Liberation Transmission review by Lostprophets

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  • Released: Jun 27, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (228 votes)
Lostprophets: Liberation Transmission

Sound — 8
Liberation Transmission begins with Everyday Combat. The album is mainly about "break the way/ make a change". The guitar riffs at the beginning of Everyday Combat fits the whole album prefectly. It's just like "bringing you into a new generation". I have to admit that the Lostprophets do go a little "poppy" this time. But don't get me wrong, they still rock! The guitar in Everyday Combat, 4am Forever, Heaven For The Weather, Hell For The Company are totally worth-listening. If you still go for those heavier ones, I suggest you to listen Heaven For The Weather, Hell For The Company or Everybodys Screaming. If you like Sway in Start Something, I bet you would also like 4am Forever.

Lyrics — 9
Overall, the whole album is about the negative side of people. They tried to write about different "situations" instead of only saying "change the old way, hate this or hate that, etc". Lyrically, A Town Called Hypocrisy is my favourite. It's about a person who was fooled, but now he/she is moving on. "Save Your Sympathy" is just the best part of the whole song. Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters And The Story Of A Lonely Girl, another song I like very much. I think most people can relate to it 'cause everyone must have been hurt before.

Overall Impression — 9
Liberation Transmition is Lostprophets' third album. As a Lostprophets fan, I've been waiting it for a long time. It doesn't let me disappointed. I like most of the songs in it. There are more songs about love than the past 2 albums. besides that, this album has similar theme with the old ones. Everyday Combat, Town Called Hypocrisy, Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters And The Story Of A Lonely Girl, Heaven For The Weather, Hell For The Company, 4 AM Forever are must-listen. This CD is still in my CD player since the first day I bought it, so if it was stolen, I would definitely go to buy a new one and put it back to my Lostprophets CD collection.

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    hahaha some of these comments are funny. how have they sold out? they are doing their own thing. if they made three versions of fsop, that would be selling out. the new stuff is so catchy, yeah the first stuff was really good, but i think they have come so far as a band. the new sound is really good. and the people calling them emo, your quite wrong, real emo is like mental hardcore punk *not my chemical romance* stuff like orchid and pg 99. this album is so far from emo lol.
    O yer forgot to say in my last blog but like bands have a certain style and then everyone digs it. And then the next albums under lots of pressure to be good but if they release something simalar then they get slated for "all the songs being the same" but if they deviate and play soemthing different then they get slated for "selling out". They just cant win. WHo ever slags them off ask yourselves how many chart topping bands are you in. NONE. So your not in a position to slag off. People like different bands. Its a fact. No ones forcing you to like them so if you have negitive opionions then fine but theres no need to get all agressive and bitchy. Personally i want to keep all of lostprophets locked up in my pocket in a box of musical yummyness cause they kick arse but if i didnt like i wouldnt be like all SCENES! SELLOUTS! Id just deal with the fact people like them and **** off and listen to what i like rather than sit in my room thinking of my next insult to hurl at them on some chatroom no ones even going to there im done now
    I know excactly wat you are talking about. Bought it yesterday and some songs sound like the friggin beach boysor sumthin. But most songs are still amazing!
    luvin da new album! v.different 2 thier last 2 but brilliant all teh same!
    Lee Mach
    whoa! whats all this about the new album being crap? i play guitar and i think theres loads of brilliant solos in this new album, like on Everyday Combat, the solo is pretty damn good, almost as good as the on in I Don't Know from Start Something, and i luv the solo in 4:AM Forever! i can't believe you are all slagging a great band like Lostprophets off! so what if they are a little more emo/pop, their music still ****in rocks!
    agreed, after some doubts im starting to love this album.
    My overall impression: This was a pretty big deviance from their other two albums... it does seem more poppy (heck, if you look them up under Rhapsody, theyre listed under 'Pop Metal,' under the same vein as Def Leppard and Van Halen?) i read some of the comments on here about how they look different.... dont let that be your deciding factor! personally i think they look a little goofy now, but who cares what they look like when the cd's in the stereo? imagine if no photos at all of the band were available at ALL.... what the band looks like wouldnt even make a difference then anyway. im guessing that's Lee doing the guitar solos (most notably on 4 AM Forever) and its kinda cool to see him doing more of those nowadays. with Rooftops, it only really became meaningful to me once i saw the video... it came accross as "how difficult it can be to deal with strife with your parents..." just hearing the song alone made me think ian was telling the nations youth to ?scream your heart out? on their respective rooftops just for the hell of it. personally i like it... ians voice has grown fuller, lee and mikes guitar playing sounds more complex, and josh freeses drums seemed to have changed the sound somewhat. Give them a listen, and if it turns out that you don?t like, that?s that. Give em some constructive criticism though! Any idiot is capable of saying ?they suck.? If they really do, the least you could do is tell them how to get better?????
    ok its a huge-sell out in UK atm but it is a huge letdown from previous 'start something' rooftops their first hit is like the most anoyin song...the chorus lacks so much originality... [dadada rooftops dadada rooftops...blah blah heart out....!!] disappointing.