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artist: Led Zeppelin date: 10/18/2012 category: compact discs
Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day [DVD]
Released: Oct 19, 2012
Overall, "Celebration Day" was a great movie. Having come into the theater with relatively low expectations, this blew me away. Again, Led Zeppelin personifies any feeling that one could have experienced.
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Celebration Day [DVD] Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 18, 2012
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Sound: I just came from the movie and I'm trying to write this while the show is fresh in my head. The first thing that I realized was that the reason Zeppelin is so successful is due to feeling. Each song has a distinctly different feeling/taste that is just so unique and amazing from "No Quarter" to "The Song Remains The Same" to "Whole Lotta Love", yet all of the feelings can be summed up under one childish word: EPIC! This concert shows the different sides of the Led Zeppelin feeling, and in such a different way than before. Thanks to new and improved technology, I saw Zeppelin in a whole new light tonight; a jamming band that still conveys the most intimate sense of feeling, even live, that no other band can match. This of course starts with the rhythm section of John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham. Jones is in top form, never missing a note, and Bonham would make his dad immensely proud. Both are just so perfect that it is uncanny. The two of them could not have played any tighter than they did, giving Page & Plant, who are both showing age, room to operate. On the note of Page & Plant, Jimmy retains all of the taste that made him on of the greatest guitarists of all time. Personally, I found his guitar solos to be excellent. Though he didn't seem as nimble on the fretboard as he did 50 years ago, he managed to create solos that pierced the heart with feeling. One moment, he's aloof, the next he's ominous, and on "Rock And Roll", the closer, he's just flat out having fun. Jimmy seemed to use the wah a little more than usual, sometimes tastefully, and other times, not as much. At one time, not "Whole Lotta Love", he closed a song with his theremin. He seemed to be feeling his way through the whole concert, mistakes and all, which is exactly what I love to see from him and why he inspires me each and every day to pick up my guitar. Robert Plant turns in a performance that I wasn't expecting. As many already know, Plant's voice has deteriorated over the years, and many of the songs, "Kashmir" being an exception, were played in a lower key to accommodate him. He also fundamentally changed parts of songs, for example, "Black Dog": ah, ah, aaahhhhhhh changed to ah, ah, being done by the audience and he changed aaaahhhhhhh to ohhhhhhh. Granted his slight, shall we say, impairment, Plant performed wonderfully, adding a lot of taste and feeling, almost rivaling that of Page, and telling stories in between songs. In terms of stage presence, Jason was actually the best. You could see how much fun he was having in every camera shot, trying to take everything in at once from a once in a lifetime experience. Jimmy Page is next on this list, and like his playing, I thought his stage presence was very tasteful, contrasting Bonham's all-out mentality. Plant disappointed me the most in this category because I was expecting more out of him. And of course, could it have killed him to shave? I'm probably being too critical because overall, he and the others were amazing. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, "Celebration Day" was a great movie. Having come into the theater with relatively low expectations, this blew me away. Again, Led Zeppelin personifies any feeling that one could have experienced. Their incredibly unique sense of taste and feeling, which resonates through the film, has been unmatched, making Led Zeppelin arguably the greatest band of all time. The sense of overall epicness throughout makes this show the most important concert of the last decade. Some of the songs in this concert were performed better than in previous releases, and others weren't. That still shouldn't diminish the status of "Celebration Day". As a last concert, Led Zeppelin proved that they still have it, though some members were a bit shaky at times. Having seen this, I'm kind of happy that they never embarked on a worldwide tour after this, because it would've most likely decimated their bodies. And, after all, they put the utmost effort into producing this film and they fulfilled what I call their duty by sharing "Celebration Day" with the world so that everyone, even in future generations, can experience the greatness of the all-mighty Led Zeppelin, the greatest band to have ever lived.

// 10

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