Minutes to Midnight review by Linkin Park

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  • Released: May 11, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.2 (852 votes)
Linkin Park: Minutes to Midnight

Sound — 9
When I first heard it the change really made me go "wow". Just so different from previous albums! With this album they really left their nu-metal roots, but they still maintained that LP signature sound! I found this album to be the album with most balls, and they took a big risk with the change and imo they delieverd well! So kudos to LP for a good album!

Lyrics — 7
Ok, I'm gonna give you a song by song discription of the album, make it easier! 01. Wake - the album opener and a sorta insight to what the album is gonna bring. Nothing to say their really. 02. Given Up - one of the more heavier songs on the album, and one of my favourites! Chesters voice has really developed from that whiney voice he had which I really like! The song flows perfectly, the bass only verse really fits! The break down is the only hint of nu-metal from the song. but goes well! I think a solo could of went really well with this, but we can't win em all! 03. Leave Out All The Rest - starts off like a Meteora song which rocks, probably the lightest song on it, and a lot of effects in it. I really like this song tho, a lot of bands can't do soft songs, but LP never fail there! Tho it seems to be a sorta mainstream song, but that doesnt't bother me too much! 04. Bleed It Out - finally some Mike Shinoda! Missed he's presence so far on the album! Really lively song! Love the rappin! he can rap anything it's great! I really like this song! tho it's missing something I can't put my finger on it! 05. Shadow Of The Day - starts off with an electic kit, and some effect. Nothing too strong throughout the whole song! nice mellow-ish song! but has been done too many times over-all. 06. What I've Done - the first single off the album and the most knowing song too! What can I say I love this song alot, tho juts sometimes it lacks the kick that the song had potential of. But I still think it's a great song! One of the best on the album! doesnt't really show off he's new vocal ability like on previous songs! 07. Hands Held High - this is like something from Puff Daddy or something! It really is! Once again nice to hear Shinoda, I can tell this song has something to do with something that happened previously, maybe involving death! Like war maybe. I like it alot, lyrics are very good! Very good! 08. No More Sorrow - very errie intro! I like! Very heavy too! I love the main riff alot, I came up with something like that but damn, they done it better! I think the verses could be a little better, but the chorus makes up for it! Over all very different sorta song! very dark sounding! A good song over all! 09. Valentines Day - a very weird song overall, I like the new concept of their songs! As I said, they have changed alot! and this song is a great example of it! very feeder-ish! Gives out that vibe! Tho missing something again! 10. In Between - Shinoda singin this and I love he's voice! Finally they are songin together! Once again a happy vibe song! and another great song! 11. In Pieces - the song is sorta like a previous song, sorta boring! But that's my opinion! this song has had so many to break into a bitching song but no. but it's an alright song, nothing amazing! 12. The Little Things You Give Away - for the last song, it doesnt't start off anyway good, I was hoping this song would be a really strong song! But as vocals go it's good, It gets a little better when the drums come in! Over all not too great a song!

Overall Impression — 7
This album can't compare to previous albums, due to it being. Just too damn different! What I noticed as the album went on is that it went from heavy and exciting to light and boring bar one or two songs which was sorta dissapointing! But it was still a good album none the less! Overall you should just buy it for the first few songs!

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    I've listened to the album 3 times and while it does grow on you it is just way too slow. It feels like Linkin Park just doesn't care about the metal fans that loved their music well before In the End made them huge. They're more worried about the casual music fan that only listens for the radio hits getting played on every station. The guitar is weak too. It took them four years to come up with these riffs. comeon. The guitar work from Meteora and Hybrid Theory, although very simple aswell, far surpasses the guitar work from M2M. Nu-metal when done well is still great ex. 3Days Grace(don't say they aren't cuz they are), Decyfer Down(Christian nu-metal, awesome), Disturebed etc. After listening to an album like Saosin self titled for awhile now, and than listening to this it is actually pretty damn embarassing for Linkin Park. I do think they'll smarten up for the next one though, atleast I hope.
    UGchicken wrote: Keenan isn't that great of a vocalist. There are much better. I was a little dissapointed. I knew it wasn't going to be as Metally though.
    im sorry, Keenan? who the hell is that? its Chester dude. and he is a pretty good vocalist, you gotta give him that.
    Damn good album. It's a grower. I must admit the first time I heard it I wasn't impressed. After the second time around I was estaic about it. Favorites off of it have to be No More Sorrow, Bleed it out, Leave out all the rest, and Valentine's Day.
    People bashing the album i dont think is too bad, but reading the comments and ppl saying Linkin Park have turned emo... lmao thats just bullshit. As for the album, i think its good. I can see why people are dissapointed, with the lack of hard hitting songs like in their old albums, but i dont really mind the ballads, and the lyrics are pretty good too. As for the guitarring, its not exactly metallica but i think it does the job its ment to do in Linkin Park that is keep up the beat. Chesters voice really does the album for me though, whether he sings heavy songs or softer songs hes simply amazing. I think for their next album though they need to bring in more heavier catchy songs with their dj and maybe just do a couple of ballads nearer the end to show they can do it, rather then making a whole album of them.
    This cd is not anything like the old Linkin Park. The songs are a totaly differnt then what they use to be. The cd has about 3 songs that stand out to me, Given Up, Bleed It Out and What I've Done. Although the lyrics of the cd are meaning full, i don't think that this cd is a overall good one and you'd be better off buying those 3 songs off I-Tunes or any other song you think is interesting other than the full cd.
    twas a good album i'd have to say. i like the song in pieces. it's very nice. and also, yeah. n'er mind. that's al i got.
    I love how when a band tries something new, everyone and their brother says they're selling out. 1) Music is about playing what you feel. 2) I think it's good they changed it up...as someone said before, who wants to listen to the same album with a different name? This album is Linkin Park going back to what they used to do, putting their heads on the chopping block while attempting to create a unique sound. I prefer Linkin Park's older stuff as well, but Minutes to Midnight holds its own (this coming from a person who hates listening to slower songs).
    "Hands Held High" is...interesting O_o its kinda awkward to hear Mike spit a "f*** that" while it sounds like he's being backed by Snow Patrol...
    When you go to amazon.com and you see that the similar artists compared with this album are Maroon 5, Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte and Fall out Boy you know something went very wrong with these guys. Which proves my earlier point. I would have never in a million years thought this would happen to this band. I'm now actually hoping for a new Bizkit cd cuz I can guarantee you it would be better than this.
    Given Up - Great way to start a album, nice hard rock song. But the scream is like.....yeah right do that live without a computer HA.
    Actually he sang that song last night on channel 4 and the scream was pretty good actually - dont underestimate chester's screaming or singing ability coz he can do it just as good if not better than everyone else
    Wake - Yeah werid little intro like incubus Given Up - Great way to start a album, nice hard rock song. But the scream is like.....yeah right do that live without a computer HA. Leave Out All The Test - Wait..... I kinda wanna get the blood flowing not go to a 8th grade dance. Bleed It Out - There it is! Bad ass guitar riff, lyric blow your mind. One of the best songs by far. Shadow of The Day - I keep thinking im gonna hear Bono bust in. But i do seem to enjoy this song. Shows that Chester can sing, and a solo (simple, but goes good) What E've Done - Verses are kinda lame but Chorus is ok Hands Held High - I can't help not to laugh out every time i hear AAAAAMMMMMEEEEENNNNN!!!!! No More Sorrow - One of my favorites. The rythim with the Wammay make a great combo. It makes me wanna go to a major oil company CEO and just take everything he/she owns and see how they would survive. Valentine's Day - Lame, i'm sick of these ballads In Between - Some rappers can be alright singers. The duet is ok, not a chris cornell/Eddie Vedder but they did a good job. In Pieces - Nothing special to hear here. I'm about to fall asleep. The Little Things Give You Away - It really reminds me of a Pearl Jam song with their own style. This is where they really breakaway from what they've done. I don't really know if it is a step forward or backwards. Out of ten i would give it a 8.2. The are some well develpoed songs that i really like. It is just the amount of ballads for a 12 track album. I give them ups for trying somthing new and not giving us recycled cd's over and over. Thats all i have to say about that
    This band has produced so much better music than what has been played on the radio these days. The album is definitely a change from their old stuff but they wanted to steer away from that. Their goal was to not make a trilogy but something completely different. They played what they liked is how they sumed it up.
    Omega_supreme, yeah... your one to talk about being a 15... see im not going to give you the verbal fight that you want, cause i know im right, you are aomng the less fortunate few who's lives revolve around bashing those who stand up and say what they feel... cause thats what a forum is. not a place to try and make yourself look cool... while knowing that your not... panzy... ps: and for the record Im 21, so write back and keep up with this crap talking thats obviously working for ya... have fun now im off to go du grown up things, like hang out with my fiance, or does your diaper wearing self know what that means?
    Just got the CD today. Linkin Park has really gone in a new direction, but I still love it anyway.
    A grower most definatley, i had to liste to this 5 or 6 times to get my head round it. Very interesting album in lots of respects, its good to see a band take a bit of a risk when it comes to softening up parts of there sound, i prefer the heavier stuff personally but its good all the same. Excellent work.