Minutes to Midnight review by Linkin Park

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  • Released: May 11, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.2 (853 votes)
Linkin Park: Minutes to Midnight

Sound — 10
OK, the single biggest change on this CD is definetly the sound. In every interview, and from anyone you'll ever ask, you'll hear that their sound is changed. It does not sound at all like Hybrid Theory or Meteora, and me telling you this right now will not even totally prepare you for the different sound. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's so different it takes a few runs through the CD to get used to the sound and really start liking the songs. There is much less of Shinoda singing/rapping, but he does rap a cool song- Hands Held High. I cannot stand modern rap, how every song sounds the same, but I like this song because Mike's rapping has a point and it's fun to hear the lyrics. Overall, the band has done a pretty good job of dropping the nu-metal tag they were hoping to lose, but you can definetly still hear a bit of aggression on Given Up. There are also a lot of slower, less energetic, quieter songs, like Leave Out All the Rest, but they are all right to listen to. In general, I like the sound of the CD, but I am open to a lot of styles of Rock, and some of my freinds didn't like the album at first, so I am assuming most people won't really like the CD until they give it a chance and get used to the drastic changes LP has made to their sound. It helps to get used to the sound if you think of it not as LP, but as a completely different band at first. That way you don't expect the old sound as much.

Lyrics — 10
Chester's good singing skills are evident on this CD. What I've Done is a fun song to listen to, and the lyrics match up perfectly with the music video. I've heard some people complaining that his lyrics are emo now, but the only example I could really find was "Put me out of my misery!" (Given Up). The part where he sings (screams) this calls for an aggressive, loud phrase anyway, so it's not hard to listen to. Chester also does a good job of screaming when the occasion calls for it (given up again) and his voice sounds good on all the songs. Another cool example of his lyrics are on Valentine's Day, just listen to the song and hear for yourself. On the other side, Mike Shinoda doesn't really appear much, but he does an awesome job rapping on Hands Held High. Like I said before, I can't stand rap today, but Mike makes rap good again by giving it a point and making it sound good. He backup sings on What I've Done, and besides that I can't remember anywhere else he shows up. Basically, the singing done on this album is pretty good.

Overall Impression — 10
Obviously, you can't compare this CD to anyhting else by LP. Their sound has changed so drastically that even if you are expecting a different sound, you still have to get used to this CD. That is the only problem, however, and it goes away after listening to the CD two or three times. The CD is also best listened to in order, that's the way each song was meant to be heard, one after the other in that order. The best songs are What I've Done (obviously, it's the leading single), Given Up (sound the most like their old music, my favorite right now), Valentine's Day (takes a while to pick, but sounds so cool when it does), and Bleed it Out (the booklet says they had a lot of fun writing this song, and you can definetly tell by how energetic and fun this song is to listen to). This CD is good enough to re-buy if it gets stolen, but most people will probably only think so after they've adjusted to the new music. This CD is pretty cool, and worth checking out if you want to see what LP has been up to the last few years.

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    Maynard isn't even really all the amazing of a vocalist. I'm not saying Chester Bennington is bad or is god, but don't bring Tool into a Linkin Park discussion. I listened to a couple of songs and wasn't impressed. I thought the "Bleed it Out" chorus was repetative.
    FBA Ac1d
    The main review at the top. You didnt even mention "No More Sorrow" which is like the heaviest song on the album. "Minutes to Midnight" is mostly techno slow ballads but "No More Sorrow" and "Given Up" really bring back some "Hybrid Theory" moments a little.
    it's just different. almost like a different band actually... but i enjoyed it a lot. it's my personal favorite linkin park album, but like i said, it's a completely different style from the other 2. i really respect their musical changes, and i just love listening to it.
    i was looking forward to this album for a long ass time, and when i heard the first single i was dissappointed at first cuz it just didnt sound like them. then i listened to it again and it started to grow on me. but this album and this band has gone soft in my opinion, even though they meant to do that. it just doesn't sound like linkin park anymore and it buggs me. i miss the intenstiy they brought when they wrote the tracks for hybrid theory, but i guess every band changes at some point. although some songs they had were pretty heavy and i liked them. im not saying im only into heavy music but what first drew me to this band was the heavy soudn they put out.
    2 minutes to midnight. pretty cool album, more of a rock sound, synth and rap. chester looks like the singer for judas priest too. lol
    J ROD
    i dont know wat the hell is wrong with everybody the album is amazing. they did some cool stuff and took aa lot of risks that will make them even more famous than wat they are. all u guys who are saying that its the same stuff they used to make, or they suck and the songs arent heavy enough, beat it. go make a cd and get bigger than these guys.
    Everyone who hates it hates it for the wrong reason. When a band gets less heavy it doesn't get necessarily worse. I heard a kid at my school saying that he thought it sucked because he's used to them screaming. First of all Linkin Park is just hard rock to begin with and they don't really 'scream.' Second of all I know this kid likes most popular music and that he wouldn't mind singing from any other band. Anyways, I think they are lyrically sub-par, vocally average, and melodically good. But that doesn't even add up to an album I would consider buying.
    I really want to check this album out. I've heard mixed reviews for it, (much like Spider-man 3, which i heard was awesome from some, and i heard sucked from others... but i don't want anyone starting that debate right now).
    I bought ''Minutes To Midnight'' and with the all the negative hype around it was wondering what it would be like. After listening I was pleasantly surprised and thought it was a very good album, and very different to their earlier stuff.
    Triviutallica wrote: Linkin Park are brilliant i love how they combine Mr kahns DJ Decks, Mike's rapping and Chesters screaming their great but they can't top METALLICA
    They don't combine anything in this album lol....
    HellRazer wrote: Given Up - Great way to start a album, nice hard rock song. But the scream is like.....yeah right do that live without a computer HA. Actually he sang that song last night on channel 4 and the scream was pretty good actually - dont underestimate chester's screaming or singing ability coz he can do it just as good if not better than everyone else
    i saw that as well, i couldn't believe he actually held that really long note in the middle of given up. Still I didn't think that much to the album, yeah it's a pretty unique and organic album in places but not really my thing, much prefer the older linkin park
    GetTheGasoline wrote: LP sucks. its the same damn sound over and over again. borrringg
    obviously you havent heard minutes to midnight
    GetTheGasoline wrote: LP sucks. its the same damn sound over and over again. borrringg
    LP doesnt suck and this album has an obvious difference in their sound then their previous albums
    I actually was expecting an albuma a lot like hybrid theory but when i heard minutes o midnight i realized that they have changed their style of music a lot. My favorite song was given up followed by bleed it out even though it is kind of repetitive. I cant say it was a bad album... it wast just diffrent from others.