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artist: Lifehouse date: 01/23/2006 category: compact discs
Lifehouse: Lifehouse
Released: Mar 22, 2005
Genre: Rock
Styles: Post-Grunge, Alternative Pop/Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
It's not an album that makes waves, it's a record that's designed to ease onto the AAA radio waves, where it will politely sit next to songs by Matthews, Mayer, and Mraz.
 Sound: 7.6
 Lyrics: 8.4
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 9.3
Lifehouse Reviewed by: rob_acoustic, on march 30, 2005
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Sound: The guitar is a little different. The sound is a little different. The touch is a little different and what this all means? It's a little better then the previous 2 albums from Lifehouse. Where they lost some of their popularity with not having a hit since 2001's "Hanging By A Moment" they have faded. The sound is back and a little more focused on touch rather then a cool riff. The acoustic guitar is the prime sound you hear on this album. It is a great thing to hear on a album that really pulls it together with mainly just vocals and a acoustic guitar and a simple drum beat. Most of the songs are slower and drip with the beat going on. The songs sound some what the same on a few. Mostly the songs are different enough not to notice and the album is almost like a journal or something. Jason Wade and the boys hit the right mark with the consistent and crystal sound of their 3rd self-titled album Lifehouse. // 8

Lyrics: Lyrically Jason Wade, who writes the large majority of the songs by himself does it again, this is his best lyrical album of the 3 that Lifehouse has. The lyrics are very deep and shallow too at times, either way they work, and at that same time they are great. Heartfelt and a lot of emotion is what is left on this album. From the climbing hit "You And Me," "Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do/Nothing to lose/And it's you and me and all of the people/And I don't know why/I can't keep my eyes off of you" sings the chorus. The song is simple but gets the point and it nicely done. Then probably a single to be seen later on, and surely a hit is "Into The Sun." This is clearly the standout track on the album and I don't see why it couldn't get radio play with the great and impersonal lyrics. The lyrics are very good, but not overrated. Just right. // 10

Overall Impression: A great album overall I must say. I really enjoy the album. It is easy listening. It is mainly a balanced album with all tracks being average except for a couple. the standout tracks are "Walking Away," "You And Me," and "Into The Sun." I love the melodies on this album. It isn't a landmark album but it knows its place and its place is right where you feel things when your alone. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Lifehouse Reviewed by: UG Team, on january 12, 2006
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Sound: After a disappointing sophomore slump Lifehouse is back with a new record and a renewed face. The album is called the way you would rather call your first record, not the third one. Self-titling it, Lifehouse are claming the rebirth of the band -? since bassist Sergio Andrade and guitarist Sean Woolstenhulme (what a last name) left a year ago, Bryce Soderberg joined Jason Wade and Rick Woolstenhulme on bass, the last album and a new record label has been pretty much the question of survival for Lifehouse. While their previous releases were most of the time compared to Creed, the band's new producer John Alagia (John Mayer, Dave Matthews) left those opinions far behind. It was also the replacement of half of the cast that influence the style -- "Lifehouse" carries much more hope, than the band's previous releases, but still has a lot of melancholic overtones. The album sounds like some of the Beatles' psychogenic records -? simply arranged guitar rock with backing string section, piano, rock drums and lots of strong guitar hooks. The album was recorded in a beautiful landscape in between green hills and Chesapeak Bay in Maryland. The poetic surrounding may be the reason why Wade's melodic way of songwriting is very evident here -? you can feel it not only in vocals, but in all instrument parts as well. "Lifehouse" is full of romantic melodies that seem to come out of songwriter's heart. Ballads are what Lifehouse are really good in and 80% of the album are emo-sweet ballads. The most cheerful song here is "Chapter One" with a happy piano line. It was written by Wade on piano, while everything else was created with acoustic guitar, and it differs from all other material. "You And Me," the album's first single is a tender love-ballad, a perfect soundtrack for a wedding. Acoustic guitar and strings make the song sound sincere. // 9

Lyrics: Heartfelt lyrics is what differs the band from the others and make the songs crawl into your heart and find a place there. It's great to realize some musicians still find inspiration in something else apart endless love. Even though most of songs on "Lifehouse" are on that neverending topic, there are exceptions -? like "Better Luck Next Time" is dedicated to Wade's father due to their difficult relationship and "The End Has Only Begun" is a song about finding a life path. Wade has rather limited vocal abilities, but it's obvious he's made some effort to sound good -? you can hear him switching easily from soft growling to falsetto. He's doing that in less pretentious manner, than most rock-singers and it sounds very organic with the music. // 8

Overall Impression: The guys' got an ear for little things that make a record still sound good after the fifth listen and maybe even become classic. There are no strong radio hits on the record, there's nothing tacky that would grab your attention at once. Instead each song has some kind of hidden beauty, not oriented on casual listener. The record is well-produced ?- it sounds solid and harmonic. It's obvious everything is very thought-out -- the guys made sure everything is in the right place and sounds smooth before putting songs on the album (like "Days Go By" was recorded four times before the final version). With their last album Lifehouse proved all those problems that they've had lately only helped them to reinvent themselves and go out with an excellent record. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Lifehouse Reviewed by: UG Team, on may 06, 2005
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Sound: Lifehouse returned with their self-titled third album and it's not the same Lifehouse that we used to know. Since their last release "Stanley Climbfall" this LA based trio underwent considerable changes. The most notable one is the result of collaboration with new producer John Alagia (John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz) which is allowed them to left behind the comparisons with Creed, Live and Stone Tmple Pilots music -- a credit of band's early Brendan O'Brien productions. On this album Lifehouse perform sufficiently tuneful, smooth and mainly mid-tempo acoustic music with occasionally encountered distorted guitar riffs -- being a rock band, Lifehouse don't "rock" on this album. Though the lack of drive and harshness is kinda compensated with perfectly balanced, professional arrangements of catchy melodies, lush harmonies and flacky strings. The thing that's still invariable is the same prepotency of minor notes and post-grunge moods on "Lifehouse" -- same as on all previous works. I would say that in general their musical stylistics is still the same and the only difference concludes in instrumental arrangements. Formerly the band reproduced wistful and melancholy spirit through more or less harder sounding, but now they do it in more mellow and laid-back key, and on each song it's performed differently. If on tracks "You And Me," "All And All," "Into The Sun," "Walking Away" and "Chapter One" all those feelings are realized thru slow acoustic ballads, on "Blind," "Better Luck Next Time" and "Days Go By" music is decorated with more expressive guitars, drum beats and vocal parts -- it's a some kind of bridge between Lifehouse of past and present. // 8

Lyrics: While music changes are evident, I hardly can say the same about lyrics. Lifehouse, in person of singer-songwriter Jason Wade, distinguish themselves with meaningful, candid and moody at times lyrics -- and this album is not the exception. As usually, Wade paid a biggest part of his attention to songwriting process -- "I love writing. It's my favorite part of all this," he says. And it seems to be truth, because with every following release Wade's lyrics become more serious and meaningful -- "Lifehouse" is lyrically the best Wade's project to date. As to his singing abilities, they are still flawless. Jason Wade has very impressive voice with a huge amount of inflexions -- and he shows them all here. // 10

Overall Impression: All in all, with their self-titled record Lifehouse have chosen quieter and mellow road. Time will show whether it was a good undertaking or not, anyway it's a worthy listening for diehard fans of early Lifehouse -- they would appreciate band's new face -- as well as for newcomers -- it's still good and unique music. Being almost acoustic, this album proves to be quite easy listening even with all its post-grunge hooks and melancholic moods. There are no tracks on "Lifehouse" that could be emphasized -- all of them have a specific way to demonstrate what Lifehouse is as a band and what they want to show off. Probably the only its disadvantage is that Lifehouse by loosing their well-known post sounding didn't find their music niche yet, but I suppose that it's just a matter of time -- the guys need a time to get an idea of what to do with new sound and producer, haha. // 8

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overall: 10
Lifehouse Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 05, 2005
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Sound: Wow, Lifehouse returned to their roots of no name face and it sounds great! The sound is much better than the previous one but it came close to their debut album. The drums are great so are the bass (cheers to their new bass player) but the most standout sound in this album are the string arrangements. // 10

Lyrics: Jason Wade writes heartfelt lyrics that anyone can relate to. Ther are so much honesty and sincerity in the songs that you could almost feel what jason feels when he wrote those songs. Standout tracks are: Come Back Down, Blind, You & ME, All In All, Days Go By, Into The Sun and We'll Never Know! // 10

Overall Impression: Overall this is a wonderful album! Go get it if you dont have this CD yet. It's one of the best alternative album out there! Ranks with No Name Face, Yourself Or Someone Like You, Third Eye Blind, Opaline and the likes. Lifehouse is back! // 10

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overall: 1.3
Lifehouse Reviewed by: mgilesfan27, on september 30, 2005
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Sound: I like the song you and me and that's it. It has the worst sound I've heard in along time. I mean I like the guitar because they use an acoustic, I bought the CD so I could learn some songs that sounded good with an acoustic, but they could of done alot better. // 1

Lyrics: The lyrics were awful. I drove away from the store and I changed it from track 1 to track 2 cause I couldn't stand it anymore. Thank goodness track 2 was You And Me, but after that terrible. I think he has a good voice, but he needs to learn how to choose some better lyrics, and maybe that will make the sound of the CD better. // 2

Overall Impression: I bought this CD so I could learn some acoustic songs, I liked the song You And Me and I thought the rest would be like that song and I looked at the reviews on this website and I thought alright a good CD. None of those three things were accomplished. I would never buy the CD again if it was stolen it was the worst 17 dollars I've ever spent. // 1

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overall: 9.7
Lifehouse Reviewed by: henryt-bags, on november 07, 2005
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Sound: This is a bit different from their previous work. They have managed to seperate themselves from other similar sounding groups and musicians, and have managed to create their own unique sound that makes them hard to put into a real genre - U2 makes U2 music, Linkin Park makes Linkin Park music, and Lifehouse makes Lifehouse music. The only letdown is the absence of their rocky style (Spin, Hanging By A Moment etc). // 9

Lyrics: This is the bands strong side - Jason Wade's lyrics. They contain a lot of emotions, but don't make you feel depressed. My favourite lyrics are ones in You And Me. They are honest and meaningful, and it really shows Jason's lyrical skills. Amazing lyrics on his part. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is one of the best in my collection. Although Stanley Climbfall remains my best Lifehouse album, this is definitely up there with my other favourites. Tracks like Better Luck Next Time, You And Me, and Blind really bring out the best of Lifehouse, and set the tone for an awesome album. Good guitars and vocals really bring this CD home - beautiful. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Lifehouse Reviewed by: aquaknight3, on january 23, 2006
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Sound: The sound is actually pretty good for a first album. Some of the songs sound a lot alike though. They have a strong acoustic part in, I'm pretty sure, every song on the CD. Which is fine, of course, the acoustic sounds great. But I think a little more put into the songs would be nice. // 8

Lyrics: The lyics are pretty good - it's just hard to understand sometimes. The singer is great, but can sometimes make it hard to figure out what he's singing about. I have the lyics so I know what he's saying and they're good. Again, the only "flaw" is that I can't hear them very well. // 9

Overall Impression: My overall impression - great album. Needs just a little bit of work but over all, sounds pretty good. My favorite song is probably "You And Me." Maybe because I've heard it many times before I got this but in any case, that's my favorite. I might buy this again if I lost it, but it was a birthday present from my girlfriend so I better not lose it at all. // 8

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