Liberation Transmission review by Lostprophets

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  • Released: Jun 27, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (228 votes)
Lostprophets: Liberation Transmission

Sound — 10
Venomous Pop-Punk-Metal with attitude. That is how I'd describe this album. Firstly I'd like to set it straight that I have been a huge fan of 'prophets since the beginning. I love FSOP and SS, each of which get regular listens every week. This album's sound is very different to previous efforts it is a much more pop orientated record but still retains the lostprophets' foundations and "Us against them" attitude. When I first listened through I was a little shocked and like WTF? But on repeated listens it began to sink it's teeth in and have it's cannibalistic way with me. Now I'm absolutely loving it! Don't get me wrong, this is undeniable radio-friendly pop-punk-metal. But instead of being crappy bland radio-rock ballards each one of these songs are filled with enough f--k you style attitude Love us, or hate us, we don't care! that you can't help but to jump up and dance/sing with it. Each track is well structured with awesome verses and unashamedly-catchy sing along choruses. My favourite tracks are 'Everyday Combat', the album opener with an awesome drum beat and riff that grabs you from the instant it starts until the end where Ian Watkins screams Don't think your safe, cos it's not over! 'A New Transmission' is a fast paced punk-metal sing-along that you can't help but rock out to. Your shattered ground just drags me down, cos there's no sun when you're around! I love it. If I had more time I'd write what I love about all the tracks but I haven't so I just chose my two favourites. But every song on this album just dances the hell out of you. There is great variation on this album, no riff sounds the same and each one is equally as good. They are simple but you'll be tapping along to everyone!

Lyrics — 9
Lyrically this album varies. The majority of the chorus lyrics are relatively simple Everybody's Screamin! We're only bleeding! (And Repeat) But this is not necessarily a bad thing as they are suppose to be catchy and easy to sing-along to anthems! And over-complicated lyrics wouldn't serve that purpose. Shakespeare it ain't, but who wants it to be? Many of the lyrics focus around similar themes of love and This is who we are, and if you don't like it, we don't care!

Overall Impression — 10
I love this album! Musically this is a lot tamer then FSOP, no screaming (but a lot of shouting and sing-along stadium choruses). Every song on this album is potentially a single (to quote 'All Killer No Filler'). Every track has been produced to a very high quality, with multiple layers and a perfectionist polish shining on every track. This album is going to be huge! Rocking out for the guys and dancing for the girls. This is a must have album and I'd definitely buy it again! But a word of warning if you're already a fan of Lostprophets do not expect anything like the first album. Approach it with an open mind and if you can accept the fact that it is more 'poppy' your going to love it! I know I do!

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    lost prophets sold out i listened to the new album it blows bad....they betray their fans with ian saying shit like "FSOP wasn't us" wtf? screw LP now their old shit will always rock
    I honestly don't know why people keep saying that the prophets sold out on this album. It's not like they're doing what their record company is telling them to do. They're playing the music they like. I actually really like some of the new songs, like The New Transmission, despite the fact that they seem to have lost some of that heavy element that was found in their previous albums.
    i think if i read another review saying lostprophets r going emo, ill ****ing scream. For a start fsop, is more emo, than this album to me, have you heard songs likehandsom life of swing, thats really screamy and really emo, far more emo than rooftops, rooftops is just pop rock at its very element. Staduim music , which anyone can sign along to, its amazing. The album is fantastic, im really impressed with lee, this time, lovely riffs, really, especially the start of town called hypocricy amazing. 4 am solo is ace, and the whole album is great, every trck sounds like a single, and every track sound scompletly different. Im annoyed that people r saying its not like fake sopund, fake sounds better, yes fake sound was probbal;y my favourite album ever, but it doesnt mean to say a band has to churn out album after album that sound the same, like allot of indiie bands will end up doing. I think the music is catchy, with amazing guitar and people have a problem with that i think. i love lostprophets and cant wait to see them on 4th july glasgow.
    First of all, the band is called "lostprophets"...not "lost prophets" or "the lostprophets"...etc. So what about the band changing their sound? Why must you bash the band about their decision to change? And for the people that say "emo/pop music sucks", have an open mind and listen to different types of music. Enough of my favorite tracks on this cd are 4 am Forever, The New Transmission, and Everyday Combat.
    i think they are with influences by the police, duran duran, and stuff and Ian say something once: "I think this is a more representative album for what we are, and we are proud of do it", so if they "turned" more "emo" (wrong labeling), more pop-ish is by a matter of influences, that's my opinion about the new album... they want to represent where they are from, but open the audience target. sorry 4 my suck-cock english, i'm chilean. I like _too_ much this album and is like a "hidden pleasure" to listen all this wonderful melodies! A LOT of influences of the 80's pop music, motley crue, etc... Ian also say something he want to look like motley crue and not like another emo band when someone says they are turned more emo.
    What can i say about this release...In all honesty i like the band but i dont like this album as much compared to the other albums! I dont think this is a mix of FSOP and SS simplely because those albums were heavier!! and they had that heavy energy to carry them (along with good musicianship which this album does have!) but this is really a poppy album! But we should've seen this coming because the drummer did leave because of creative or musical differences I forget which one...It's still a good album...just not as good as there other albums...i still love the prophets but this album was a big letdown! Everyday Combat and Always All ways are really good songs i suggest checking those out to anyone looking to get both sides of how this album sounds!
    well for starters wait for the album to pass judgements to wether or not they are "emo queer sellout" you tool any way remember on SS they had songs like last train home and the final song sway maby the just havnt released the heavy stuff because it would only bring in peopl who like that about them
    haha i laugh at some people here. I first heard the album, didn't like it, it really does have to grow on you. When it does songs like Cant catch tomorrow and 4AM forever are pure class. Secondly someone said some songs sound Indie? Lee i think is heavily influenced by the Strokes, i think that comes out, personally i dont like those riffs but hell aint my choice. Another thing why do people say Ian sounds american? have you ever met the guy? probably not, he doesn't sound an ounce American. Lastly to compare the current emo crap with lostprophets is outrageous and apart from one song on the album it doesn't even sound remotely emo, go and look emo up, and why are they sellouts? they write music they wish to write, they aren't influenced by their record company, so what they got bored of writing chugga chugga songs, go listen to Killswitch Engage if you want that because they're a lot better at it than the prophets ever were. The songwriting on the current album far surpasses FSOP even if you prefer the old songs (which i do). This album was always going to lose a certain sound compared the SS, i personally prefer SS by a long way.
    Hennah wrote: alrite i got the album now, an it may be different but i actually do like it. 4am forever and the opening track are probly my favourites. Everyone changes thier style. It happens to everyband when they get to a certain point. Metallica are a prime example lol, Blink 182 the most i reckon
    wtf? this is such a stupid comment...Blink changes their style!? no all their crap sounds the same the only band thats been successful at changing their style repetitively is INCUBUS and some will still disagree with me on that...ian and lost prophets betrayed their fans by claiming FSOP was a demo and not the real them...f***kers
    ledzppln1969 : "rooftops" is a terrible song, and they all look like a bunch of emo queers in the video, which im assuming they are. never liked them, and this is more reason to not. they said themselves that they play whats screw them, sellouts.
    I like this guy
    louis p
    Wealsh with an american accent... completely removes any respect i even had for them in the first place, sod off and go buy up the bracket by the libertines.
    "rooftops" is a terrible song, and they all look like a bunch of emo queers in the video, which im assuming they are. never liked them, and this is more reason to not. they said themselves that they play whats screw them, sellouts.
    I good album well worth the money but rooftops brings tht album down due to it being over played
    y is every one complaing about the album u make a better album and then complain
    you just have to look at them in magazines nowadays to see that theyre trying to grab as much money as they can, and are prepared to sacrifice their music to get rich.
    MarkHar wrote: ARATM_Rocha wrote: This album so totally sucks, F.S.O.P Owned this albums ass. This guy obviousally hasn't heard the album, if you listen to 4:AM Forever, then you'd realise that their guitar is as good as ever, The album isn't terrbile, but it takes a while to get used to, as LP use a different technique to before.. true it is a combo of F.S.O.P and Start Something, but all the tracks are a lot more catchy, and most probably attract a much bigger fan base.. And its not ALWAYS about the music, im thinking this time LP are in for the money, and they pulled that aspect of the album off well.
    First off let me start off by saying I've been a LP fan since FSOP hit the states. I loved that album so much that if you shipped me to a desert island and only let me take two cds that would be one of them along with Around the Fur. Start Something was very cool too but not the same Original heavy sound as FSOP. But I have to say that the new album sucks!!! I mean there's some catchy tunes but nothing like what I expected from these guys. I guess it's my fault for putting them above all the rest of that disposable crap thats out there right now but 10 years from now Liberation will mean nothing but FSOP will be one of the best albums of the new millenium. If anybody is interested I have a signed Start Something CD I will be selling. I got it from the band when they played a SuperBowl Show at the Key Club in Hollywood two weeks before the album hit the street. I also have a really cool promo DVD for FSOP that the band did. This was the original LP's I remember. The really funny thing was that Jamie was dissing radio friendly songs and band guys that wear tight jeans. That's Classic! Hit me up at