Physical Graffiti review by Led Zeppelin

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  • Released: Feb 24, 1975
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (63 votes)
Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti

Sound — 9
The only problem with this album is the drumming on Kashmir. It's a wonderful song but the drum part is too simple. The rest of the album was great. It has hits like Trampled Under Foot, House Of The Holy, In The Light, Ten Years Gone, etc. Jimmy Page used sheer musical genius for the songs and Robert Plant's voice had matured by this point. The sound is amazing.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics of most of the songs are pretty good. Let none who hear this album forget the line "Are you dizzy when you're stoned?" from Houses Of The Holy. The words to Black Country Woman are a little unimpressive, though. They sounds like something from an early Stones album and they aren't very original. Robert Plant will blow you away.

Overall Impression — 9
I personally love this album. I think it wasn't as crucial to Zep as III but it still kept their career around while they were releasing bombs like Presence and Coda. I think that most of the songs are powerful and true to the spirit of rock. Always have a backup copy of this for if it gets lost or damaged. The worst part about this album is the price. It's two discs, so people with not much money (like me) have trouble affording it.

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    everyone thinks 4 is so great just cuz its got stairway. honestly, i don't think 4 is that great. physical graffiti is 1000x better
    did anybody even mention the rover other than "02. The Rover - another just 'ok' songs, not monumental, it's catchy, and has intresting guitar tones, but nothing too special." because it is seriously an amazing song, very catchy and has an amazing solo, 1 of my favorites for sure.
    In the Light, Sick Again, The Rover, Kashmir and Down by the Seaside are my favorites, they are also some of my most favorite songs by Led Zeppelin. Great Zep album, I'll give it a 9 because nothing is perfect.
    Terrapin Man
    i know it has been said over and over but ten years gone, i mean whew that song will get you going, i mean its perfection, and to the guy who says that zep 4 isnt that great imma have to disagree but not on the behalf of stairway which to be honest really isnt that great (although ill agree that the solo is probably one of the few perfect solos ever made) but going to california is and amazing tune as is when the levee breaks but just throwing in my own 2 cents
    Disc 1 is just amazing. Not to keen on sick again and the wanton song, but in the light is one of the most underated led zep numbers. Kashmir never fails to amaze.
    In My Time Of Dying is one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs. It's also the longest Zeppelin song.
    to zoso12's review, you said that "bron-y-aur stomp" is on disk 2. in fact, that track is on the album "Led Zeppelin III" you must have it confused with the actual song on this album, which is "bron-yr-aur," an acoustic instrumental.
    The one LedZep album I don't have...I should buy this first oppurtunity I get.
    I love Physical Graffiti its one of my favourite Led Zeppelin albums. Custard Pie, The Rover are two of my favourite songs off the album.
    i can play bron yr aur , but its in open C tuning. anyone who can play it it standard is really good.
    what is zoso 12 talkin about? Custard Pie, The Rover, and the Wonton Song are amazing songs. anyone else know what im talkin about?
    btw does anyone know how to play bron yr aur, i swear ive seen someone play it in standard tuning before
    i completely agree about "down by the seaside". It is one of my favourite songs and it is sooo overlooked!
    Bloody Headache
    Stryker_66 wrote: For me, In My Time of Dying is their best song. The whole song is full of musicianship and emotion. This double set has a great mixture. I don't think it is better than 4, but it is hard pressed to pick a Zep favorite as my mood changes with that from year to year!
    Bonham's drumming is immense on that track.
    radioplay wrote: Someone posted a review of Led Zeppelin II...sad very sad
    its sadder that ultimate guitar let that go. but anyways. yah, you can't go wrong w/ zeppelin and this is one of their best.
    For me, In My Time of Dying is their best song. The whole song is full of musicianship and emotion. This double set has a great mixture. I don't think it is better than 4, but it is hard pressed to pick a Zep favorite as my mood changes with that from year to year!
    Zeppelin/DC 56
    Did you guys know that Kashmir is a real place? And if they were really "moving through Kashmir" they would get shot, 'cause it is currently a disputed country.:-( RANDOM TIDBIT OF INFORMATION ;
    Modernmusich8er wrote: KingABX345 wrote: there are many ppl that say that kashmir is the best song don' get me wrong its a kick ass song but if ur a Zeppelin fan u know there r songs better then Kashmir like Achilles Last Stand or good times bad time or even In the Evening I can't agree more. If you are a true Zeppelin fan you will appreciate every song. There seriously isn't one Led Zeppelin song I dislike, I've heard em all don't worry
    i agree too. i've heard every led zeppelin song, and they don't have a bad song. if i had to pick my favorite one, i'd go insane
    Absolulty flawless. One of the best albums i've every heard. Bron-Yr-Aur is an incredible example of Jimmy Page's skills.