Living Things review by Linkin Park

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  • Released: Jun 26, 2012
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.5 (285 votes)
Linkin Park: Living Things

Sound — 8
The album is LP's nod to the fans who wanted the band's "old version". But, they couldn't convince themselves that "A Thousand Suns" and the experimentations were all that bad. And, so this album is their attempt to bring the best of the elements together. Still, I doubt if the fans will get the actual feel of the past due to a lot of digital editing.

Lyrics — 8
The album is full of surprises-the world is yet to decide if the surprise in the good or bad sense. There are rock tracks, slower ones, and hard core raps. And to be fair, I've produced here the first impressions, along with a few later ones. 01. "Burn It Down": You listen to all the other songs and realise that it definitely has something that most others in the album don't-some feature to makes it worthy to be a single. 02. "Lies Greed And Misery" ("LGM"): A dark song, with respect to the lyrics. But the tune is in total sync with the theme, venting out anger. And that made me listen to the song over and over again. The way the song slows down and screeches again, the way the rap is continued with the screaming joined by the perfect line, "Now let me show ya exactly how the breaking point sounds" are pretty good. 03. "Road Untraveled": The song starts with a weird sound of something whirling, no idea of its role. Then the song sounds like some 80s rock song - not even rock - some song that doesn't belong to 2012. Mike's voice is surprisingly so apt for the above fact. Song proceeds in quite a rhythmic beat until the last instrumental part of the song where the song gets a hike in the pitch- A surprise. The lyrics are poetic-best of all songs, in terms of the verses. 04. "Castle Of Glass": A track of contrast-medium paced music with rather low pitched voices. "I'm only a crack in this castle of glass Hardly anything there for you to see." - beautiful! Sadly, only that line is. The other paragraphs don't seem to be captivating, in terms of the lyrics, probably because of a few lines. Otherwise, it achieves in giving some lines for a "craving in a child's dream" kinda theme. Has got a good welcome from fans. The music seems to stay in the head for a while. 05. "Lost In The Echo": It has a lot of creative elements. But somehow it sounds a little incoherent; especially the place where Chester's screaming is processed. Mike's skill as a rapper is showcased in the lyrics though the same could not be said about Chester's part. But I like it how they've made the "go, go, go" part: it's made simple the first time, edited second and mixed in the third: really nice. Somehow, I have a feeling that I might develop a liking for this song on the go. "I can't sing flat, it aint my tone", Shinoda would have smirked when he sang that line. 06. "Powerless": A slower track. Even the places where you expect a high pitched voice of Chester is subdued to suit the tag of a "melody". Music has a small resemblance to "Burning In The Skies" but this is overcome by the difference in singing. Lyrics are different, but give you a feel that the words were somehow inserted and thus tend to swallow the theme. Specially, the word "devil", "evidence" were not exactly on the hole. "You'll never know what I became because of you". The team definitely had better ways of putting it; they are capable of more than this! 07. "Skin To Bone": A different song: not totally pathos in the tune. But I'm having a feeling that the fans will not be in favour of this song because it basically has none of their trademark stuff: no rap, no rock base. The lyrics start good, but you're disappointed seeing "Right to left, left to right Night to day and day to night". Also the word "disgust" though rhymes, doesn't suit the mood-should have been in "LGM". 08. "Victimized": A totally different, creative try by the band. It's got rap, singing, screaming, with every kind of music mixed. Comments from fans in various sites say that they were disappointed-by the length of the song. But seeing LP over the years, if the fans are only disappointed only because the song ends soon, they won't mind given an elaborate version. The lyrics are creative; couldn't help but enjoy "I ain't scared of your teeth, I admire what's in em... Wanna talk about a victim, I'mma put you there with 'em". The starting music unfortunately appears so unoriginal, though nice to hear. 09. "Tinfoil": LP has a pure/close to pure instrumental track in some of their previous albums: "Foreword" in "Meteora", "Requiem" in "A Thousand Suns". Following it is "Tinfoil" - more like a sample of "Powerless", of course with some editing. Wait... it reminds me of something else... I don't know if I'm dreaming, but it sounds like one of the bgm track of "Twilight". 10. "I'll Be Gone": A track without Mike's solo-that's the only reason you could think of, for it to be not the first single. The song starts off really good. Somewhere in the middle, you get a slight feeling that that part could have been better ("And tell them I couldn't help myself... And tell them I was alone... Oh, tell me I am the only one... And there's nothing left to stop me.") Music is beautiful. (Actually, the starting is super good to be my ringtone. It starts with a sound that's similar to a phone ringing; it slowly increases in volume; it's perfect. Lyrics is great; specially "Let the sun fade out And another one rise, Climbing through tomorrow I'll be gone. I'll be gone. This in between us Is getting thinner now Into winter now, Bittersweet." In these two verses, they've nailed it. (If what I interpreted is what they meant!) I actually have started to like this song much that I'm thinking that it'll make a perfect OST for some movie, probably some intense, super hero themed. 11. "Until It Breaks": Again a potpourri of different styles. It starts with a rap similar to that in "Lies Greed Misery" - a down core one. The lyrics are actually witty, specially the usage if "It goes a one Two, three". "Like that". But somehow makes you sceptical to call it "awesome". A song with a tinge of devotion. 12. "In My Remains": This is the "Catalyst" equivalent in "Living Things". Not in the music probably, but in the theme and the way they've tried to recreate the scintillating effect of "Lift me up, let me go" in "Like an army falling one by one by one". But sadly it's not as powerful as the former. Though the lyrics are pretty good; the part "So that's violence way, to wash away the worst of me" gives the singing an incomplete feeling. A good song though.

Overall Impression — 7
Personal Favourites: Songs: 1. I'll Be Gone 2. Burn It Down 3. Lies Greed Misery Lyrics: 1. Roads Untraveled 2. Victimised 3. I'll Be Gone / Until it breaks On the whole, a promising package with some really unique songs. Awaiting their "video power", that can add another dimension to the songs.

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    chrisvasco23 wrote: i dont think anyone has touched on this subject.. but it seems like mike has alot more pull on the last 2 albums then the rest of the band. when i see him in interviews or just reading the article it seems like hes in more control. where everything up to minutes to midnight was more of band efforts( see given up )and the closest thing to a full sounding band effort was new divide. just my two cents though...
    So... a talented musician is controlling a guy that can't play Sweet Child O' Mine for friggs sake, a barely audible bassist and a drummer that needs earphones in order not to screw things up while playing a straight 4/4? Who would have known!
    Honestly, I love electronic music but... this album is just weird. I mean, they DID came up with some nice ideas/melodies, but it always sounds like it's missing something... it becomes repetitive and loses its way.
    RC52190 wrote: K!!LsWiTcH wrote: Alex0bertelli wrote: Hybrid Theory and Meteora were great albums. It seems from that point they slowly got worse and worse, incorporating more 'computer-generated' music, distancing themselves from the nu-metal genre, of which they helped create. RIP to the Linkin Park I used to love well hold on they didnt really help create nu metal at all really they were about as late to it as machine head. i never ever thought of them as nu metal. theres too much a distinction between the rapping and singing. its not kinda rapping or almost rapping or fast spoken shinoda straight up raps. and chester sings. always saw it as rap rock or rap metal whatever. either way burn it down didnt pique any interest and i havent heard anything since midnight that did really What are you talking about? Linkin Park is notorious for pretty much single-handedly creating the nu-metal genre. They pioneered their own genre. Everyone who knows Linkin Park pretty much knows this ...
    No. They did no such thing. As a point of reference: Limp Bizkit: First three records, released in '97, '99 and '00. KoRn: First four albums, released in '94, '96, '98 and '99. LP: First two albums, released in '00 and '03. Knowing your **** and a simple wiki search will help you avoid these moments in the future. Linkin Park was arguably the biggest nu-metal band, but the genre was WELL established before they ever came along/hit the mainstream. To quote you
    "Everyone who knows Linkin Park pretty much knows this..."
    i dont think anyone has touched on this subject.. but it seems like mike has alot more pull on the last 2 albums then the rest of the band. when i see him in interviews or just reading the article it seems like hes in more control. where everything up to minutes to midnight was more of band efforts( see given up )and the closest thing to a full sounding band effort was new divide. just my two cents though...
    GO BACK TO NU-METAL!!! HYBIRD THEORY and METEORA!!! please in the sake of your true fans-the ones who started listening to you becos of your first 2 badass albums and not that fans who started listening to you because of LIVING THINGS...i've almost GIVEN UP on you Linkin Park, take everything you got FROM THE INSIDE and pour it out into your heavier sound and please start BREAKING THE HABIT of your more electronic sound. am i BY MYSELF in this you true fans?? i hope not!! and if linkin park releases another nu-metal album, that would be my CURE FOR THE ITCH i've been having...honestly the electronic sound is sending me ONE STEP CLOSER to the edge!! DON'T STAY with this sound becos if you do im sure in the end you'll know that NOBODY'S LISTENING to it..take a SESSION, go NUMB, feel that CRAWLING power underneath your skin, feel a PAPERCUT, sing SOMEWHERE I BELONG, then HIT THE FLOOR runnin with your original roots...Thank you.
    Hybrid Theory and Meteora were fantastic, and while I absolutely hated MT and A Thousand Suns... This album is one of my favorites. Contains some very solid tracks, and I think although we may be hearing less guitar/drums this time around, this is a positive step towards their Meteora sound, which I don't think any LP fan can disagree with.
    If you look at the album from a "I want LP 2004 back" attitude, yeah you're gonna be disappointed. I straight up hated the last two albums, but when I listened to Living Things from start to finish, I found a continuous record that recaptured the energy in the vocal delivery Hybrid Theory era LP had while still kinda doing their own thing. I enjoyed Living Things alot more than I expected.
    @ androovr- yes, yes i did. xD because i am sooo sick of frikin computer generated crap it brought me to doing that. THAT!!! this is how bad it's gotten...and Korn with the stupid dubstep album. wat has happened...? i hear minimal guitars in LIVING THINGS, which is sad as a guitar player.
    I really dig this album, a lot. Sounds like the old and new LP mixed together, and the song structure DOES in fact hold up to the earlier stuff like the band said. Then again, I always liked the newer stuff more anyway. I think it's simply more versatile, compared to the Hybrid Theory/Meteora combo that sounded incredibly similar to each other.
    *i kno given up was not on their 1st two albums of course!!! (Minutes to Midnight) but it fit with the whole thing..cos yes i almost have given up on them, just depends on their next release.