Physical Graffiti review by Led Zeppelin

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  • Released: Feb 24, 1975
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (63 votes)
Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti

Sound — 10
This is a must-have Led Zeppelin album. The ground breaking, double disk album Physical Graffiti is one of the greatest works of musical genius ever written. First off the music and songs all together. Disk one: 01. Custard Pie - This song starts off with a distoreted quite, swift riff in the back, which is then later complemented by a cool sounding clavichord riff. It's got a blues-y type rhythm to it, not the most intresting song, but a good one non-the-less. 02. The Rover - another just 'ok' songs, not monumental, it's catchy, and has intresting guitar tones, but nothing too special. 03. In My Time Of Dying - this song starts out with an ideal slide guitar riff. It's the most catchy sounding slide I think that has been written, it's very dark sounding and from there evolves into a whole song, and from that it goes to an entire new sound. A very memorable song, and very neat sounding. 04. Houses Of The Holy - a pounding guitar beat bursts out in the intro, the guitar has a very recognizable tone. It sounds very, metalic, and different. It has a much more upbeat rhythm than In My Time Of Dying, which gives the album a good overall effect. 05. Trampled Underfoot - undoubtably one of the greatest, most recognizable Led Zeppelin songs written. John Paul Jones pounds out this heavy rhythm, which is followed by the hammering drums of John Bonham. This is an absolutly great song. You'll be humming the Talkin' 'Bout Love lyrics all day. One of the most intresting clavichord rhythms out there. 06. Kashmir - and then there was one, the last song of the disk. Without doubt the most recognizable songs ever written by Led Zeppelin. It starts out with a liquidy, monotonous beat that envelopes the whole song. It has a very dark sound to it, and it works wonderfully. A perfect way to end disk one. Disk two: 01. In The Light - this is one of my favorite songs. It starts the album out quiet, with a strange sounding keyboard synth intro. It also starts out very dark, and has an eerie tone to it, especially the sound of Roberts voice. After a while it changes to a new rythym, then after that it goes to a lighter sounding scale-type section. I really like the keyboard part during this section. 02. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp - this is a great song. An extremely over looked song. This will definatly turn off all the 'hard rock' purists, becuase it is folk sounding guitar song. Its an amazing acoustic song, and the catchy drum beat is a great accent to it. Robert has great lyrics as well. 03. Down By The Seaside - this is one of my newly found favorites. It took me a while to realize the true greatness of this song. After a while it has really grown on me. The guitar tone for the chorus is unforgetable! It's kind of a strange tone, but it's a great song. A must have, and overlooked great. 04. Ten Years Gone - up until now I've said great stuff about almost every song, but this is serious, this is the greatest Led Zeppelin song ever. In my book at least, I'd say it surpasses Stairway To Heaven. It starts out with a quiet, clean, guitar part. It then goes thru a series of chord changes and gets to my favorite riff of all time. It fits so well, but dosn't match. Its a great song, with superb lyrics. I could talk forever about this song, but it would take too long. 05. Nigh Flight - a overlooked song, but very good. It's got a cool sound to it and a nice beat. I don't have much to say, but it's a good accent to the entire album. 06. Wanton Song - another 'ok' song. It's got the same type of feeling as Custard Pie. Robert's voice sounds very intresting as well. Almost like hes forcing it, but you can tell he dosn't have to. A song worth listening to but, is beat out by many other greats. 07. Boogie With Stu - I really like this song. It's not a normal Led Zeppelin song, but it's really great. It might also turn off the hard rock purists like Bron-Y-Aur. It's got a honkey tonk, blusey feel to it and its just a great song all together. Another overlooked ground breaker. 08. Black Country Woman - this song features mainly mandolin, and maybe some 12 string guitar. It features the lyric 'Hey hey mama, what's the matter here?' over and over and it's pretty catchy. A pretty good song, and another great addition to Physical Graffiti as an album. 09. Sick Again - this is another 'good' song. But amongst the greats, it pales in comparison. I don't think this is the best way to end the album. But it is a good song non-the-less.

Lyrics — 9
Thru ought the entire album, the lyrics never cease to amaze. Not only are the lyrics great, and meaningful, but they are sung with great skill by Robert Plant. Although, this album shows the start of his decreasing power in his voice, its still greater then most normal people would hope to achive. I especially admire the lyrics in Ten Years Gone. Very nice. Also the eerie tones of Robert Plants voice in In The Light and Kashmir are very well matched to the song. The lyrics are superb.

Overall Impression — 10
This could be considered the definitve led Zeppelin album. It's a must have, it could equally fight against Led Zeppelin IV (Zoso). I've made clear in the section above what my favorite song from the album are, but to go over them again Ten Years Gone, Trampled Underfoot, Kashmir, Bron-y-aur Stomp, and In The Light. These are some of the greatest songs to grace the world. All of them are very well orchestrated, and has some of the most memorable songs ever to be written. It is the must have of Led Zeppelin. If I lost it would by it again, then by another copy, just in case it got stollen again. Thank you for listening.

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