Collision Course review by Linkin Park & Jay-Z

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  • Released: Nov 30, 2004
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 5 Decent
  • Users' score: 6 (36 votes)
Linkin Park & Jay-Z: Collision Course

Sound — 5
Any Linkin Park fans who liked Hybrid Theory and Meteora will long for a third great album. Sadly, this definitely isn't it. This album basically takes some of the best Linkin Park songs and turns them from the great nu-metal sound that makes Linkin Park such an amazing band to a pretty nasty metal/hip-hop/R'n'B mash-up. It might have worked better with another rapper, I can't say for sure, but Jay-Z just doesn't sound good mixed with Linkin Park. Overall, the album is basically Linkin Park with far too much of a hip-hop/rap sound. The only real credit I can give to this album is that it's a pretty good idea, I can only hope that if they try it again it will sound better.

Lyrics — 7
Fortunately, the lyrics are still pretty good. After all, these are some of Linkin Park's best songs. The lyrics do actually flow with the music well, even Jay-Z's rapping, so it is catchy even though the sound of the music itself isn't that great. I would've preferred to more from hear Mike and Chester, since their lyrics beat the hell out of Jay-Z's.

Overall Impression — 3
This is a really big step down for Linkin Park; their other two albums were fantastic, but this is a real knock back. Instead of producing this album, they should've really spent the time working on a third independent album to keep their fans going. 'Numb/Encore' is the only song I can really listen to on the album without literally having to force myself to. As well as that, even if the songs themselves were incredible, the album's far, far too short. I know it says on the review page that there are 23 songs, but there aren't: if you went out to your nearest music shop and found Collision Course (I hope you don't), you'd find that it only has six songs. That's not an album, it's barely an EP. Basically, unless you like both Linkin Park and Jay-Z, and want to see them both put together poorly, don't get this album. Keep your money and buy Linkin Park's new album when it comes out.

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    the less good from lp (not the worst, but is not as good as the other albuns). numb/encore = best song in the album...but this is only a ep, not a cd.