Retroglide [DVD] Review

artist: Level 42 date: 11/11/2008 category: compact discs
Level 42: Retroglide [DVD]
Released: September 18, 2006
The album is notable for featuring songs written by Boon Gould, the band's original guitarist (whose guitar is featured on "Ship") and bassist/vocalist Mark King.
 Sound: 8
 Content: 10
 Production Quality: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
Retroglide [DVD] Reviewed by: bass1991guitar, on november 11, 2008
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Sound: Filmed live at the New Theatre, Oxford, on 31/10/06, Retroglide is a recording of Level 42's last English show on the 2006 tour of the same name. The show is chock full of pitch perfect 4 part harmony vocals, fantastic guitar work from Mark's brother 'Nathan', great Sax solos from Sean Freeman, some complicated grooves from Gary Husband - one of the best British funk drummers around, wonderful additional percussion from Kwaku Dzidzornu and of course longest serving members Lindup and King sharing vocal duties and really showing talent on their instruments. The live sound is wonderfully mixed and monitored although some older fans feel the bass is hidden to low in the mix. I think this may be due to the fact that King is using his Retroglide and Black Beauty Status basses that fans of the old Jaydees and Alembics are disapproving of. Personally - I think it's great. I always think that King will overcrowd with his lines and get in the way of the vocal but I suppose that is something he has worked on over the years by doing both at the same time and nailing the balance every time. The original feel, sound and flavour of the studio tracks is still present but with new twists and turns musically. Good light show too! // 8

Overall Impression: Some great solos from King and the band are really cooking and what's more, all the musicians get their time to shine which is nice to see (and hear) seeing as Mark is really the one everyone knows. The band are so tight and can really swing it when needed. King fans will not be disappointed - there are lots of solos to skip to! Also a great one for drummers. They may even learn a thing or two! Nathan fascinates me with his minimal playing - just what's needed. A very competent player although his tone is an acquired taste I think and he uses that one for the whole performance! All in all, very good and there really is something for everybody. // 8

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