Liberation Transmission review by Lostprophets

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  • Released: Jun 27, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.3 (228 votes)
Lostprophets: Liberation Transmission

Sound — 8
This is the third album from these Welsh rockers and it's a more radio-friendly effort with little screaming, and some strange little "anthemic" parts added in. This has the same sort of tone as previous records but you can tell the production has done a lot to make it sound the way it does. I noticed some elements of funk in the guitar work which sounded a bit out of place. However the guitar solo on 4 Am Forever kinda makes up for that, even if its nothing special. Instead of having a heavier more hardcore song than the rest of the album (We Are Godzilla You Are Japan) towards the end, this time they have gone softer.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics go along the lines of breaking away from a place and "screaming your heart out" as well as the usual break up songs and the theme gets repetitive. There are some oohs, ahhs and do do do do's in songs which also seem out of place compared to the previous Lostprophets albums. The lyrics fit the music fairly well and the singers voice also sounds like it has improved. At some points it seems like the lyrics have been put in purely for a crowd to sing along which will please some people but to me makes it seem like unless you are listening to them live you are missing out on something.

Overall Impression — 7
As I said before this is a more poppy Lostprophets and I prefer the first 2 albums from them. Some songs seem over produced and I was dissapointed at the lack of screaming or heavy songs. The best songs on the album are Rooftops, Town Called Hipocrisy and 4 Am Forever. I like the fact that the melodies are still strong here but I don't like the fact that they have lost their heavy element. If stolen or lost I wouldnt get this again as its been over produced in my opinion.

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    i dnt really no wat 2 make of this cos wen i heard da new tracks live they were wicked! yer its gonna be a bit less heavy than before but the prophets have neva exactly been metal!
    Co cksucking Welsh sellouts. "we've progressed our music" they say in a total guitar magazine. Really? Well then why is the actual music for the new single almost exactly the same as the music for Last Train Home? And you can lie and say anything you want about them not being sellouts, but anybody who pretends to be American so that they can appeal to that market is just a money-grabbing wanker. First they change to making pop music, then emo. Coincedence? Methinks not.
    What is so out of place about Lostprophets playing a few funk-orientated riffs? They were there on FSOP. Also did you never listen to "Sway" on Start Something? That was a pop song to end the album and it was beautiful! I'm still excited about the new album.
    rooftops isn't entirely typical of the whole album, there are solos etc. on a few songs, and a lot of more memorable riffs in there compared to 'Rooftops' - one song that springs to mind is 'A Town Called Hypocrisy'
    Maybe this will just take time to grow on people, i mean, look at finch, what it is to burn was a great album, but then say hello to sunshine came out and alot of people hated it, but then it grew on them and they accepted it for the great album that it is. i do wish that lostprophets would have stuck to their heavier style though, rooftops is such a sissy song compared to, say, start something.
    alrite i got the album now, an it may be different but i actually do like it. 4am forever and the opening track are probly my favourites. Everyone changes thier style. It happens to everyband when they get to a certain point. Metallica are a prime example lol, Blink 182 the most i reckon
    I think album is a good collection of songs but it is certainly differnt from their 2 previous albums. And it is true to say that Lostprophets has lost its heavy elmenent in the new album which is a little disappointing but was expected. Some of the songs have gone as far as sounding quite indie which I was especially surprised about. I do genenerally like the album but I do prefer their old albums. I guess we have to appreciate that bands do change their style! p.s. 4am forever solo - sounds a lot like oldie solos - atreyu does that kind of solo I like it - wish more of this was in the album...
    the only song I was truly "wtf"ing at was Can't Catch Tomorrow... the rest is likable, even if a bit more mainstream/emo/pop-ish (or whatever other word you choose to use) than FSOP or SS
    trando wrote: c'um on man. theres nothing wrong with the album. i like old lp, but i like this cd to so far. you people are to "oh its to this, its to that." who cares if its more pop or emo or punk or whatever. grrr... anyways, its good music, fun, up beat, emo, but its theirs. (any lp fans who start to dislike the band cuzza this album ought to be ashamed of yourself... *shakes head*)
    I agree. This is a good album, but I don't think it's got the power that FSOP had. I don't like that fact they admitted to turning 'emo' to make money. The solo of 4 AM almost makes up for it
    Ive listened to all of the songs, and there really as many guitar riffs that i wanted to learn (in start something, almost every song started off with a sick guitar line). All in all, its a great album, although alittle different from previous.
    c'um on man. theres nothing wrong with the album. i like old lp, but i like this cd to so far. you people are to "oh its to this, its to that." who cares if its more pop or emo or punk or whatever. grrr... anyways, its good music, fun, up beat, emo, but its theirs. (any lp fans who start to dislike the band cuzza this album ought to be ashamed of yourself... *shakes head*)
    Start Something was a great album,but "Rooftops" was a complete let down....what happened to the great guitar work they used to have????
    i really like start something but the song everybodys screaming does not sound like lostprophets
    where are the old lostprophets? i miss them :| because this album sounds... the old chugga chugga rocked and this album is so simple, it sounds like i had heard this album and these songs 5years ago
    i was shock to hear rooftop, it was ok but bit emo for me. thay had two good albums but,i think this album will be the down full for lostprohets,
    RATM_Rocha wrote: This album so totally sucks, F.S.O.P Owned this albums ass.
    This guy obviousally hasn't heard the album, if you listen to 4:AM Forever, then you'd realise that their guitar is as good as ever, The album isn't terrbile, but it takes a while to get used to, as LP use a different technique to before.. true it is a combo of F.S.O.P and Start Something, but all the tracks are a lot more catchy, and most probably attract a much bigger fan base.. And its not ALWAYS about the music, im thinking this time LP are in for the money, and they pulled that aspect of the album off well.
    it's not so bad that they're music's poppier. there's nothing wrong with a band liking pop elements - but they've so typically changed their sound to sell. the image proves that more than anything. their attitudes piss me off aswell in their numerous interviews - very "us-against-the-world" type stuff. just play the increible music you're capable of. im gonna buy this anyway because it will be good - though i doubt it'll beat the previous two when they were intent on making incredible music not masses of fans
    lost prophets have changed so much. I live in wales an have supported them from when they began thier career. FSOP got rejected before but they got accepted when the rock scene grew. But i actually prefer old prophets. Start Something was good aswel. Im guna buy this album an check it out. I dont dislike rooftops but its hard to adjust to thier new style becos the thing about lost prophets was they were different to everyone else, but i think this has changed
    Shiruzu's good if you listen to it thinking it's not lostprophets..anyway i like it but i still prefer start something
    How could they???? Start something was really good, with heavy, but non less catchy riffs, and rooftops sounds like S-club 7 wrote it. such a let down.....
    FSOP was a fantastic album which i still listen to even today Start Something is also a very good one but the single rooftops, although still trying to maintain an emo tinge with a heavy kick, just doesnt work. boring and repetitive which isnt LP's style Will wait for the album to pass appropriate judgement though