Recharged review by Linkin Park

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  • Released: Oct 29, 2013
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 3.1 (60 votes)
Linkin Park: Recharged

Sound — 7
Linkin Park was formed in 1996 and released their debut album, "Hybrid Theory," in 2000, which led to international fame. Since that time Linkin Park has released 5 studio albums. They've previously messed around with remixes as well, but "Recharged" is the strongest effort in this regard. The production of the album was completed by Mike Shinoda and Rick Rubin. There are 14 tracks on the album, with a runtime of almost 70 minutes. The only new song on the album is "A Light That Never Comes," which is the first track, and the album closes out with a remix of that same song. A few of the songs from "Living Things" are remixed more than once on the album. The album opens up with the new track, "A Light That Never Comes," which is already a dubstep track in its original form. The high point of this album is the lyrics, though it does have an infectious beat, as well. Next up is "Castle of Glass," which was remixed by producer Mike Shinoda. It opens with some heavily processed vocals, but by the first time the bass drops - at around a minute and 45 seconds - I was won over. "Lost in the Echo" was remixed by KillSonik, and this is definitely one of my favorite remixes - it has a super HEAVY bass drop. "Victimized" is next up, and this is another track remixed by Mike Shinoda, and it stays pretty intense from beginning to end. "I'll Be Gone" was remixed by Vice and also includes Pusha T. This track definitely has a strong hip-hop feel to the music, which works really well with the guest vocals by Pusha T on the remix. "Lies Greed Misery" is a Dirtyphonics remix, which is very "wub" heavy from the very beginning of the track and probably the most heavily remixed track on the album. "Roads Untraveled" was remixed by Rad Omen and also features Bun B, and this track has a cool ambient thing going on for a lot of the track. "Powerless" was remixed by Enferno, and is almost more of a "house music" or standard "techno" remix than it is dubstep. "Burn It Down" was remixed by Tom Swoon, and this is another track that is more in the realm of house music than it is dubstep. "Until It Breaks" was remixed by Datsik, and has a very cool "bass drop." "Skin to Bone" was remixed by Nick Catchdubs and features Cody B. Ware and Ryu on the track, as well. This track has a cool creepy hip-hop vibe to it. "I'll Be Gone" was remixed by Schoolboy, and this is another one where the beat takes precedence over most of the other aspects of the music. "Until It Breaks" was remixed by Money Mark as a "Headphone Remix," and I can definitely see why you would call this a headphone remix - there is some interesting stuff going on with the panning. The album closes out with the Rick Rubin "reboot" of the new track, "A Light That Never Comes." It has a cool tribal drum thing going on, as well as an acoustic piano and a lot of "world" instruments. It is a much more minimal track than a lot of the other tracks on the album, but also one of my favorites.

Lyrics — 7
After just recently reviewing another album with Chester Bennington, it is interesting to hear his vocals more in his own style. It makes a world of difference. As far as the lyrics on this album go, all but one of the songs are remixes so I don’t want to be treading over old ground and discuss them. I will, however, provide a sample of the lyrics from the new track, "A Light That Never Comes," with Steve Aoki: "Nah, you don't know me/ Lightning above and a fire below me/ You cannot catch me/ cannot hold me/ You cannot stop, much less control me/ When it rains, it pours/ When the flood gates open brace your shores/ That pressure don't care when it breaks your doors/ Say it's all you can take, better take some more/ Oh, 'cause I know what it's like to test fate/ Had my shoulders pressed with that weight/ Stood up strong in spite of that hate/ Oh, the night gets darkest right before dawn/ What don't kill you makes you more strong/ And I've been waiting for it so long/ the nights go on/ waiting for a light that never comes/ I chase the sun/ waiting for a light that never comes/ Oh, Waiting for a light that never comes." I was very intrigued by the lyrics to this track, which I read before listening to the track.

Overall Impression — 7
It comes down to this - there are people who like dubstep and dubstep remixes and there are those people who do NOT like dubstep. Do yourself a favor - if you don't like dubstep then don't bother with this album. For the rest of us, I thought this was a really solid dubstep/remix album. Honestly, I'm not the hugest fan of Linkin Park and I thought this remix was better than the original songs. I was especially impressed with the new track, "A Light That Never Comes," and I also appreciated the lyrics from that track. I actually enjoyed the Rick Rubin "reboot" of "A Light That Never Comes" more than the original track. I also really enjoyed "Skin To Bone (Nick Catchdubs Remix)," "Roads Untraveled (Rad Omen Remix)," and "Lost in the Echo (KillSonik Remix)." At the end of this day, this is just a remix album, but for what it is it was done well.

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    m4ss3 m/
    What? The reviewer seriously thinks that this beats Reanimation? That album is a fricking masterpiece, I can't name one bad song on that album and the ending song "Krwlng" is just beyond epic. For me this album was just couple of very tired and boring dubstep remixes. Sadly "A Light That Never Comes" was the most enjoyable song and that wasn't even a remix.
    I'd say this album has its moments, particularly in the later tracks, but it certainly isn't a Reanimation. The nature of remixes has apparently changed entirely. Reanimation at least added content to each song instead of just throwing in dance beats.
    I was thinking the exact same thing. Really, I was kind of surprised Reanimation wasn't even brought up once here.
    Maybe calling reanimation a masterpiece is misusing the word, but it's way better than what I just heard.
    'A Light That Never Comes' has an epic bass drop! And those synthase layers coupled with the phasing makes for some really groov... Oops sorry, wrong forum..
    They should just really make another Hybrid Theory or Meteora to be quite honest.
    yeah, how DARE they mature and grow as a band and not produce the same material over and over again for a fraction of their fans!
    Maturing and growing is fine as long as the new stuff is good, which isn't the case with LP.
    oh right, so as long as their maturing accomodates you then that's fine. god forbid they do it for themselves
    While I enjoy their new and old sound, it's not fair to say, "...for a fraction of their fans." Linkin Park really divided their fan base in half with the sound change. That "fraction" actually was rather large that wants the sound back.
    It's fine for a band to change their sound but at least try to stick within a genre.I mean LP is supposed to be a rock/nu-metal,whatever you want to call it,band.Music in that style is supposed to be guitar and bass focused with real drum playing,not computerised drum beats and random guitar samples.Don't get me wrong I like electronic music,and I enjoy some dubstep,but how can you be called a BAND when half of your members don't contribute anything to your music and propably can't play your new songs live,because you know....they don't have a part to play.I hope I am wrong,but nowadays LP live shows are propably the songs playing as backing tracks with Mike and Chester singing their vocal parts real-time.That's not rock,that's pop.
    Memory In Death
    You should really consider seeing one of their live shows then, if you think that. All the members do have a part, even in the newer songs, just stuff other than guitars.
    Yeah ok I told you I hope I'm wrong and I'll definitely see some of their recent live shows,I just didn't have time to do so before i replied
    Nah. Those days are over. They should continue from where they left off at 'A Thousand Suns'. That's easily their best work, even if it isn't your favorite.
    Eh, sorry. I know bands have got to mature and they're not always going to be edgy nu-metallers with spiky hair.But I just can't listen to their new stuff, it's just horrible in my opinion.Like they matured up on Minutes To Midnight but even that album was still half decent, I mean 'Leave Out All The Rest' is such a great song.I just can't get into their last two albums. A nice revisit to the old days would be great.
    Give Celldweller (especially his self-titled), Blue Stahli, and Voicians a listen. You can thank me later.
    Meh, The album was decent, I say that some songs did sound cool with the new beats, but it was more of a remix versus a reinterpretation of the song. Reanimation and the jay z album were better done because the mixes on those actually added more depth to the song. Also i was disappointed that the song tracks weren't done like KRWLING OR H!VTG3
    From the EDM, the only remotely interesting sub-genre is Dubstep, atleast as far as rock and metal fans are concerned.. I agree, you either like it or you don't, but I've noticed many metalheads making an effort to try it out..
    Someone once explained dubstep to me as "techno for metalheads". I've found that, in most cases, they weren't wrong. I generally cannot stand electronic music (I think it's cheating. You're not making music. You're coding. I want actual instruments), but...there's just something about the technicality of good dubstep, and the absolute sinister heaviness of it (primarily in the UK, I find), that makes me wanna hear more.
    Section 5
    It's a decent remix album, but nothing more than that. A Light that Never Comes is a pretty great song though.
    just tried to make another reanimation but failed... if they could go back and make another meteora that would be epic!
    Linkin Park going into dubstep proves that they really have zero artistic integrity and are trying to keep up with what's popular to make a quick buck.
    It's an interesting thing that people always seem to want bands from the "Nu-Metal" era to go back and write material to carbon copy their first/second albums. Honestly, get over it. Linkin Park has progressed SO MUCH from album to album that even I, as a fan, have no idea what direction they'll go next. That much deserves more respect than anyone ever gives them, as it shows they're real musicians, true to the performing arts. Do I think this album is great? Not really, but stop comparing it to their earlier work, being nothing they'll ever do will be like what they've done before.
    Year Zero
    This band is the definition of sellout, they don't even play fing instruments anymore.
    Darth Crow
    Soo now they are doing dubstep. Please tell me about how they are not doing it for the money...
    Even though I'm not gonna like this, I still think UG should stop reviewing albums that they know they (or anyone on the site, for that matter) are not going to like, just for the sake of saying it's bad.
    This comment makes no sense whatsoever. Can't even be bothered to say why as it should be obvious and I've already typed enough.
    As far as Electronic songs go, this Album has to be placed at the top tier of innovative sounds. I loved all the remixes, and LP really did well on picking out the best remixes and working with the DJs. You can't compare this to Reanimation or any other album by LP because this is altogether a different genre of music. I LOVED IT!
    Wait seriously this review was written by someone on the UG team?! It lists all of the song titles, who featured on it and says that they like the "bass drop", or the song was pretty intense throughout. There's so little knowledge about the genre of EDM (thinks everything is either dubstep or "more house-like") which I'm assuming this album is. It seems to be a track by track review, which would benefit hugely from some formatting so it looked like a tracklisting as done in so many other reviews. But if that was done it would only highlight that little more than a sentence mentioning the dubstep sound and bass on most of the tracks is basically all this review is.
    I loved meteora and hybrid theory but i have to say that imo thousand suns is their best album! but this eh.... just no...
    Guys A Thousand Suns sucked, BIG TIME! The drums sound like they came from a drum machine, Bad Delson can not write guitar solo to save his life, and nothing will tea your fans apart then going political. The fact of the matter is music is a business as much as it is art. If you want this to be you job, you gotta give people what they want to hear. John 5 is an extremely talented guitarist who can shed with the best but, he doesn't write and play like that all the time because he knows what his fans want to hear. Tom Aray from Slayer isn't young anymore but will still scream down that microphone because that's what his fans want to hear. If they wanted to release A Thousand Suns that's fine but they shouldn't have done it under the name Linkin Park.