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artist: Less Than Jake date: 12/23/2008 category: compact discs
Less Than Jake: Anthem
Released: May 20, 2003
Genre: Rock
Tones: Exuberant, Aggressive, Brash, Rousing, Boisterous, Fiery, Fun, Humorous, Energetic
Styles: Punk Revival, Punk-Pop, Ska-Punk
Number Of Tracks: 14
 Sound: 8.8
 Lyrics: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 9.8
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overall: 8.7
Anthem Reviewed by: PublicDstrbance, on november 19, 2003
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Sound: Ahhhhhh something miles away from the usual rock of today. This is some kind of Ska/reggae/punk rock sorta thing. Fans of Sublime rejoice! The sound is really great. Most bands...the usual power chord. But this band has that plus the generic ska upstroke chords. But I really find innovative about this band is the variety of instruments. Not only bass/guitar/drums like most bands, but also a sax and trombone! // 8

Lyrics: Very Good use of the simple 11 22 33 44 rhymes. If you know what that means. The singing is very easy listening. Not the same ol screaming for 45 seconds just cause you can kind of stuff. // 8

Overall Impression: Very good album. Go buy it. Its worth every penny. I love the way that its just far away from the mainstream and they don't care about that they still come out with new albums. I love this album. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Anthem Reviewed by: kryptonite22, on may 04, 2004
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Sound: This album marks a change in direction for Less Than Jake. Not only are they a much more mainstream outfit than a couple of years ago, but the sound has changed too. For a lot of die-hard LTJ fans, this presents a problem. For me, though, it makes the sound even better. Most of the tracks only have small portions of horns, and the focus is less on ska and more on punk. It's catchy, well-produced punk, but it's punk all the same. As Vinnie from the band puts it "Punk rock isn't about politics, punk rock is about opinion". And there are plenty of different opinions on this album. From the reggae feel of "The Science of Selling Yourself Short" to the lightening fast "Short Fuse Burning", this album varies greatly in terms of sound, but still retains some of the old LTJ. // 10

Lyrics: Less Than Jake's lyrics are generally very simple, but also quite effective, more so on this album than any of their others I have heard. The quality of singing has also improved considerably, meaning that "Anthem" is a much more rounded package than previous LTJ efforts. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall, it's a very well-produced, diverse and highly listenable album. Perhaps there isn't so much creativity or originality now the sound has been made a little more mainstream. For example, the sounds of "Anthem" are a far cry from the raw, ska appeal of the now legendary "Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts". But what makes LTJ so great is that they don't care, and they certainly don't take themselves too seriously. The immaturity does nothing but heighten the appeal of the album. The standout tracks are "She's Gonna Break Soon", "Motown Never Sounded So Good", "Look What Happened" and the excellent reworking of Cheap Trick's "Surrender", which is every bit as good as the original. A class album, whichever way you look at it. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Anthem Reviewed by: deinem, on may 05, 2004
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Sound: I loved this cd, Its a bit different that other LTJ maerial but definally great. With Less Than Jake becoming more mainstream these days, its scary to not know what their next cd will be like. I did enjoy this one but it did seem that the album leaned more towards punk than ska. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics were pretty good, as most LTJ lyrics are. I loved the lyrics in 'science of selling yourself short' and 'ghosts of you and me'. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, i loved this cd, definately good LTJ material, maybe a little diff that usual but great none the less. My favorite songs were probably, 'welcome to the new south' 'ghosts of you and me' and 'science of selling yourself short'. I love this album and it is definately one of the best ones (besides hello rockveiw) It is definately worth buying (dont burn it!! haha, (i did) ) and it is worth every penny! // 10

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overall: 8.7
Anthem Reviewed by: skiatook, on december 23, 2008
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Sound: Anthem was the first album by Less Than Jake that I ever bought, and by far my favorite. They have a simalar sound to NOFX. It has all the speed and fun of punk, but with the smooth sound of ska trombones and trumpets. Another thing I like about this CD is that not all the songs sound the same. Although that can be a good thing, if you get tired of the fast pace to the songs, you can recharge with a song with a slower tempo, like "The Brightest Bulb has Burned Out". // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are various, mostly tend to be about hitting rock bottom, like "She's Gonna Break Soon". Also, the singers have very distinctive voices, easy to recognize if heard on the radio. The lyrics are as powerful as the singers' voices, audiable but still has the punk gruffness in their voices. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall, I would say that Less Than Jake is second in ska punk only to Sublime. The songs are well written, well preformed, and fun to listen to. The album was well worth the money, but if stolen, I would probably replace it with another LTJ album, just to hear some of their other songs. // 9

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