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artist: Linkin Park date: 06/26/2012 category: compact discs
Linkin Park: Living Things
Released: June 26, 2012
Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronic Rock, Rap Rock
Label: Warner Bros
Number Of Tracks: 12
Work for "Living Things" began in middle to late 2011, with various statements being made by the band members about the album being "back to roots", or "forward looking" or as taking all the things they've learned in the past along with the new ideas they've been working with. All of these statements seem to be true.
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overall: 7.7
Living Things Featured review by: UG Team, on june 26, 2012
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Sound: "Living Things" is the fifth studio album by Linkin Park, which includes 12 tracks and with a total run time of just under 37 minutes. The album was produced by Rick Rubin in partnership with vocalist, Mike Shinoda, the same as their most recently 2 releases. The tell-tale electronic elements of Linkin Park are definitely present in this album, but mostly used to good effect to enhance the songs. In some statements by the band it was said that this album would be more "rap-centric" than previous releases, but I didn't find this to be necessarily true. It seems to be in line with previous releases in regards to the amount of rapped lyrics versus sang lyrics except for the short period of time where they used much less rap. It still comes across as nu-metal with some slight evolutions, despite claims that Linkin Park has transcended nu-metal. This isn't necessarily a bad thing nu-metal wasn't bad in and of itself, only in that it became derivative of other music in the genre, which Linkin Park has managed to avoid for the most part. Touring in 2012 with Incubus and MuteMath, Linkin Park is working hard to promote the album. On May 9th they initiated an international scavenger hunt, the end result being the release of a song from the album, "Lies Greed Misery", which premiered on BBC Radio. They've had an iPad application called "Linkin Park GP" released that is a car racing game centered around the song "Burn It Down". "Burn It Down" also was produced as the first music video of the album, which debuted on MTV on May 24th. Fans who pre-order the album will also be subscribed to "Living Things Remixed" which will be several songs from the album released in remixed formats. Also, the song "Powerless" which closes out the album will also be used in the closing credits of the movie "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". The songs "Lies Greed Misery" and "Castle Of Glass" will be included in the video game "Medal Of Honor: Warfighter". This album seems to have a lot more in the way of promotion going on than some past Linkin Park albums. // 7

Lyrics: Bennington and Shinoda have proven to be an interesting vocal team to date, and this continues with "Living Things". Bennington's voice continues to be dynamic, with soaring clean delivery for the most part. Shinoda maybe has a little bit more weight to pull on "Living Things" than he has had recently, but overall there is a good mix of clean vocals and rapped vocals. A good sample of lyrics comes from "Lies Greed Misery", which opens with some rapped lyrics: "I'm gonna be that nail in your coffin/ saying that I'm soft when/ I was ducking down to reload/ you can save your petty explanations/ I don't have the patience/ before you even say it I know/ you hurt your pride and your ego". Then some of the lyrics from "In My Remains", as follows: "Separate, sifting through the baggage/ I can't concentrate/ searching for the message/ and the fear and pain/ broken down and waiting/ for the chance to feel alive". You may notice that the lyrics seem more personal than they have in recent Linkin Park releases. The biggest exception would have to be "Victimized" which seems to be about war. A sample of the lyrics from this track: "No rebirth for the confidence betrayed/ no more hiding in shadow/ cause I won't wait for the debt to be repaid/ time has come for you", then goes into a short screamed interlude, then Shinoda comes in with some rap. This is also one of the shortest songs on the album, being only one minute and forty-six seconds. // 8

Overall Impression: "Living Things" is not a bad album while it isn't earth shattering, it is a very solid release and manages to keep my interest. One thing about Linkin Park is that you can recognize who you are listening to pretty quickly on their songs whether you've heard them before or not as they definitely have an identifiable sound. This can work for them or against them, and it can sometimes be a thin line. Right now this is something working for Linkin Park as they are able to change things up a little bit, but still sound familiar enough not to alienate their fans. My favorite tracks on the album would have to be "Victimized", "Burn It Down" and "Lies Greed Misery". As far as the rap rock facet of Linkin Park, it is at its most heavily displayed on the track "Until It Breaks". While on first listen the album didn't really grab me, I did begin to appreciate it more in subsequent listens. I don't really dislike any songs on the album, but there are definitely some mediocre songs on the album. The mediocre songs do manage to at least be interesting enough to get you through to the next stand out track of the album. // 8

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- Brandon East (c) 2012

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overall: 6.3
Living Things Reviewed by: StackedTuna, on june 26, 2012
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Sound: 2010 saw the release of Linkin Park's fourth full length studio album, the experimental, multi-concept album "A Thousand Suns". The album split fans down the middle. Some fans were fond of the new sound; however some, including me, were disappointed with the drastic change in direction for the band. After this somewhat risky release, followers of the band were left wondering if Linkin Park had changed their sound for good, or if they were to return to the gritty nu-metal sound which gave the band their place in the industry. The short answer to that question is no, they haven't gone back to their roots. However don't dismiss "Living Things" as another disappointing release, because it isn't. "living Things" combines musical elements from all of the bands previous albums; from the aggressive drop C guitars to the more recent electronic aspects of songs. "Living Things" is a truly unique album, and somewhat of a summary of what Linkin Park is capable of. If they hadn't have released "Hybrid Theory" or "A Thousand Suns", then there would be no "Living Things". It contains features on at least one song that will appeal to a Linkin Park fan, old or new. // 6

Lyrics: Tracks that stand out majorly for me are "Lost In The Echo", "Castle Of Glass", "Victimized" and "Until It Breaks". "Lost In The Echo", the album opener is one of the strongest songs that Linkin Park has released. The band has managed to capture the raw energy from "Hybrid Theory" whilst adding in fresh high energy electronic elements. Mike raps on the verse with aggression, reminiscent of "A Place For My Head", and Chester's clean vocals sweep the chorus in a very "Minutes To Midnight"-esque fashion. In my opinion, "Burn It Down" was a fairly average song; the song never really went anywhere. At first, I thought "Lost In The Echo" would repeat this, and the song wouldn't be taken anywhere interesting or more energetic. Luckily I was wrong; the screams burst out after the second chorus which instantly gives power to the song. The use of screams and electronic mixing is used very well here. I thought it would be similar to Blackout, a very toned down and somewhat powerless scream however with the pounding guitars in the background, it works perfectly. This song sets the tone for "Living Things" and it's a very strong album opener. "In My Remains" is quick to follow, which is a good track; an electronic track with big "Minutes To Midnight" sounding guitars and vocals. The third track and first single "Burn It Down" is next, and as I stated earlier, I wasn't a huge fan of the song. "Lies Greed Misery" comes bursting through afterwards. For me, this song is packed with energy. It's like "Meteora" meets "A Thousand Suns". It's a solid track; electronic beats and edgy hip hop in the verses with an aggressive chorus; "I wanna see you choke on your lies, swallow up your greed, suffer all alone in your misery". The song also shines at the end with attacking screams. It goes out with a bang. "I'll Be Gone" is track 5, and similar to "In My Remains". It sounds fairly similar to "Minutes To Midnight" and "New Divide". It isn't a bad song, but it doesn't capture your attention as much as "Lost In The Echo" and "Lies Greed Misery". Track 6 is "Castle Of Glass", and this song stood out for me. The song begins with a pounding electronic drum and it soon comes in with an interesting and catchy synth line. The verse is haunting, with the deep vocals. In the chorus, Mike and Chester's voices sound similar, but you can still hear the difference. Their voices complement each other well as they claim they're "only a crack, in this castle of glass". After the first chorus, the song builds up with pounding drums and the synth line again, which effortlessly sounds good. There's another round of the haunting verse and chorus, this time more upbeat. After a Chester takes a soft interlude, the song bursts back into the chorus, more lively and louder. "Castle Of Glass" is a simple song, yet one that catches the listener's attention. If you're feeling a bit mellow after listening to "Castle Of Glass", don't settle down just yet. "Victimized" doesn't wait to introduce its aggressive, lively sound. After a very short break, thunderous drums and intense electro/guitar break in to the song. After the storming introduction, more haunting vocals are sung by Mike, but this time it's building up to something huge. Before you know it, Chester's violent scream of "Victimized" is being thrown into your face. Straight after the chorus, the song takes another twist, as Mike starts to rap. However unlike previous rapping on the album, this song adopts an identical rhythm to the one in "When They Come For Me". This works perfectly; it's a bouncy verse yet you can hear the sarcastic, playful tone. After another round of being "Victimized", Chester prolongs the scream, and a "Given Up" effect is unleashed. Straight after that, it's over. This song is my favourite; it's a perfect example of how Linkin Park have combined elements of each album and mixed them all into a song. Shame it's only 1 minute 47 seconds long. "Roads Untraveled" follows, which is a break from the boisterous "Victimized". It starts with bells, before breaking into an introduction reminiscent of "Iridescent". Again, Mike sings the verses, and Chester takes the chorus. The lyrics in this song stand out for me; "Weep not for roads untraveled, weep not for paths left alone, cause beyond every bend, is a long blinding end, it's the worst kind of pain I've known". The song builds up and goes out in a true Linkin Park fashion. The song reminds of me of "In Between" crossed with "The Messenger". After the folk/electronic "Skin To Bone", "Until It Breaks" is unleashed. This song is very interesting. It starts with fairly heavy hip hop, and suddenly breaks out into a soft chorus. The song is soon back into the hip hop but then takes and unexpected turn. A hymn like melody is released, and it doesn't sound like Linkin Park. With lyrics such as "We swim against the rising waves, and crash against the shore, the body bends until it breaks, the early morning sings no more", we're taken by surprise. From heavy hip hop to hymn like singing, this shows Linkin Park's experimentation. When you compare any song on "Hybrid Theory" to "Until It Breaks", it's truly shocking. I personally think Linkin Park experimented too much with the sound at the end of this song, and it takes the raw emotion that the song began with, from it. If the song had ended before the hymn like singing, a song like "Nobody's Listening" could've been created. The hymn singing could have been used as an interlude; it would've worked better in my opinion. Tinfoil is a short break, until "Powerless", the final track, is played. "Powerless" starts almost identical to "Burning In The Skies". It is a standard Linkin Park piano track. It is a good song, with good lyrics. It ends the album well; on a mellow note that builds up to an epic outro. // 6

Overall Impression: "Living Things" is a not a bad album. It's full of some great songs, and some disappointing. It's a big improvement from the "too experimental" album "A Thousand Suns". None of the songs really compare to the classic "Hybrid Theory"/"Meteora" tracks, however they are still good songs. I believe if you don't listen to this album with the mindset of wanting "Hybrid Theory", you will enjoy it. Yes, Linkin Park have changed, but whether there's loud distortion guitars, or pounding electronic beats, this album proves they can still write good music. // 7

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overall: 7.3
Living Things Reviewed by: mattiscool7337, on june 26, 2012
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Sound: It will be no surprise to most listeners that Linkin Park's new album remains in the realm of heavier electronic sound. This will no doubt deter some listeners, especially those hoping the band was going back to their "old sound". The fact of the matter is that the album sounds kind of like the sound of ALL of their previous albums combined: drawing from the electronica-driven mixing of their most recent album, "A Thousand Suns", while taking on the lyrical content of "Minutes To Midnight" and "Meteora"/"Hybrid Theory", depending on the track. There are more raps on Living Things than their previous two albums, and the song structure is more conventional than "A Thousand Suns", which may make the album more accessible, but also arguably stifles the creativity which the band explored on "ATS". Surprisingly, there are quite a few live drum tracks on this album, although a lot of them sound to be supplemented during production. However, the synthesized drum beats do work for some songs, mostly the more "rap-centric" tracks. Still, "Burn It Down" could have really used some live drumming, and a lot of people will probably be trying to figure out why Linkin Park chose such a blaise song as a single for quite song time. There isn't a whole lot of noticeable guitar-work on the album either, since a lot of the guitar tracks seem to have undergone heavy mixing in the studio. The guitar stays in the background with the vocals and synth at the forefront for the majority of the album. This really shouldn't be a surprise, though, because throughout LP's career, Brad Delson has stuck mostly to power- and octave-chords. Hahn has his moments, too, as there is some sweet turntable work, most notably on "Lost In The Echo" and "Until It Breaks". In short, if you are a Linkin Park fan, past and/or present, you will probably feel like you have heard some of the songs before; this is simply because the band drew most of the sound for Living Things from the sound of all of their previous albums. This will be good for some, mundane for others. Still, a lot of the tracks sound fresh and new, and the album may be a good jumping-off point for people who have not really listened to the band before. // 8

Lyrics: "Living Things" is lyrically powerful at times. Shinoda has always been a pretty damn good rapper for a white boy, and I mean that as a serious compliment. The lyrical content is most reminiscent of "Minutes To Midnight", with some deviation. "Until It Breaks" and "Victimized" have lyrics similar to those present on most of "A Thousand Suns". "Roads Untraveled" is also one of the best songs lyrically. Here's a small sample: "Weep not for roads untraveled / Weep not for paths left alone / 'Cause beyond every bend is a long blinding end / It's the worst kind of pain I've known." The album is often poetic, but only sometimes overcomes lyrical cliches. Chester and Mike are both talented singers, as they both shine at different points in the album. A third voice (speculated to be Brad Delson) appears at the end of "Until It Breaks", which serves as the emotional climax of the album, and the addition of a previously unheard, ethereal voice works perfectly for the tone. // 7

Overall Impression: As a whole, I'd say this album is pretty good. A lot better than what most artists put out these days, to say the least. A few tracks end up seeming like filler in the wake of the rest of the album, such as "In My Remains", "Burn It Down", and "I'll Be Gone". There are 12 tracks, and in my opinion, 9 are good, and 5 are very good. To me, it's definitely not their best, but "A Thousand Suns" is my favorite LP album, and I know a lot of people that will end up reading this would disagree with that. This one has its ups and downs, with "Burn It Down" probably being the lowest down, and "Until It Breaks" being the highest up. If you like all of Linkin Park's music, you will probably really like "Lies Greed Misery" which is also a stellar track. If you only like their older stuff, you may want to save your money and just purchase "Victimized", although I would encourage you to branch out a little and check out the other songs, too. Just know, if you're looking for "Meteora" or "Hybrid Theory", you've come to the wrong place. If you're looking for a band that's progressive rather than stagnant, welcome. Not every band can consistently put out the same album over and over again, and if change makes you uncomfortable, go listen to Disturbed or Godsmack. Peace. // 7

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overall: 7.7
Living Things Reviewed by: BlinkinBharg, on july 02, 2012
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Sound: The album is LP's nod to the fans who wanted the band's "old version". But, they couldn't convince themselves that "A Thousand Suns" and the experimentations were all that bad. And, so this album is their attempt to bring the best of the elements together. Still, I doubt if the fans will get the actual feel of the past due to a lot of digital editing. // 8

Lyrics: The album is full of surprises-the world is yet to decide if the surprise in the good or bad sense. There are rock tracks, slower ones, and hard core raps. And to be fair, I've produced here the first impressions, along with a few later ones. 01. "Burn It Down": You listen to all the other songs and realise that it definitely has something that most others in the album don't-some feature to makes it worthy to be a single. 02. "Lies Greed And Misery" ("LGM"): A dark song, with respect to the lyrics. But the tune is in total sync with the theme, venting out anger. And that made me listen to the song over and over again. The way the song slows down and screeches again, the way the rap is continued with the screaming joined by the perfect line, "Now let me show ya exactly how the breaking point sounds" are pretty good. 03. "Road Untraveled": The song starts with a weird sound of something whirling, no idea of its role. Then the song sounds like some 80s rock song - not even rock - some song that doesn't belong to 2012. Mike's voice is surprisingly so apt for the above fact. Song proceeds in quite a rhythmic beat until the last instrumental part of the song where the song gets a hike in the pitch- A surprise. The lyrics are poetic-best of all songs, in terms of the verses. 04. "Castle Of Glass": A track of contrast-medium paced music with rather low pitched voices. "I'm only a crack in this castle of glass Hardly anything there for you to see." - beautiful! Sadly, only that line is. The other paragraphs don't seem to be captivating, in terms of the lyrics, probably because of a few lines. Otherwise, it achieves in giving some lines for a "craving in a child's dream" kinda theme. Has got a good welcome from fans. The music seems to stay in the head for a while. 05. "Lost In The Echo": It has a lot of creative elements. But somehow it sounds a little incoherent; especially the place where Chester's screaming is processed. Mike's skill as a rapper is showcased in the lyrics though the same could not be said about Chester's part. But I like it how they've made the "go, go, go" part: it's made simple the first time, edited second and mixed in the third: really nice. Somehow, I have a feeling that I might develop a liking for this song on the go. "I can't sing flat, it aint my tone", Shinoda would have smirked when he sang that line. 06. "Powerless": A slower track. Even the places where you expect a high pitched voice of Chester is subdued to suit the tag of a "melody". Music has a small resemblance to "Burning In The Skies" but this is overcome by the difference in singing. Lyrics are different, but give you a feel that the words were somehow inserted and thus tend to swallow the theme. Specially, the word "devil", "evidence" were not exactly on the hole. "You'll never know what I became because of you". The team definitely had better ways of putting it; they are capable of more than this! 07. "Skin To Bone": A different song: not totally pathos in the tune. But I'm having a feeling that the fans will not be in favour of this song because it basically has none of their trademark stuff: no rap, no rock base. The lyrics start good, but you're disappointed seeing "Right to left, left to right Night to day and day to night". Also the word "disgust" though rhymes, doesn't suit the mood-should have been in "LGM". 08. "Victimized": A totally different, creative try by the band. It's got rap, singing, screaming, with every kind of music mixed. Comments from fans in various sites say that they were disappointed-by the length of the song. But seeing LP over the years, if the fans are only disappointed only because the song ends soon, they won't mind given an elaborate version. The lyrics are creative; couldn't help but enjoy "I ain't scared of your teeth, I admire what's in em... Wanna talk about a victim, I'mma put you there with 'em". The starting music unfortunately appears so unoriginal, though nice to hear. 09. "Tinfoil": LP has a pure/close to pure instrumental track in some of their previous albums: "Foreword" in "Meteora", "Requiem" in "A Thousand Suns". Following it is "Tinfoil" - more like a sample of "Powerless", of course with some editing. Wait... it reminds me of something else... I don't know if I'm dreaming, but it sounds like one of the bgm track of "Twilight". 10. "I'll Be Gone": A track without Mike's solo-that's the only reason you could think of, for it to be not the first single. The song starts off really good. Somewhere in the middle, you get a slight feeling that that part could have been better ("And tell them I couldn't help myself... And tell them I was alone... Oh, tell me I am the only one... And there's nothing left to stop me.") Music is beautiful. (Actually, the starting is super good to be my ringtone. It starts with a sound that's similar to a phone ringing; it slowly increases in volume; it's perfect. Lyrics is great; specially "Let the sun fade out And another one rise, Climbing through tomorrow I'll be gone. I'll be gone. This in between us Is getting thinner now Into winter now, Bittersweet." In these two verses, they've nailed it. (If what I interpreted is what they meant!) I actually have started to like this song much that I'm thinking that it'll make a perfect OST for some movie, probably some intense, super hero themed. 11. "Until It Breaks": Again a potpourri of different styles. It starts with a rap similar to that in "Lies Greed Misery" - a down core one. The lyrics are actually witty, specially the usage if "It goes a one Two, three". "Like that". But somehow makes you sceptical to call it "awesome". A song with a tinge of devotion. 12. "In My Remains": This is the "Catalyst" equivalent in "Living Things". Not in the music probably, but in the theme and the way they've tried to recreate the scintillating effect of "Lift me up, let me go" in "Like an army falling one by one by one". But sadly it's not as powerful as the former. Though the lyrics are pretty good; the part "So that's violence way, to wash away the worst of me" gives the singing an incomplete feeling. A good song though. // 8

Overall Impression: Personal Favourites: Songs: 1. I'll Be Gone 2. Burn It Down 3. Lies Greed Misery Lyrics: 1. Roads Untraveled 2. Victimised 3. I'll Be Gone / Until it breaks On the whole, a promising package with some really unique songs. Awaiting their "video power", that can add another dimension to the songs. // 7

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overall: 6.7
Living Things Reviewed by: dr-g0nz0, on september 03, 2012
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Sound: A brief bit of history for you: I was a huge fan of these guys from their debut Nu-metal album "Hybrid Theory" back in 2000. They were in the driving seat of the Nu wave that hit everyone: they were heavy, melodic, poppy, and just sounded very fresh at the time. They then made - what I consider their best album to date - "Meteora" back in 2003, which was effectively more of the same. Then the band went on a break and didn't show up until 2007 with their new album "Minutes To Midnight" - produced by legend Rick Rubin - which was a fairly different take on their sound, sounding a lot more commercial, radio-friendly, and to be fair a little generic. Still, the album pleased the majority of fans and dragged in a lot of new fans. Now, think back a couple of years to 2010, when Linkin Park made their new album "A Thousand Suns", not only produced by Rick again, but now had Mike Shinoda producing, too, which had them changing their sound to an unprecedented extreme; to the point where it didn't sound like LP at all, thus alienating 80% of the fans. Mike Shinoda's response was that if they made another rock record that sounded the same, they would forever be branded Nu-metal, so this was a way of rebelling. Overall, it left alot of people annoyed, and was fairly average. Now, even though the last album wasn't that great, it is clear at this point that the album was a stepping stone for what was to come in the form of their latest effort "Living Things", produced once again by Rick and Mike, which is actually a pretty good album. Taking the electronic sound of "ATS" and the rock structure and elements from their heavy days, this album shows a completely fresh new sound for the band. Taking all the strengths from every album to date and amalgamating it into this new beast. Chester does what he does best, and I'd have to say this is some of his finest vocal work. For the most part, the hair on the back of your neck will sit on end, because his voice sores. But what is seeming to progress a lot more in the band, is Mike singing. He even gets his own song in the form of "Vicimized". And this is my problem with the newer material of LP. It would appear Mike wants to be in the limelight all the time, and with him co-producing it makes it even easier to have they say in doing it. I'm all for new additions to the band, or any band, but Mike's voice has never been a good one for me. It's ranged from bad to average. Sometimes the singing works in the album, but for the most part he should really know his place in tha band. For the most part though, the album is very engaging from start to finish. // 7

Lyrics: And this is where it has its biggest downfall. Chester proves time and time again that he is a prodigy at what he does and he isn't the problem; his lyrics are good and his singing is amazing. No, the main problem lyes once again in the form of Mike Shinoda. I found his singing average, his rapping dated and cheesey and his lyrics to be of the generic kind. He tries to make the band a lot more politically aware in - mainly the last two albums - the last three albums. Politics go hand-in-hand in punk music, so its something that is overused and done before. I love punk music, and many bands have proved you can talk about politics without hitting all the generic points. Unfortunately Mike doesn't stray out of it, and listening to what he has to say is a comeplete bore. And if he isn't rapping about oversaid topics, he's singing about things he has sung about countless times in the past. How many people can f--k him at this point in his career, really? It's a shame to say it, as I once saw Mike as an idol growing up, but I feel he is actually holding the band back; while at the same time pushing the band forward. It's a bittersweet thing. // 5

Overall Impression: Overall, a massive improvement for me. Sure, the album isn't perfect, but the sound has evolved and morphed itself into a very interesting thing. Like I say, the main flaws with the album are Mike's overall contributions to the vocal and lyric writing side to the band. He's done a great job in pushing the bands sound forward, but I feel there needs to be a bit more confrontation and challenge in the band to stop any downfalls in what the band has and is achieving. If you're a fan of the old Linkin Park, you'll be pleasantly surprised by this album. It caters for fans of the old and new and if this is the sound of things to come, they have a fan in me. // 8

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overall: 9
Living Things Reviewed by: rlee2971, on june 27, 2012
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Sound: Linkin Park's music and sound has evolved greatly from when they started off as "Hybrid Theory", but now with this new record I think they have mixed "Hybrid Theory"/"Meteora" and "Minutes To Midnight"/"A Thousand Suns", and it works amazingly all throughout the record. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics were great and stand out a lot in some tracks. For "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora" a lot of the themes seemed to get similar and they started to get recycled. I like how they varied the theme a bit in "Minutes To Midnight" and maybe it was a bit too excessive in "A Thousand Suns". But in "Living Things" they had a mix of the personal stories and also a few political themes. In my opinion, "Roads Untraveled" and "I'll Be Gone" have the best lyrics on the record. The lyrics has always gone very well with the music since "Hybrid Theory" but in this album they seemed to go especially well. In "Living Things", there was a lot of Mike and there was a lot of harmonizing between Chester and Mike and it worked very well. Mike's rapping was spot on with the mood even though I miss the low charismatic short interludes of rap like in "From The Inside" or "Numb". Chester's vocals in this one in my opinion are the best, his vocals have gotten better and better since "Hybrid Theory", he can sing great clear choruses like in "Roads Untraveled", add the perfect amount of rust like in "I'll Be Gone" or "Lost In The Echo" or just full out scream like in "Victimized". And when they harmonized the lyrics, it added a depth that wasn't captured in "A Thousand Suns". // 8

Overall Impression: In my opinion it is a very solid record that had a perfect mix between the old and the new. However I think you will only really love this record if you have learned to accept the changes from "Minutes To Midnight" and "A Thousand Suns". There were a few songs that were really great from the start like "I'll Be Gone", "Lost In The Echo", "In My Remains", "Until It Breaks", "Roads Untraveled". And there a few that had to grow on me like "Victimized". But now "Victimized" has become one of my favourites on the record. I loved the rap in "Victimized", the scream with the electronics in "Lost In The Echo", and the mellowness of "Roads Untraveled". I also loved how they mixed the feel of "A Thousand Suns" but kept the style of "Meteora"/"Minutes To Midnight". I hate how short it is however. 38 minutes? -_-. If it was stolen I'd cry and get a new one. // 9

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overall: 6.7
Living Things Reviewed by: drpdrp97, on december 11, 2012
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Sound: "Living Things" is Linkin Park's attempt to get back to their sound established on "Meteora" and "Hybrid Theory", while keeping the sound used on "A Thousand Suns" intact. Honestly, I think they did a very poor job of accomplishing this. Most tracks have the lead guitarist playing synth, and usually that synth drowns out the guitar. Listening to "Lost In The Echo", "Lies Greed Misery", or "Burn It Down", you need to nearly dissect the audio to hear the (ONE) guitar. The sound however is impressive. It's obvious though that Linkin Park is sticking with the electronic sound. It's not exactly anywhere near their "roots" like they promised. Then again, for those of you that know of the days of Xero, isn't that what they started with? Still, I preferred "A Thousand Suns" more than this, because on "Living Things", not only is the lead guitarist not even playing guitar, but the guitar's most complicated riff on the album is right before the entire band kicks in on "Lost In The Echo". // 6

Lyrics: The singing and rapping of Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington is once again at it's finest, with more singing by Shinoda being prevalent on the album. The rapping does remind us of the days of "Hybrid Theory" and "Meteora" although, and I'll say I was quite impressed with Mike there, and in the lyrics overall, but some songs were very questionable. "Until It Breaks" has no defined form to the lyrics whatsoever, and to me sounds thrown together at the last minute (and they can do a lot of good with last minute songs, as shown with "Numb"). "Skin To Bone" leaves me wondering what Linkin Park was thinking with the overly repetitive and uninspiring lyrics "Right to left, left to right", and so on. On the bright side, however, Linkin Park was able to deliver some pretty powerful and ingenious lyrics on the album, notably on "Lost In The Echo" and "Castle Of Glass". // 8

Overall Impression: I cannot compare this album to the likes of the preceding albums, as on each album I have had difficulty playing at least one song, but this one was just grossly easy. Power chords the entire time. A Thousand Suns at least produced a solo or two, on the tracks "Jornada Del Muerto" and "Burning In The Skies", but the guitar is almost gone here. "Lost In The Echo", "Lies Greed Misery" and "Castle Of Glass", although, have brought me to enjoy this album somewhat. While I cannot stand the lack of guitar on this album, the lyrics are awesome and I still have faith in this band. And if I lost this, I definitely would get it again. It's still pretty good. // 6

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overall: 8
Living Things Reviewed by: o0kasra0o, on august 14, 2012
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Sound: First of all I'm sorry for my English its not my native language. In 2010 LP released the concept album "A Thousand Sun" which had a different music style and more electronic sound also with a anti nuclear massage, many fans hated the album for the change (I was one of them) but after listening carefully to the album I realized that "ATS" was a Great album, and I love it now. And now again in 2012 LP releases "Living Things" which has even more Electronic sound, but it also has the same old LP style of song (notice to riff at the start and the bridge) and again many fans hate it, I like this album its well crafted and has a new sound, it has nothing to do with Skrillex and its a fresh music but still doesn't have the impact of "ATS". LP has proven that doesn't make music for money. This review is my own personal review so don't swear at me. I hope it is helpful. Many might don't agree my rating, but I might like things which you guys do not and etc... 01. "Lost In Echo": a very strong opening for the album, gives you lot of energy and has an awesome rap and chorus, music is so well crafted, the samples, guitar, bass, its all good, but only part which I didn't personally like was the bridge, however I personally think its the best song on the album. 02. "In My Remains": in my remains is a good song but unfortunately it doesn't have a strong impact, however the lyrics are good, and the Chester's vocal are very very good, chorus is great, and the bridge: "Like an army, falling, one by one by one", is very great specially if you notice the chester backing vocals. 03. "Burn It Down": the first single of the album, first time when I listened to it I was disappointed, but now I kinda like it, music is great, specially the intro, verses are one of the Chester's best verses, mikes rap is good, but the chorus is bad. If you notice the melody, song has a very good melody. Verse lyrics are very good but the chorus lyric is bad, mikes rap is good: "So when you fall, I'll take my turn and fan the flames as you blazes burn." 04. "Lies Greed Misery": I must say when I listened to this song, I hated it! But when I re listened the album with a beats detox headphone, I really liked the bass, drums. However this song has a lot of up and downs and a bad bridge and also Chester's voice has a lot of effects. Mike raps are okay. I must say the intro is cool. 05. "I'll Be Gone": song starts with a very good intro, Mike doesn't sing in this song but chester vocals are great. Guitars are the same power chord and octaves again, but totally the music is very good and well crafted. Verses are a lil bit weird, chorus is good, catchy bridge. I'll be gone proves that LP has mixed all of their albums in this album. Lyrics are pretty good: "Let the sun fade out and another one rise/ climbing though tomorrow, I'll be gone." 06. "Castle Of Glass": this song has one of the best LP lyrics, also with a short, nice and cool chorus, despite the great lyric, the melody for verses are not very good. But totally a good song. 07. "Victimized": one of the heaviest and also shortest LP songs, starts with a heavy electro intro, and some one saying stuff which I didn't understand what he says! The first mike verse is awesome, but when chester comes with a short screaming chorus, he ruins the song. (I personally think that way! Many loved the chorus ik!) then comes the mike rap, very good rap, and rap lyrics are good too and then song ends with a heavy scream. 08. "Roads Untraveled": starts with a tik tak sound and a good piano, and Mike singing, about the chorus idk what to call these type but its like whooaa a a ha. And then brads guitar comes in and takes you deep in the song, lyrics are the best in album. 09. "Skin To Bone": an other electronic riff, based on folk music (like roads untraveled) skin to bone could be much more better but still it has a nice melody, but the lyrics are not so good... Vocals are not bad. 10. "Until It Breaks": very different song from LP, and the most risky one, first time I didn't like it but now I love the rap, first rap is heavily effected and delayed, with some a-s kicking lyric, after the mike rap comes Chester's singing: "Give me the strength of the rising son/ give me the truth of the words unsong"... After that another weird rap and then for the first time brad Delson sings - a nice harmonic part which takes you away, Delson's voices is good. 11. "Tinfoil": an instrumental song like cure for the itch and session, it is actually the intro for next song: powerless because they are both in same scale and rhythm and style, however tinfoil is similar to session but its very strange, gives you an weird feeling. 12. "Powerless": the last song on the album, chester vocals are good but not perfect. Song lyrics are good, but the best part is the bridge, its a catchy good bridge. When the song ends you will miss the album and you will want to hear it again. "Living Things" is a very good album but not perfect, praised for the sound and fresh music. But it could be much more better. I must say the instrumental music is great and well crafted. Vocals are great. It is still much more better than other albums these days. // 7

Lyrics: Lyrics are great, but sometimes you will get disappointed, lyrics in "LT" are more personal than "ATS" songs like: "Castle Of Glass", "I'll Be Gone" have great lyrics burn it down has a great lyric but you will get disappointed at the chorus lyric: "We're building it up / to break it back down/ we're building it up / to burn it down, we can't wait to burn it to the ground". Chester and Mike vocals is at their best and is very good. // 9

Overall Impression: At the end I must say you should listen to this album. Its something new, catchy, well crafted. It is not very underrated like "A Thousand Suns", but it is underrated. I love the new sound, the intros, I don't choruses on lies greed misery and victimized (many ppl like em and count these songs as their favorite). My favorite songs off the album: 01. Lost In Echo 02. In My Remains 03. Powerless 04. I'll Be Gone If it were stolen I would definitely buy it again. Tnx for reading :) // 8

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