A Thousand Suns review by Linkin Park

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  • Released: Sep 10, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.2 (620 votes)
Linkin Park: A Thousand Suns

Sound — 9
To start out... Linkin Park never ceases to amaze me in how they come up with new ways to reinvent themselves. I love all of their albums and this is no exception. I am constantly amazed by the amount of programming and sampling that has been done on the album. At times it seems alittle too much though... Songs that really stuck out to me were: Blackout - Alot of people said the synth riff and screaming clashed... Well I agree but it clashed in an amazing way! This song IMo is one of the best on the record and definitely worth listening all the way through. The Messenger - This somehow reminded me of a mix between The Little Things Give You Away and Leave Out All The Rest. I don't know how but being so stripped down to a singer, guitar, and piano is something that LP has never done. This album is full of new sounds from Linkin Park and this is no exception. The rawness makes the whole album seem raw lyrically... And gives more meaning to the speeches integrated in the music. Wretches And Kings - My first impression was a blast from Linkin Park's Past. The scratch solo and rap make the song feel like a electronic version of WITH YOU. The reggae style lyrics in the chorus is the only thing that I DISLIKE about the song. Screaming the lyrics IMO would have fit in much nicer like in NOBODY'S LISTENING. Waiting For The End To Come - Very well done song... Very Deceitful beginning with heavier guitar riff but transforms into a reggae/ hiphop beat. I like mikes rapping which I think shouldve have been done in both verses instead of just one which to me makes the song seem out of balance. Chester singing is done very well and I really enjoyed that. Wisdom, Justice, and Love/Iridescent - I grouped these two songs together because to me they just flow perfectly. Sad singing by Mike lead Chester into the chorus sounds absolutely amazing. In the second verse the sample gives me the impression of hope that I think this song wants to convey in the end... That just really stood out... The Catalyst - IMO this is not a great song. But very note worthy. Stealing a quote from A CHRISTMAS CAROL was very clever and made me want to listen to the song more. As I listen to the end it reminds me of a WHAT I've DONE guitar to very low volume which I think gave the song some meat rather than just synth, electronic drums, and bass. Good song all in all. I didn't go song by song because these are the songs that really stick out to me. All the others just seemed empty and not really noteworthy sorry if you disagree but first half feels like one big intro to a real song Waiting For The End To Come.

Lyrics — 10
I was BLOWN AWAY. This records lyrical substance has blown away any of the others by far... In the past linkin park has really just sounded just ticked off and not offering hope. Now this has gotten it right. I see a sign of hope with the ending track. It is a new side of LP I haven't heard EVER. The most amazing vocal song on the record is The Messenger. Bringing all the record, Speeches; Songs; and "intros", to a close. Chester's singing (not screaming) capabilities blow me away in this album. Supplemented by rapping and singing of Mike the two make an amazing vocal pair that could produce alot more albums in the future.

Overall Impression — 8
This record remind me of a remixed minutes to midnight. That's the only explanation have for it. It is so different from original LP that it is hard to swallow. Even with that I LOVE alot of the songs on this album including: Black Out, Waiting For The End To Come, Wretches And Kings, Wisdom Justice And Love/Iridescent, The Catalyst, and The Messenger. Even though I love this new sound I still think having more "Nu Metal" guitar would please me more... But all in all this is a very impressive record. Well Done LP you have done it again.

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    I am all for bands moving in different directions with their music, after all, it's THEIR music, not mine. That being said, I love this album. Granted it's totally different and unexpected, but that's what makes it good. It's fresh, and new and really fun to sing along to. Also, lyrically some of their best songs I think. Overall I give it an 8.5/10
    This album is simply horrible, lasted a few listens and the disc was thrown out the car window. I agree with most others go back to your roots "hybrid Theory" & "Meteora" everything after that has been a waste of time.
    con job
    @SFP30X1 - I'm not usually one to question someone else's review from the point of their ability to do it, but you are completely wrong. This has nothing to do with differing opinions on whether we like the music or not, but you saying this is just a rehash of previous albums is just plain bloody inaccurate. Nothing on MTM would have made it onto this album, and nothing on this album would have made it onto MTM. You're letting your "ZOMFG THIS ISN'T HYBRID THEORY PART 3?!?!" attitude cloud your ability to see how different this is to MTM. YOu're just lumping the two into the same category because you can't handle that they're not old generation LP. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what I think of this album myself at all, I'm still undecided, but I just had to take issue with you comparing A Thousand Suns to Minutes to Midnight. I don't think this is a form of opinion or not, they're not similar at all, particularly in terms of production.
    It baffles me when people buy an album expecting one nearly identical to the band's previous release. That's the most boring thing that could possibly happen. If you yearn for the LP albums of past, then go listen to them and stop trolling. I don't understand how this is "commercial pop" or a sell-out either considering a good majority of this album would go over terribly on pop radio. It's by no means the best album ever made. It's hard to say if it's their best work either. To judge that would be silly as all the albums are of a somewhat varying style, so comparison is useless. I'm glad they made this album. It's refreshing and I always love hearing a new direction from any band I listen to. Anyone who thinks otherwise can think that way and pop Hybrid Theory back in. I'm not even a huge LP fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed this disc.
    Linkin Park's worst album, for sure. I'm still a huge fan of their old stuff (Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, Meteora), buy lately I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a Linkin Park fan, especially to younger kids, because everyone is like: "HAHA! You listen to that fag-emo-electronica at your age? HAHAHA!" What a shame. One of my most favourite rock bands got reduced to this...
    lpxerolp wrote: for everyone not giving into apples monopoly of music. open the the little lyrics book and read the first line. "we were not making an album". Linkin Park went deep. real deep. deeper than anyone would normaly go. face it, music is art. this is quite possibly the best piece of artwork created by a band in a very long time. it may not be heavy like hybrid theory but it wasnt suppost to be. get it through your heads. LP forever!
    So very true, bought the album, and listened to the first few songs without checking out the book, didn't really fancy them so much because I didn't get it. Then I read through it, tyhe whole beginning thing and stuff, and checked out the crazy artwork and just the album as a whole. I appreciated it more after.
    You know..this album is growing on me. I don't like it all, but I do like some parts, and I do enjoy listening to the album as a whole, but I do that with every album anyway.. I am just thankful and glad that Linkin Park are still together and strong and I'm really looking forward to whatever they do. I've been a fan from the beginning and will support them. The atmosphere that the album provides is unique and I'm sure it will grow on me even more next time I listen to it.
    Amuro Jay
    ColdHeartedHero wrote: Linkin Park's fourth studio album takes a step away from being commercially viable and the result is often a more eclectic, satisfying venture. are you serious? they stepped away from commercially viable music by writing techno shit thats COMMERCIALLY VIABLE?!?!?!
    If it was commercially viable, the album would have sold multiple times more than it did. Also. Checked.
    Linkin Park's fourth studio album takes a step away from being commercially viable and the result is often a more eclectic, satisfying venture. are you serious? they stepped away from commercially viable music by writing techno shit thats COMMERCIALLY VIABLE?!?!?!
    Does anyone REALLY care what Linkin Park does anymore? Hybrid Theory was just amazing, Meteora was ****in sweet, Minutes to Midnight was SO weak. I really lost all faith in LP. Sorry if im not a "true fan" and i only like the first two albums. They kind of just... lost it, you know? They had such an edgy sound for the first two albums, then they went too soft on M2M. Quite frankly, if they came out with another Hybrid Theory or Meteora esque album, i'd buy it in a heart beat, but we all know thats never gonna happen. But good for them for still making albums.
    I'll hand it to them for being willing to go in a new direction with their music, but this new cd is nothing even close to what I though it would be. I liked the whole rap/metal thing they did in the past, and I loved how they changed it up with Minutes to Midnight. In my mind, that was their best cd because it showed what they are really capable of as a band as well as how talented of a singer Chester is. Everything from quiet moving songs to hard and heavy stuff and anything in between. This new cd was nothing like that. Everything sounds similar and theres no variation within it.
    people are comparing this album to the song "nobody's listening"? I love that song, but I don't care much for this album.
    this album is horrible.... they should quit trying to explore a different sound and go back to what works. like there original stuff (papercut, point of authority, etc.)
    Kudos to LP for the different sound, not my cup of tea, but good for them. However, after listening to the album repeatetly, I hear little to no guitar at all in it. This is "ultimate GUITAR", why are we arguing over an album without guitars?
    personally, cant belive that LP has broken up.....like its so sad. this new band that Chester and Mike are in are shit. cant stand them lol I WANT LINKIN PARK BACK!!!!
    Okay I'm just gonna shut this off and go listen to hit the floor and faint. and than I'm gonna cry because I hate this album.
    con job
    midwesttrendkil wrote: am i the only sane person left in the world this album is terrible... wat happen to the first couple of albums? two words sell out's
    What the hell are you talking about? They've become less and less commerically successful with each album. Sell-outs imply their changes have led to more money. So, think again my prepubescent friend, what did you actually mean to say?