In Through The Out Door review by Led Zeppelin

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1979
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (31 votes)
Led Zeppelin: In Through The Out Door

Sound — 10
With blues driven riffs crashing drum beats and a singer with a mutli octive range theres no wonder or doubt why Zeppelin is concidered to be the best band in the world. This album is a bit off the usual zeppelin sound with more funky songs and just plain wierd songs like hot dog. Somewhere between Presence and In Through The Out Door, disco, punk, and new wave had overtaken rock & roll, and Led Zeppelin chose to tentatively embrace these pop revolutions, adding synthesizers to the mix and emphasizing John Bonham's inherent way with a groove. The album's opening number, "In The Evening," with its stomping rhythms and heavy, staggered riffs, suggests that Zeppelin haven't deviated from their course, but by the time the rolling shuffle of "South Bound Suarez" kicks into gear, it's apparent that they've regained their sense of humor. After "South Bound Suarez," the group tries a variety of styles, whether it's an overdriven homage to Bakersfield county called "Hot Dog," the layered, Latin-tinged percussion and pianos of "Fool in the Rain," or the slickly seductive ballad "All My Love." "Carouselambra," a lurching, self-consciously ambitious synth-driven number, and the slow blues "I'm Gonna Crawl" aren't quite as impressive as the rest of the album, but the record was a graceful way to close to Zeppelin's career, even if it wasn't intended as the final chapter.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics in this album vary from genre and style. All of my love is a touching ballad to robert plants departed son while Carouselambra is a upbeat pop-funk song with lyrics to match. The music bodes well with robert plants lyrics but the synthesizer is a bit weird to be honest. The singing is amazing because lets face it, its robert plant.

Overall Impression — 9
This album is a great way to go out because its not playing on there old styles shown in zeppelin 1-4 this is something new. The most impressive song on this album has to be All of my love. Hot dog was a rather useless piece but still has a great rhythm. If my copy was stolen or lost I'd go buy a new one right away because it's that good.

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    This album, along with Presence are far too under appreciated. This album came after Robert Plant's son Karic passed away, and it showed a change from their previous album Presence. Which is also great because of the raw emotion it expresses. Anybody who says that this album or Presence is bad is not a true Led Zeppelin fan. ITTOD and Presence are excellent.
    Nirvana fan
    led zep r great its just a shame this was there last as its prob there worst album
    no, presence was probably their worst, this album is good, in the evening, all my love and fool in the rain are great songs
    There's a clip of Bonham's drum track to Fool in the Rain and my god does he sound ****ing great on that one, after I heard and went back to the album I was like "turn those drums up"!! And the chords to all by love are so simple but so slyly (is that a word) brilliant. A, G, Dmin....(cool) and then A, G, Dmajor (brilliant!) And those country/pedal steel type licks Page throws over the D major give me goose bumps.
    This is LZ's best album IMO. I really love the songs Carouselambra and I'm Gonna Crawl. The trumpet/synth solo in All Of My Love is ORGASMIC! Of course, Hot Dog made me laugh!!! In The Evening - kick-ass opener. I love the eerie intro!!! South Bound Saurez has some good vocals in the song, and finally, Fool In The Rain...I love the piano in this song!!! This album is 10/10 or higher!!!!! Peace Out!!!