The Last Temptation Of Reid review by Lard

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.6 (19 votes)
Lard: The Last Temptation Of Reid

Sound — 10
Lard is what happens when Ex-Dead Kennedys and political anti-hero Jello Biafra teams up with members of Ministry. This is real metal. Metal before it got hijacked by the likes of of Metallica and Slipknot. Jello's voice suits the instruments surprisingly well, 'Alien' Jourgensen's guitar riffs are catchier than a man with hooks, Barker's bass adds a tight punk beat and Ward's drums sound like two dustbin lids being hit together. Perfect. It's been produced very well.

Lyrics — 10
Hey. It's Biafra. Every album he does has fantastic lyrics! Almost every song is a huge slap in the face of American politics. Jouregensen adds a bit of flavour now and then but it's mostly Biafra's non-stop addiction to punmping out lyrically powerful songs. His best collection of songs since the monster 'Power of Lard'.

Overall Impression — 10
The Last Temptation Of Reid towers above all Lard albums simply because it is what Lard are all about: harsh, heavy and in your face. Don't get me wrong, 'Pure Chewing Satisfaction' is a must buy album as well, but P.C.S somehow leaves you feeling cold. The Last Temptation of Reid isn't so. The best songs on the album are: Mate Spawn And Die - Ward and Rieflin both drum in a song that sounds like it was recorded in a washing machine. Biafra's voice sounds at it's most flexible. Drug Raid At 4 Am - cops shouting into bullhorns, people screaming, people being told about drugs, scraping guitars, Biafra's high pitched shouting and one hell of a sweet riff amount to one of Lard's greatest sounding songs. Bozo Skeleton - has one of the sexiest bass riffs ever. An attack on American censorship. I Am Your Clock - a nightmare. More spoken-word than metal really. The vocals sound like a demon bellowing at you from hell. Despite being very long, you can sit and listen to it again and again. But it's unfair to name the best songs because the whole album is a gem! Sylvestre Matuschka is cold and hints towards 'Pure Chewing Satisfaction' but you can listen to it just to frighten yourself. I couldn't live if this album or any Lard album was taken away from me.

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    I was lucky enough to be lent every Lard album by a lodger we had. Absolute brilliance.
    Top Album. I love it! Bought it in 1990 and listen to it all the time. Can God Fill Teeth? Bring a flashlight and a mirror to observe...
    stonevibe, I'm with you too, I got this on record when it first came out, even today songs like Pineapple Face still impress me. It will never leave my rotation of favourite albums, hey, ever tried playing the whole thing!, it is a 6 minute workout for the left arm indeed! By far LARD's best.