The Song Remains The Same [DVD] review by Led Zeppelin

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  • Released: Dec 21, 1999
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 9
  • Production Quality: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (62 votes)
Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The Same [DVD]

Sound — 10
Filmed at the band's prime, Zep are together as a whole, and deliver a sense of true musical force. Both the metal Zeppelin and the blues Zeppelin come together in one truly awe-inspiring sound. Page shows the true extent of his talent, from using a violin bow during Dazed And Confused, to the raw force behind Black Dog, all climaxing during one of his greatest performances, Stairway To Heaven. A must-have for any for of Zeppelin, or rock music as a whole.

Content — 9
This film features an odd combination of live concert footage and fantasy sequences that may seem strange at first. Also features a very odd, mob-related opening. The song list: 01. Rock And Roll - good as an opener, although Plant has sounded better. 02. Black Dog - very good overall. 03. Since I've Been Loving You - good, although doesn't shine above other tracks. 04. No Quarter - overall, very good, and one of my favorite performances. 05. The Song Remains The Same - also very good. 06. Rain Song - good, just what you'd expect. 07. Dazed And Confused - around 25 minutes long with an odd fantasy sequence in the middle in which Page meets father time on a mountaintop. 08. Stairway To Heaven - definitely the best song on the DVD (and I personally think the studio recording isn't all too spectacular). Page uses a double-necked SG, and improvises the solo, which I excells the one on IV. 09. Moby Dick - features an amazing drum solo by Bonham. 10. Heartbreaker - shows the strength of the band as a whole. 11. Whole Lotta Love - a great closer, and gives a sense of a "grand finale". No extra features besides the movie trailer, but all in all very good.

Production Quality — 9
Sound quality is great for today's standards, not to mention 1976! Some neat camera tricks are used, as evident it Page's solo during Stairway. These camera effects were obviously very trendy at the time, and have a "retro" feel to them. The entire production contributes to the feeling that you are one of the LedHeads standing in the crowd.

Overall Impression — 9
I, owning many concert DVDs ranging from The Who to Bon Jovi to Queen, must say that this is my favorite. Had this been stolen, I would ush to the video store to buy another copy. Yes, many of the fantasy sequences were unnecessary, but they contribute to the overall feel of the film. I strongly recommend that any fan of Zep, classic rock, or music in general purchase this film, now. That's not a suggestion, that's a command. Okay, it is a suggestion. And I suggest you rush to the video store.

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    What is up with people's spelling on this particular page?! If you can't f*****g spell, buy a dictionary or expect abuse from people with any knowledge of the English language.
    get a life on the spelling critisms, if you're all such geniouses write your own reviews. the dvd itself is great, though the audio doesnt sinc with the video all the time. the soundtrack is much better and the representation of these shows is stronger on the Led Zeppelin DVD. the fantasy sequences are a bit OTT at times as well. overall a really good buy, it only cost me 10: money well spent.
    it wasn't supposed to be just a concert dvd, it is a motion picture which show the members of led zeppelin's fantasy's. 07. Dazed And Confused - around 25 minutes long with an odd fantasy sequence in the middle in which Page meets father time on a mountaintop. its the hermit of the tarot, not father time
    its edited a lot with bits taken from both nights to cover up any bum notes - some guy has a web site where he lists pretty much every 'patch' put together to make each song. You notice it now again the way the music sort of jumps here and there. Also, Page's guitar seems to change colour mid-song here and there! The Stairway solo is the best thing in this. They should have put that song away after that. I've never heard another version in which he played a solo in Stairway like this one, studio version included. 'The river' Page sits beside is a lake near his home in Sussex, England. The rock face he climbs in the fantasy sequence for the Hermit is near Boleskine House, Loch Ness, Scotland, which was once owned by Aleister Crowley, who Page had a big thing about with magic etc. It is reputedly - no surprise - meant to be haunted by some pretty evil dudes! I had it on vinyl at the time too!
    i agree with highway star. stairway to heaven on this DVD is the most amazing wersion i've ever heard. The solo is the best part.
    even though i agree with this being the best version of stairway, they would never put it away becasue they would lose a lot of fans that only like that one song. i do feel sorry for those people though