A Place In The Sun Review

artist: Lit date: 09/17/2012 category: compact discs
Lit: A Place In The Sun
Released: Feb 23, 1999
Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock, Post-Grunge, Rap-Metal
Label: RCA
Number Of Tracks: 12
There's very little on this album that hadn't been done to death by 1994 - the buzzing guitars, the whiny, singsong vocals.
 Sound: 7.3
 Lyrics: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 6
A Place In The Sun Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 17, 2012
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Sound: Like most people, "My Own Worst Enemy" - now a nostalgic anthem of the good times of 1999 - was my first exposure to Lit. Honestly I wasn't expecting much from this record, just some catchy and upbeat pop punk, which is probably why I wasn't particularly disappointed, since the rest of the album is more or less a collection of weaker, tweaked facsimiles of that song with an unexciting hit-and-miss ratio. Lit's brand of So-Cal lite-punk pop is best described as "generic" and was way past its prime by the time it came out in 1999, let alone now. Although they might be past their due date musically, Lit's music has none of the angst or emo factor that characterizes most bands of their ilk. Yes, the over-reliance on power chords and the occasional, barely inspired solos (to get an idea of how inspired, they sometimes emulate the vocal melody) are there, but the singing and lyrics are mostly sunny, carefree and upbeat, which actually makes for a pretty good contrast. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics are very standard pop/rock fare (girls, heartbreak, fragile relationship, etc.) - they're not particularly engaging (the norm in this genre) and whatever appeal they might have is often shrouded by the insipidity of the music. The lyrics do, however, come through on the stronger tracks like "My Own Worst Enemy" ("Please tell me why / My car is in the front yard / And I'm sleeping with my clothes on / Came in through the window last night") and "Miserable", which deserves a heap of credit for making a pun like "You make me come / You make me complete / You make me completely miserable" work as a verse. And besides, Lit know very well that their lyrics aren't meant to be lauded for their emotional depth or integrity, they're meant to be fodder for sing-along vocal phrasing. Aptly, A. Jay Popoff's vocals deliver nearly all the songs in a strained, singsong mode that hardly changes gear throughout the album and barely gives a chance to judge his vocal prowess beyond singing in key. There are times when Lit make the formula click, but mostly it's tiring to listen to the same style - both vocally and musically - spread thin over the album's 40-something minutes. // 6

Overall Impression: It's a by-the-numbers pop punk record with hardly a distinguishing trait between most songs a sunny blend of strained singsong vocals, distorted power chord riffs and rock rhythms slathered with a uniform, dated production that would feel at home on an indie label release in the late 80s. To their credit, Lit do serve up some pretty impressive hooks in the mix, even if most of them are interchangeable with each other. And since this is a guitar site after all, it's also worth mentioning that this would be a good album to transcribe for the beginner guitarist since nearly all the songs here are based around power chords. Nearly all of the album's strongest tracks are singles ("My Own Worst Enemy", "Miserable", "Zip-Lock") while album opener "Four" and "Quicksand" also pack some punchy pop punk and feature memorable hooks that urge you to sing along to them on a long drive. // 6

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overall: 9.3
A Place In The Sun Reviewed by: Gamblor'sGuitar, on september 23, 2004
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Sound: The band's sound is really cool. Party type. Alternative Rock. Down is named after his car. Entire song desibing and praisng it. To many power Chords. Come on people get creative. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics make the songs. Did great. Creative picturing and transendent. Lyrics are very well done. Never saying to much of samething. The singer is very good. I think they could use more of that backup singer though his is "Flying Under The Radar". // 10

Overall Impression: Good a little conformist and little there own. Kinda Alternative 90s. My Worst Enemy, my favorite song in world so "Teen Paty Times." I love the vocals and overal tone. Hate the power chored "Cheap Skates." I would buy I again. Love the CD. Cant live with out it. // 10

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overall: 8.3
A Place In The Sun Reviewed by: 813gabe, on january 26, 2011
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Sound: Lit has a very good sound and vibe to all of it's music. They are a sort-of punk band, and have a very similar sound to Sum 41. Only, the singer of Lit is much better than the one in Sum 41. Lit seems to stick with power cords throughout entire songs. Even some solos are powerchords; they are just shifted and played faster. There are not many lead riffs played as individual notes in this album. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are pretty good for the most part. The majority of the songs are about partying and doing stupid shit while drunk or high. In Everything's Cool "I'm thinking bout the shit that we pulled the night before and by the party at midnight everything's cool again." In Lovely Day "Roll it up and smoke it." // 9

Overall Impression: A Place in the Sun is, in my opinion, by far the greatest Lit record ever released. It is too bad that it is out of print, because it is very good. I bought it at a used CD store and could not find it anywhere else. If you happen to see it anywhere, I would suggest buying it. Everything's Cool is the best track on this record. The main powercord riff is classic, and gets stuck in your head for days after first hearing it. // 8

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