Living Things review by Linkin Park

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  • Released: Jun 26, 2012
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.5 (284 votes)
Linkin Park: Living Things

Sound — 7
First of all I'm sorry for my English its not my native language. In 2010 LP released the concept album "A Thousand Sun" which had a different music style and more electronic sound also with a anti nuclear massage, many fans hated the album for the change (I was one of them) but after listening carefully to the album I realized that "ATS" was a Great album, and I love it now. And now again in 2012 LP releases "Living Things" which has even more Electronic sound, but it also has the same old LP style of song (notice to riff at the start and the bridge) and again many fans hate it, I like this album its well crafted and has a new sound, it has nothing to do with Skrillex and its a fresh music but still doesn't have the impact of "ATS". LP has proven that doesn't make music for money. This review is my own personal review so don't swear at me. I hope it is helpful. Many might don't agree my rating, but I might like things which you guys do not and etc... 01. "Lost In Echo": a very strong opening for the album, gives you lot of energy and has an awesome rap and chorus, music is so well crafted, the samples, guitar, bass, its all good, but only part which I didn't personally like was the bridge, however I personally think its the best song on the album. 02. "In My Remains": in my remains is a good song but unfortunately it doesn't have a strong impact, however the lyrics are good, and the Chester's vocal are very very good, chorus is great, and the bridge: "Like an army, falling, one by one by one", is very great specially if you notice the chester backing vocals. 03. "Burn It Down": the first single of the album, first time when I listened to it I was disappointed, but now I kinda like it, music is great, specially the intro, verses are one of the Chester's best verses, mikes rap is good, but the chorus is bad. If you notice the melody, song has a very good melody. Verse lyrics are very good but the chorus lyric is bad, mikes rap is good: "So when you fall, I'll take my turn and fan the flames as you blazes burn." 04. "Lies Greed Misery": I must say when I listened to this song, I hated it! But when I re listened the album with a beats detox headphone, I really liked the bass, drums. However this song has a lot of up and downs and a bad bridge and also Chester's voice has a lot of effects. Mike raps are okay. I must say the intro is cool. 05. "I'll Be Gone": song starts with a very good intro, Mike doesn't sing in this song but chester vocals are great. Guitars are the same power chord and octaves again, but totally the music is very good and well crafted. Verses are a lil bit weird, chorus is good, catchy bridge. I'll be gone proves that LP has mixed all of their albums in this album. Lyrics are pretty good: "Let the sun fade out and another one rise/ climbing though tomorrow, I'll be gone." 06. "Castle Of Glass": this song has one of the best LP lyrics, also with a short, nice and cool chorus, despite the great lyric, the melody for verses are not very good. But totally a good song. 07. "Victimized": one of the heaviest and also shortest LP songs, starts with a heavy electro intro, and some one saying stuff which I didn't understand what he says! The first mike verse is awesome, but when chester comes with a short screaming chorus, he ruins the song. (I personally think that way! Many loved the chorus ik!) then comes the mike rap, very good rap, and rap lyrics are good too and then song ends with a heavy scream. 08. "Roads Untraveled": starts with a tik tak sound and a good piano, and Mike singing, about the chorus idk what to call these type but its like whooaa a a ha. And then brads guitar comes in and takes you deep in the song, lyrics are the best in album. 09. "Skin To Bone": an other electronic riff, based on folk music (like roads untraveled) skin to bone could be much more better but still it has a nice melody, but the lyrics are not so good... Vocals are not bad. 10. "Until It Breaks": very different song from LP, and the most risky one, first time I didn't like it but now I love the rap, first rap is heavily effected and delayed, with some a-s kicking lyric, after the mike rap comes Chester's singing: "Give me the strength of the rising son/ give me the truth of the words unsong"... After that another weird rap and then for the first time brad Delson sings - a nice harmonic part which takes you away, Delson's voices is good. 11. "Tinfoil": an instrumental song like cure for the itch and session, it is actually the intro for next song: powerless because they are both in same scale and rhythm and style, however tinfoil is similar to session but its very strange, gives you an weird feeling. 12. "Powerless": the last song on the album, chester vocals are good but not perfect. Song lyrics are good, but the best part is the bridge, its a catchy good bridge. When the song ends you will miss the album and you will want to hear it again. "Living Things" is a very good album but not perfect, praised for the sound and fresh music. But it could be much more better. I must say the instrumental music is great and well crafted. Vocals are great. It is still much more better than other albums these days.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrics are great, but sometimes you will get disappointed, lyrics in "LT" are more personal than "ATS" songs like: "Castle Of Glass", "I'll Be Gone" have great lyrics burn it down has a great lyric but you will get disappointed at the chorus lyric: "We're building it up / to break it back down/ we're building it up / to burn it down, we can't wait to burn it to the ground". Chester and Mike vocals is at their best and is very good.

Overall Impression — 8
At the end I must say you should listen to this album. Its something new, catchy, well crafted. It is not very underrated like "A Thousand Suns", but it is underrated. I love the new sound, the intros, I don't choruses on lies greed misery and victimized (many ppl like em and count these songs as their favorite). My favorite songs off the album: 01. Lost In Echo 02. In My Remains 03. Powerless 04. I'll Be Gone If it were stolen I would definitely buy it again. Tnx for reading :)

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    I do get that Linkin Park is moving on and doing what they want - after all, music is art and art is about doing what you want - but I'm SO turned down by their new stuff. I'll stick with Meteora, but just for the nostalgia to be honest.
    Just a quick one here, havn't Linkin Park pretty much always done the electronic thing? It's just more prominant now
    I tried listening to this album, I really did. I can't stand it, and even though I do miss the sound they had on the first two albums, I disliked it not because it sounded nothing like them... I dislike them simply because this album is bad. The ideas for the songs besides burn it down are terrible, and even that song sounds like something played at the entrance to a carnival. I like some techno and electronic, but it's always the same with all music. There's gotta be something that catches your eye, or in this case your ear, and this album doesn't have it.