Road To Revolution. Live At Milton Keynes review by Linkin Park

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  • Released: Nov 24, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (79 votes)
Linkin Park: Road To Revolution. Live At Milton Keynes

Sound — 8
First I'd like to say I like linkin park, but I don't love them. The sound quality overall is good, technically, it comes very close to the sound quality of their albums, if not to the same quality. I'd say that Linkin Park can really be considered as a live rather than a studio-band, since the songs are really dynamic on this CD, which is makes this CD more enjoyable than their other albums.Here and there you get some riffs played by the band and some extra added vocal lines, otherwise nothing too special.Or, maybe the drum solo from rob bourdon during "bleed it out", which is decent, but nothing crazy if you compare for example joey jordison's solo's. Ahm, apart from that I noticed that brad delson made one or two mistakes during the solo at the end of "faint".And some floppy notes during "No More Sorrow". And "Pushing Me Away" is played on the piano, turning it into a ballad instead of the Linkin Park'ish Nu-Metal style song.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are almost the same apart from some new added lines for example in "Points Of Authority", which is, sadly, only on the DVD. Apart from that, Chester Bennington provides good vocals, dynamic, but not as dynamic as on their other live CD/DVD "Live In Texas". Mike Shinoda does decent backing vocals and the rapping. The lyrics fit the songs good, but apart from that there's nothing special about the vocals.Or, maybe, I get the impression that the vocals sound better on the DVD? Oh well.

Overall Impression — 8
This is Linkin Park's second live CD/DVD, it is a fairly good CD/DVD, with their first live CD/DVD "Live In Texas" beeing a bit better. But they bring out Jay-Z for "Numb/Encore" and "Jigga What/Faint".Performing "Numb/Encore" was a good idea, but I think they should have played "Faint" without Jay-Z... Why do they play the original "Numb" AND "Numb/Encore" with Jay-Z anyway? They'd been better of playing the orginal "Faint", and "Papercut/Big Pimpin'"instead of "Jigga What/Faint". What I like about this CD/DVD is, that you get a decent crowd on the DVD and you hear the crowd singing this time."In The End" without a huge, singing crowd? Rubbish.Thank God they did it. I was kinda surprised watching the DVD, and then after "Bleed It Out", I get the notice "Congratulations!! You've unlocked:" "Somewhere I Belong" "Papercut" "Points Of Authority". lol? Reminds me of playing video games. If this DVD were stolen, I'd toss a coin and see if I'd buy this CD/DVD again or Avenged Sevenfold's "All Exess" DVD. If I compare this CD/DVD with, Muse's "Haarp", then, ahm, Muse have done a much better job with their CD/DVD.But, Muse isn't from this planet so I won't compare them two...

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    ulique wrote: Heminator89 wrote: Symph.Core wrote: not bad not bad imma buy the album lol People like that worry me about the future of metal fan base. (The reference is to the rap language used "imma") er, why would you be worried about anyone other than yourself when it comes to a musical preference? is it because you are so socially insecure you must live up to a standard set out by closed minded elitists? i don't like linkin park, but you are a complete moron. the only metal worth listening to is death metal, apart from that it is a very boring and stale genre, so stop raping your arsehole over it.
    yay! i found a new idiot!
    Rockstar729 wrote: I really wish that they'd put Given Up on there...
    ....uhh.....Given Up is on the DVD
    Jester InFlames
    savory_softy wrote: the only metal worth listening to is death metal Hypocrite
    what if not? i d say poser better. it s worse
    jetfuel495 wrote: Heminator89 wrote: Symph.Core wrote: not bad not bad imma buy the album lol People like that worry me about the future of metal fan base. (The reference is to the rap language used "imma") Rap language? Please, what are you, some 40 year old English professor? And metal fan base? First of all, this is hardly metal. Secondly, he was not speaking in "rap language". I forgot what the word was for it, but it's a writing style where words are spelled as they're pronounced in order to achieve a greater level of characterization. I'm not saying that he was deliberately trying to be creative like that, but it is not "rap language." He's obviously just too lazy to type out full words. That being said, I've loved Linkin Park for almost nine years now, and that's a pretty big chunk out of my ninteen year life. Their Live in Texas album was great, and I loved Collision Course (since I love Jay-Z anyway). My only complaint is that Chester's voice can start to falter near the end. Whenever he screams live it's nothing like when he is in the studio. Well, if the reviewer says that this has better production quality and better performances than LIT then I should probably check it out, although I may be a little disappointed to find out that half of the songs I want to hear are missing.
    "First of all, this is hardly metal."??? Ok, look it up before you criticize someone that's right. This is metal. It's a form of metal and isn't pure metal, but it is still metal and acording to music sites like Rhapsody, they are the #1 metal band at the moment, over groups like A7X, Lamb Of God, and even Ozzy. So yes this is freakin metal. And great CD/DVD. Got this as a B-Day gift and enmjoyed it entirely. Good job to LP for this release.
    I Personally like this CD a lot. And i thought the ballads were perfect. When Mike made the crowd put up all the lights at the beginning of "Shadow of the day" it was beautiful. But i personally thought "Numb" (listening to it at the time of this post" had too loud of a guitar... It doesn't sound right to me lol. And Screaming wise, i thought "Given Up" was Perfect.
    Oh and btw, if you dont like LP, then why are you listening to their stuff? If you seriously listen to something you don't like and do it WILLINGLY, then there is something wrong with you and i'd suggest going into an insane asylum. If you don't like it don't listen to it, you are being held captive and made to listen to it. And if your listening to it so you can just criticize and make fun of it then GROW UP, get a life, join a band of your own, and move out of your moms ****in house.