Liberation Transmission review by Lostprophets

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  • Released: Jun 27, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (228 votes)
Lostprophets: Liberation Transmission

Sound — 9
Liberation Transmission is the third album by the welsh rockers so far and in terms of sound it has definitely stepped up from the huge albums of FSOP and SS. The guitar riffs from the two previous albums have evolved into catchy intros and memorable solos. The majority of tracks each have a moment in which everyone listening will think 'I have to learn that riff!' The sound in the songs isn't particularly advanced or simplistic, the songs all have a nice balance so that you wont get bored by twelve minute over the top solos.

Lyrics — 7
This is where the album falls short compared to the other categories, whilst Ian Watkins' voice is fine and definitely top quality, it becomes painfully obvious how much effort went to making this a radio-friendly songs. With emo music being the latest 'thang' lostprophets have definitely changed their image and outlook. whilst the other albums left you with a sense of 'screw anyone that gets in your way' liberation transmission leaves a sense of 'everyones in our way so scream a lot'. The lyrics definitely aren't as emo as most bands lately, and make no mistake, its not just a record of whiny complainers. Its all quite impressive and not something that should stop you from listening.

Overall Impression — 9
There are quite a few tracks which just seem perfect in all aspects, especially on Everyday Combat, the opening to the album and their live shows, there are quite a few anthems in this album. 4am forever is an example of a new anthem, perhaps too reminiscient of Last Summer from Start Something. Although most songs seem to have gotten slower and calmer they're still all above average. Some of the best songs on the album are probably everyday combat, rooftops, 4AM Forever, Always All Ways, Can't Catch Tomorrow. All of them are impressive its actually hard to choose the best. However if this album was stolen or lost I'd probably wait till it became cheaper before I replaced it, though still it's something you should definitely listen to if you ever enjoyed a lostprophets song before.

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    FSOP owns this Album is SHAT prob cause bob rock produced it look what that fag did for metallica.
    i love this album.. there aint many solos thats kinda disapoiting.. but the so in 4pm is killer... its all VERY CATCHY plus I like the lyrics
    I was thinking of buying this album for my mate's birthday. He likes the older stuff and loves Rooftops. Are these good enuff reasons to buy it for him?
    Start Something > This not by much, I love both... FSOP is a bit rubbish