Awakening The World review by Lost Horizon

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  • Released: May 8, 2001
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
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Lost Horizon: Awakening The World

Sound — 9
This is Lost Horizon's first album (they only have 2 sadly), the overall sound is very powerful and striking. I'm inclined to call it power metal but the themes are not necessarily generic power metal standards. Normally when you think of power metal you think of wizards and dragons etc but I'd classify this more as a progressive heavy metal album with power metal instruments and elements. No band has made an impact in the power metal scene as much as LH has in my opinion with so few releases. When you listen to these albums you can tell its different. The members of this band are very talented, but the reason you are here is because of Daniel Heiman. He has possibly the best voice in power metal up with Jorn Lande and Ripper Owens.

Lyrics — 10
Its refreshing to have a power metal-ish album without total fantasy lyrics. The main themes are about freedom, life experiences, fate and destiny. Uplifting and powerful songs, but nothing that really is incredibly memorable lyrically. The main behind the mic Daniel Heiman will absolutely melt your face. You don't listen to this band for guitar solos or bass slapping, your here to listen to soaring high screams and amazing falsetto. There is no one iv ever heard with the range, emotion, passion, purity and overall natural talent than Daniel Heiman.

Overall Impression — 9
I will no go through songs and instruments. Vocals - Daniel Heiman. Guitars - Fitting but nothing incredible. Synth - Very nice mood setting. Drums - Very nice poppy and some good grooves really work. Bass - In my opinion its to loud in the mix but still good. Now for the songs - the best songs in my opinion are as follows: "Denial Of Fate" - IMO the best song on the album. So dam catchy its awesome a perfect progressive power metal song. "Welcome Back" - Awesome slowish intro that features Heiman's vocals greatly. "Heart Of The Storm" - Really good epic song, the scream near the end will make your brain explode how awesome it is. "Kingdom Of My Will" - awesome pre chorus vocal lines with cool guitar tremolo picking fits really nicely. "Perfect Warrior" is also a solid song that is worth while. While this album isn't as good as "A Flame To The Ground Beneath", its still a really strong early album. Clearly its not as mature as the latter but its still very good. On the second album every song, EVERY SONG is just amazing. Sadly they broke up, there will never be anything like LH. Hopefully one day Daniel Heiman comes back. Thanks for reading and sorry for grammar issues.

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