sacrificed good song-writing and dynamics for heaviness and speed. I've come the expect more from a band this talented. 6/10
    Great Album its no Ashes of the Wake but it is pretty good definatly better than Sacrament i think. I just really don't like that new thing he has been doing with with his voice
    ENOUGH WITH THE SUB-GENRES! I think that this album was well put together, and has amazing musicianship. Every part of the band fits so well with the others. The songs have such a great range; as well as a thumping tenacity with every note. The majority of the songs on the album will be among my favorites for as long as i live.
    SaiNt adEL #13
    Great album! Fucking awesome! Favorite songs: -Walk with Me in Hell -Set to Fail -Contractor -Fake Messaiah -Choke Sermon
    linnux wrote: craggis19 wrote: kvltpolice666 wrote: METALCORE NOT THRASH ****in n00bs... LoG, Metalcore? I think not. Anyway, this album is amazing. But what would you expect, they have yet to release an album that isn't great. actually yes, they're Metalcore the style and tuning of the guitars, the heavy use of breakdowns, and the type of voocals makes them Metalcore, but with a strong Thrash influence they're good either way; does it hurt you pride that one of your fav bands is metalcore, i bet you like All That Remains, probably As I Lay Dieing as well, guess what! METALCORE they're good bands, idk where metalcore got such a bad rap i love this new album btw
    Not really metalcore. The riffing just screams "THIS IS NOT F*CKING METALCORE!" Its more groove orientated. Anyway, I loved this album. Willie and Mark are one of the greatest riff creators of metal these days. The riffs in Grace, Set to fail and In your words are killer! Awesome album.
    Its funny how everyone keeps ****ing saying that LOG is different from the mainstream bands out there when they got the same ****in breakdowns and a lotta the same riffs as everyone else. I understand that in metal these days its a lot harder to come up with an original riff because many riffs have been taken over the years, but out of all their records Ashes of the Wake is the most original. I must say that every now and then I get caught up in the groovyness of their heavyness, but I personally don't think heavyness is always the way to go. The reason I say they are mainstream is because they really haven't changed up the recipe from any other bands in the genre. The only defining difference is Blythe's vocals, which aren't that super special. They are also one of the most known bands because they get played on Headbanger's ball and other music video tv channels. Im just saying that their popularity and their lack of difference from other artists that are popular throughout the metal scene makes them mainstream. The most interesting thing about this band is the guitarists.
    Soothsayer92 wrote: MidDrift Dragon wrote: Metal Onslaught wrote: well I already commented on this album ad I'll have to do it again. This album stinks. Very disappointed with this one. sounds like a bunch of songs that didn't make it onto other albums cause they weren't solid enough. boring album. 5/10. wtf is up with that LoG? yo. this album broke down ground beat the shit out of doors it's a great album different from before this band experimented and this will be a better received experiment than some of the past bands who got pissed on for experimenting. wtf? was this idiot trying to rap on a Lamb of God review? if you're gonna post a rap on this site, at least make it good.
    barryenright232 wrote: All you kids who think sacrament is there best album have no right to be writing a review in the first place. That album was mleh, overproduced and sounded generic.
    Amen. Although I have to say I can't agree with everyone on Ashes being one of their best albums, it sounded too much of a rush job to me. Because they'd just signed to a major label and had to prove they could write an album for a major label. Anyway, this album takes a very close 2nd place for me, right after Palaces which is still my favourite album.
    most people don't like this album because it doesn't have the same 'feeling' or vibe as their previous albums, like palaces or ashes. this album doesn't have any songs with catchy or unique riffs like palaces or ashes..... the solos and breakdowns sounded really cliche and over-used as well