Minutes to Midnight review by Linkin Park

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  • Released: May 11, 2007
  • Sound: 1
  • Lyrics: 2
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 1.3 Junky
  • Users' score: 7.2 (852 votes)
Linkin Park: Minutes to Midnight

Sound — 1
Linkin Park lost their sound completely on this album. If you look at their past albums, they are nothing like this. Minutes to Midnight is nothing but cliche beats, chord progressions and lyrics. I bought the M2M DVD and they said on the movie that they wanted to change their sound because too many bands sounded like them. Now what band do you know that sounded like Linkin Park? Nobody. This album has no turntables sounds from Hahn at all, he is pretty much un heard from the whole time. Mike sings, which sucks, no rapping from him really. Except for Bleed It Out and Hands Held High, but even those raps don't sound like Mikes' rapping from Hybrid Theory or Meteora. Chester obviously didn't want to scream anymore on this album, he only sings. (with the exception of Given Up and Bleed It Out) Brad dropped his bad ass PRS/ Marshall set up and replaced it with vintage amps and stratocaster guitars. He lost his cool heavy distorted sound. What really makes me laugh though is that on the song Leave Out All The Rest, the only guitar work is Brad is playing a constant strummed octave D5 chord. Sad and pathetic, shows how much work and thought really went into this record. Robs' drumming has been replaced by synthetic, boring, repeated drum beats, most noteably heard on Shadow of the Day. All those soft ballads like Leave Out All The Rest, Shadow of the Day, In Pieces, Little Things Give You Away, Valentines Day, just destroy the band. It's what everyone likes, and it's all Linkin Park will start to put out. Everyone says the song What I've Done is great, its really not. Its just as bad as the rest of the songs. Read more about What I've Done in the lyrics review. The band tried pathetically to keep their old sound on here with a few songs like Given Up and No More Sorrow, but they still sound like any other rock song on the radio. They don't even come close to capturing Linkin Parks' true sound like the songs One Step Closer or Forgotten or Faint. The song that everyone is so hyped about, Bleed It Out, does exactly what the name implies, makes you bleed out your ears. Its the same beat and progression and sound through the whole thing, from the chorus to the post chorus. Its completely unimpressive. The album is just your standard chliche band making standard cliche pop music. There is no signature instruments being mixed together for that unique "Linkin Park" sound, its just like anything else now.

Lyrics — 2
The lyrics, like i stated above, are totally cliche, like the rest of the album. These are lyrics that any pissed off little 14 year old emo kid could write after a bad day and arguing with his parents. They are so predictable and not creative at all. Given Up is a key song to show the lyrical thought put into the record. They think they are so cool because they can say the F word, woa bad ass. What I've Done has just an overworked theme as well as lyrics, how many songs do you know that are about he same idea as What I've Done? Ya. What pisses me off more about tht songs' lyrics are that it could be aimed at talking about "Global Warming" and going green. That crap annoys me to death. The most talented lyrics on this album would have to be The Little Things Give You Away. Hands Held High makes me laugh, the fact that now Linkin Park is trying to get political. That is sad. Their old lyrics were so much better, now they are into politics, one big change.

Overall Impression — 1
This album is nothing like their old albums. Hybrid Theory and Meteora had their signature grungy, nu-metal, rap rock fusion sound. Minutes to Midnight sounds like, alternative pop rock. Yep thats it. I can actually categorize them now, i coudn't really do that before. Not too impressive, they sound like all of the rest of the depressed retards on the radio today. I think that is what Likin Park wanted all along, to get more air play and make more money by appealing to the general music masses. Now, I understand that bands mature, but this is not maturing, this is re defining the sound that made them famous in the first place! If Linkin Park played this crap from the beginging, they would be nothing today. They totally sold out. On the DVD they even said it themselves that they wanted to "re-define the band from every aspect" They didn't call it growing up, they called it "re-defining", a.k.a. selling out and changing for fans. Their producer, Rick Rubin, is to blame, I think, for all of this. He made them change everything. He changed where they recorded. He changed their writing process, which made their music ALOT different. He actually had a say in what songs and ideas passed and what he thought was old Linkin Park and not what he thought they wanted. I pray to god that he doesn't do their next album, but I don't think it matters. If you have heard the new single called New Divide, it sounds EXACTLY like What I've Done. They have gotten too comfortable with the new sound that is just making them more money. Sucks, one of Nu-Metals best band is gone, I really hope they realize the fans they lost and make a comeback, but I doubt it.

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    Not at all like hybrid theory and meteora, but still a great album from a great band! Thousand Suns sucks, though
    I hate this album, Linkin Park has become sell-outs. They changed their sound and image to what the media wants.