Minutes to Midnight review by Linkin Park

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  • Released: May 11, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (853 votes)
Linkin Park: Minutes to Midnight

Sound — 9
Linkin Park's great album has been a hit to today's generation. The hard rock is a blow out which attracts many people to the band. And the band has added a touch of rap with their songs, however holding back on this album. The band's originality says something about them. They cut down the rap because too many of todays bands have followed, or copied, them. The sound has been wared out. So with this new album at hand, it is a big new sound that is used for the better. Songs such as, bleed it out, use the rap but other songs on the album, or shall we say most, do not use rap. Mike, sings and plays guitar and hangs close with the band still. Chester Pennington sings a little sing songy in some songs but it still sounds great or else it wouldn't have gotten the hype it did. After seeing them at their anual Projekt Revolution, their live performance shows that they are both capable of sounding great in and out of the studio. Which always is a good key to a band's success.

Lyrics — 7
The Lyrics and messages pulled from the songs are not as particularly new to the band, the song, The Little Things Give Yu Away, is about New Orleans, but the rest is all the same old message. Many songs of hate, rage and envy come from the band but also, apology, which is their strongest message. Mike and Chester do a great job this album talking about pushing away the bad and pulling in the good. So although this one album does not have a certain story, all the albums together do.

Overall Impression — 10
The overall impression of the album is solid, one word. Or in search for a better word, consistent. Every song and every moment of this albums presence is an amazing assortment of instrumentation and vocal geniuses. The bands clever progressions and unique style is a wonder to us all. Linkin Park does and will change the history of music, one of many bands in which have such a big influences on both types of music as far apart as they are, Rap and Rock. Each key factor in both genres are here, in this band and album. Every person who knows Linkin Park is fond of them, and most love them. Few artist today can match this band. Haunting. No band recently has pulled off so many diverse crowds like this band does. Bravo to them and all fans who make Linkin Park so big.

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    0h The Horror
    It's really bad. Their old shit was so much better. But I guess you can't really keep it all together when working with a rapper. Especially one with so many problems.
    I was very dissapointed with this CD, Not only because of the fact that they didnt sound like linkin park but because of the cussing in some of the songs. I have honestly never heard Chester or Mike Cuss in the albums except in their live performances (which is fine) Like in "Giving Up" Chester Screams "Put me out of F***ing misery" I was just like "What the hell.."
    myles kennedy!!!
    Adam_Harrison9 wrote: ToolRickHead wrote: I'll have to agree, MJK is our best vocalist this generation. vocalist being in the rock-genre. You obviously haven't heard of Matt Caughthran or Tim McIlrath.
    0h The Horror wrote: It's really bad. Their old shit was so much better. But I guess you can't really keep it all together when working with a rapper. Especially one with so many problems.
    wow, your a douchebag... you gotta look at the thing entirely and possibly why they wrote their songs like they did. look at whats happening in the world today. we had natural disasters, we're going into a huge economic decline, gas is over $4 a gallon, lots of people are losing their jobs and their are so many foreclosures on houses putting people on the streets. Linkin Park did this album for them, dedicating it to whats been happening in the world today, so people, there's a bigger reason behind this album then just the music they've made.
    Linkin Park has changed for the better or worse, in my opinion better. They took away most of the rap because Linkin Park is an orginal band and too mnay bands, way too many, started copying it and they said, "Fuck it, lets change it up a bit." it might no sound as good as before but it sure as hell is them, so don't go saying its not the real linkin park because linkin park is all orginality.
    new album killed my love for Linkin Park The random ****ing cussing was to much of a change that and they probably went ****ing depressed just for all the scene kids I listen to deathcore now XD
    Except for a two songs, this album sucks. The sound is so mellow now, that for almost any Linkin Park fan it is a change for the worse. Not only is that sound mellow, but that material is garbage. This album was a complete failure musicly speaking, but a complete success financially due to the number of sales. A lot of people got ripped off by buying this album expecting Linkin Park and getting garbage.
    i never really cared 4 them but my daugther was watching the video 4 "Shadows" and, hey, a good melody is a good melody (of course, i realized later it's almost exactly the same as "With or Without You"), but she made me a copy of the disc and i must say it's one of the most solid records i've heard in a long time (having Rick Rubin producing probably didn't hurt any). and comparing Chester 2 Maynard is silly. Maynard is monotone. i like him, but it's true. Chester is more in the leauge of Dennis Lyxcian back in his Refused days. ask any vocalist and they'll tell u, screaming (and staying in tune) like Chester is HARD AS HELL !