Mothership review by Led Zeppelin

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  • Released: Nov 13, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.2 (252 votes)
Led Zeppelin: Mothership

Sound — 10
I think this is a semi-ultimate band and I've always thinked it is the best band not just musically (on how you appreciate a piece theorically) but also technically, lyricaly and how they sound. Mothership is a compilation, but I remember that if you bought it you participated in getting one of the 20,000 tickets for their presentation at the 02 arena. Page its self broght a lot of innovation technically, playing with the violin bow in dazed and confused and playing with both hands (tapping) in heart breaker. Engineerwise, Page ''invented/discovered'' the reverb back in the yardbirds, but here he used it a lot, plus how he putted strength into Bonham's drumming (plus his drum sticks were ''trees''). Talking about Bonham, he really influenced metal drumming in the future, but great drummers out of the metal scene (travis barker, steve jocz) are also influenced by him. As everyone knows, this is a compilation, but songs suck as immigrant song and black dog sound really, really, really, really good when you hear them re-mastered.

Lyrics — 10
Eventhough Zeppelin has some fame of being ''copiers'' and eventhough (only god and Page know) they are not just coincidences, Page will always be my guitar/music composer idol. Songs about girls can really get a girl going, not just their lyrics, but their awesome riffs (trampled underfoot, black dog, houses of the holy) the weird, happy songs (communication breakdown, good times bad times) really make me happy and you can get with bad times with songs suck as dazed and confused and stairway to heaven. All of Jimmi's solos are obviously a master piece. Singer Skills? Who better than Robert Plant?

Overall Impression — 10
No, well, I do hear it all the way through almost all the time (this and Blink 182's greatest hits) but Blink can't compare to Zeppelin. Well, all of them are awesome, but Dazed and Confused impresses with it's guitar played in a weird way, Led Zeppelin impressed me with Dyer Maker (awesome song) because it is Reggae, if you analyze Stairway to Heaven musically it is simply great and Black Dog's riff is one of the best in history.

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    whoever says led zeppelin suck must be really stupid and has no taste of music whatsoever
    silverburst 360
    When i bought this album I had not really been exposed to Zeppelin, but now they are my favorite band (aside from the Beatles).
    Hey you guys, just because Led Zeppelin sounds good to you, doesn't mean everyone in the whole world has to like them too. Also, stop bashing FOB, they made some good stuff in their life
    grimms wrote: I swear... This band has like 3 GOOD songs... the rest are SHIT! Led Zeppelin SUCK!
    That dude must be on crack...Ive never heard a band as dynamic as them, their b-sides are better than most band's best best material. Btw, Fallout Boy blows pretty hard.