How The West Was Won review by Led Zeppelin

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  • Released: May 27, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (56 votes)
Led Zeppelin: How The West Was Won

Sound — 10
The sound is incredible, yeah it is from two different concerts, but Jimmy did a damn good job fixing these things. I mean if I didn't read the album sleeve, and other reviews, I would've thought it was all from one concert. Still, I would have to say, this album is for people who really like Led Zeppelin, or a die-hard fan such as myself. I mean someone who has heard maybe 4 of their songs wouldn't willingly listen to a 23-25 minute song.(God knows I would thought) But overall, everythiing was mixed perfectly from Immigrant Song, all the way to Bring It On Home. Great sound quality, a must have for Zepp fans, young and old.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrical improvisation was great by Plant, most notably on Black Dog. I really love how he ad-libs entire verses, and somehow everyone can keep up with him. The only thing I really don't like lyric wise is in That's The Way. I know when it was written, the line "My friend, the boy next door" did not have a bad meaning but people look to far into things nowadays. That lines is chastised by everyone who hears that song. Well, seeing as it wasn't meant to be that way, and there is nothing I can do about it. I still give it 3 thumbs up.

Overall Impression — 10
The best live album ever With BBC Sessions 2nd, and I know it really doesn't count as a live album, rather than a sound track, but The Song Remains The Same 3rd. Even though it is technically a bootleg, Live At Blueberry Hill is good. This album gave me a outstanding overall impression, but what really got me was Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Dazed And Confused, and Whole Lotta Love. One more thing that tickled me, Over The Hills and Far Away, and The Ocean, and some others were from Houses of The Holy, which was released in 1973, These concerts were recorded in '72. I wonder if anyone else caught that as well?

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    What the hell is LA Drone? I was convinced I had every Zep song, but this one I've never heard
    I feel bad for the studio versions of Zeppelin songs on my itunes that never get played anymore lol. Zeppelin is, and will remain, my all-time favorite band, and Page is, and will remain my all-time favorite guitarist... one of the main reasons I picked up the guitar in the first place. Wanted one as soon as I heard a Zep song. And this is a truly amazing album.
    listen to songs like Dazed N Confused, it's a 255 minutes long song with just amazing play by the instruments..
    umm....dazed AND confused is 25:25 minutes long....i bought the cd 4 years ago and still listen to it weekly
    Shuk wrote: After you listen to Bring It On Home, you won't be able to listen to the studio version anymore! This live album kicks ass!
    dont get me wrong, i love this live version..but i do prefer the studio
    this is probably the only album i listen to all the way through every single day. just can't get enough of it!! especially the solo to heartbreaker and the boogie chillun' section of whole lotta love, love live jimmy page!!!!
    I love this album to death, it's better than any rock live album besides Live at Leeds.
    KingABX345 wrote: Led Zeppelin is amazing but they arin' the gods of rock METALLICA is the GOD of ROCK!!!!! Dazed and cnfused would hae to be my favorte song or mayb going to california
    I would more like to say that Metallica is the "god of metal", not "god of rock". I don't mean that Metallica is the best metal band in the world but if somebody asks somebody (who doesn't listen to metal) to name some metal band I think he would say Metallica. And LEARN TO SPELL!!!!