Hybrid Theory review by Linkin Park

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  • Released: Oct 24, 2000
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (175 votes)
Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory

Sound — 10
When this album first came out it was so unlike anything anybody else had been doing at the time. The sound Was the perfect blend of Rock, Hip-hop, and a little bit of Rap. Linkin Park was the first, and really the only, band to mix all these different sounds and make it sound just amazing. With Chesters' screams and rock tone and Mikes' Hip-Hop vocals Linkin Park can sing about just about anything.

Lyrics — 10
One of the things I love about Hybrid Theory, and all Linkin Park albums to follow, had a message in EVERY song. Not just one or two for good measure and the rest just for fun, no every single song had a message. Something to inspire and really make you think when you listened to the lyrics.

Overall Impression — 10
In my opinion Hybrid Theory was, and still is, one of the best albums Linkin Park made and possibly of all time. I can still throw it in and listen to every single song 1000 times and never get tired again. Like I said before every single song on this album is amazing and carries a message with it. This album has seen more play time then any other album I own and still sounds great... never skips, freezes up, or anything else like that.

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    I however Really loved this album if i were to rate the songs on the disc i would give the following 01. Papercut- 9.5 02. One Step Closer - 10+ 03. With You - 9 04. Points of Authority - 8.5 05. Crawling - 9 06. Runaway - 5 07. By Myself - 8 08. In The End - 9 09. Place for My Head - 8 10. forgotten - 8 11. cure for the Itch - 6 12. Pushing me Away - 4
    lpfan4ever wrote: Its the best album in history if you want my opinion.
    I certainly don't.
    very shitty reviews by the way... they doesnt reflect the greatness of the album at all...
    The fact that most of the reviews are giving this a ten, which shows that they are just blind fans unwilling to admit shortcomings has me very worried for the new KoRn album
    Every song on this album seems to have it's own sound. I can't express how incredible this album is! It's their debut album too! The lyrics are perfect and both Chester and Mike really show how much they mean to them. 10/10! 01. Papercut - 10 02. One Step Closer - 10 03. With You - 8 04. Points Of Authority - 9 05. Crawling - 10 06. Runaway - 10 07. By Myself - 7 08. In The End - 10 09. Place For My Head - 8 10. Forgotten - 9 11. Cure For The Itch - 10 12. Pushing Me Away - 9 AMAZING ALBUM!
    Easily linkin parks best album. This album really takes me back. Not a big fan of the new stuff though.