Liberation Transmission review by Lostprophets

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  • Released: Jun 27, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (228 votes)
Lostprophets: Liberation Transmission

Sound — 9
Liberation Transmission is the new album by the Lostprophets. They are an alternative band and the new album is slightly more poppy but still has the same heavy riffs and screaming from previous albums. The guitar in the songs has gotten better and there are now impressive solos in the songs which were not frequently seen in the previous records. The drums have changed significantly as well since the arrival of their new drummer.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are catchy and can connect to most people. The singer, Ian Watkins is very talented and the new record shows it very well. The lyrics mix with the music perfectly and they make you rock out, sometimes without even knowing it. They are similar to lyrics from previous songs and can relate to teenage people's problems and how they react. Overall, very good lyrics.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is more pop-oriented than previous albums so some old school fans may miss the heavy down-tuned riffs and screaming. The most impressive songs from the album are "Everyday Combat", which is similar to previous songs and has a catchy, heavy riff, and "For All These Times Son, For All These Times", as it has lyrics that make you sing along and clapping that mixes perfectly with the drums. If it was stolen, I would definitely buy it again.

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    FSOP is classic album and is actually one of my top 100 or so alongside the likes of Hendrix Blues and Led Zep 1, Star Something was a disapointment but had truly classic Alternate Metal songs like Wake Up and the title track, this album no songs i could connect with, 4AM's guitar solo is overrated while A Town Called Hypocrasy is deathly boring (although the video is terrifying for some reason) Rooftops is so annoying it is making Fall Out Boy seem reasonable but the most annoying song is Everyday Combat, the title give the impression that it will be quite heavy and it leaves you disapointed, also, this is bad for another reason, people might kill for this but it is a repeat of what happened to Metallica but its even worse, Metallica kept their music heavy although not as good as it was while Lostprophets have turned into an EMO band and not a very good one (Panic! at the Disco and Fightstar are GOOD EMO bands)thanks to Bob Rock. BTW Ian Watkins is trying to be like the My Chemical Romance singer with the whole singing into cameras and holding hands out buisness is "Rooftops" (this is the opinion of a very good EMO friend of mine)
    Start Something And FSOP > This. Lostprophets have sold out and followed the 'pop punk emo band' trend. This record sounds nothing like what you would expect them to turn into from listening to the first album. It sounds like a Feeder album IMO.
    This albums alright, starts off good and just sucks towards the end. Bring back old school Hardcore Lostprophets please =]
    i think this album is great and i like start something and this equally. the guitar work on this is better with some well constructed and more importantly approriate guitar solos. i think all this rubbish with their image is just looking for an excuse cos they have their more 'original' look in their new vid 'a town called hypocrisy'. great album.
    Wait.... did I hear a guy compare lost prophets to Jimi Hendrix, IN WHICH THERE IS NO COMPARISON...and all of there songs are deathly boring, there is no great guitar work let alone any good work, and everyones shouting there turning emo, they dont sing about anything anyway, and putting them next to led zep in juxtapostion is like commiting heresy. Now people will complain not to read the review if i dont like them, but its a free country, and if people think there great thats fine with them, but there is a lot better music out there.