Das Reich Kommt Wieder review by Landser

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.6 (49 votes)
Landser: Das Reich Kommt Wieder

Sound — 10
I don't speak that well of German, but this is my favorite band, hands down, of all time. I can understand a little bit of what they are saying through the song, but the lyrics aren't what I listen for with this music. The music is catchy, but that isn't what I remember them for either. Landser is solely responsible for my change in rock music thought. I couldn't understand them, and up until that time, an album in a language I couldn't understand would have been tossed into the junk pile. But something about this music style, the impressionable sound of his voice, and the way it's all put together makes this my favorite. The quality isn't bad, especially for their first LP. They do have some demo albums that contain horrid quality, but this sounds high quality. The music style I refered to earlier is actually quite simple, power chords, mixed in with solo's. That's about it. You could not understand the love for music until you actually listened to it.

Lyrics — 6
Like stated above, the songs are in German. All of them. The good news? It doesn't matter, at all. The lyrics aren't that deep in German, so not knowing German would make the song that much better and more mysterious in your mind. The fact that it's in german makes it sound angry, and although some of the songs are soft-spoken, the powerful effect retains itself through the entire album. The singing isn't actually what you would call singing. The voice is very, very brute and edgy. He does go very well with the powerful musical sound, and there is a chorus in most songs, but he wouldn't make American Idol, or even be in runner up. But don't think it just yells German through the riffs, making the music almost pointless, he does follow each riff and end each verse on the spot it should.

Overall Impression — 10
It's nothing like I've ever heard before. I have never gotten the same effect from landser with other bands. It would be like comparing Marijuana to Acid, you just can't. It's not the same as classic rock and roll, or punk, but I have never met anyone who did not like Landser. The most impressive song for me on this album is probably the Zast Song, also called Morgen Brennt Bonn during their 1992 concert. For some reason I am not sure, this song just conquers my mind, I cannot describe the feeling of extasy I associate with it. The worst part about the album are probably the silly songs, Fur Anne and Lollipop - while they do give character to the album, they are rediculous and hold no musical value, yet in comparison to other discography, I would choose them above skits. I have this album backed up on my computer, CD-R's and DVD-R's probably 200 times, there is no way in hell I will ever lose my Landser collection, it is too precious to risk losing, so I listen to my backups and keep the original in mint condition on the shelf.

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    This is actually a good album. Even if I spoke German and understood what Regener was saying, I'd still listen to it.
    I am German and I can say that reading your review brought me to only one Question: Are you ****ing bullshitting me? Landser are preaching a message of hate, racism and inhuman Nazi Ideology. Well since you don't understand our language you maybe didn't get that,but still the drum playing sounds like a contagan victim playing and the riffs and solos are just ****ing cheap. With there simple but catchy songs they try to get people to be brown perverted scum like they are themself, just like Hitler did with our people a bunch of years ago and brought this beautifull country to waste. This Band didn't produce a good album at all but if you like their sound, then you should probably listen to "Bhse Onkelz" which where a bunch of ****ing Nazi Skninheads first too, but envolved to a powerfull band with awesome songs and deep meaning.
    Actually, it is still my favorite album after learning german and taking each word into meaning in my mind. Music is power, say the same thing to mothers whos children get shot or cops who die on patrol's families by gangsters blasting "F THE POLICE"
    And secondly, Hitler made your country you idiot. You're country was a giant sack of shit after the Versailles Treaty. If it wasn't for Hitler, your country would be just a battle ground between 'democracy' and 'communism'.