Liberation Transmission review by Lostprophets

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  • Released: Jun 27, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.3 (228 votes)
Lostprophets: Liberation Transmission

Sound — 7
Sound? Everyday Combat has various flashes of We Are Godzilla in it, but the throaty bits are done by a studio bloke anyway, and not a band member. Awesome riff though, shame the rest of the album isn't this rifftastic. Ian's vocals have got better, but remember, these are studio dubbed vocals, and anyone can sound good in the studio. When live, he hasn't got the greatest voice, I don't think. Anyway, this album's not anywhere near as heavy as Fake Sound Of Progress, or Start Something. The songs are of lesser quality, but more single potential, if you see what I mean. Basically, they've sold out a little. And no, not 'cos of the hair either.To be honest, the first six songs are okay, but tracks 7, and 10-12 are quite frankly awful. The last one sounds like a Snow Patrol record. No offence to them, but Prophets aren't an indie band. But basically, if you're a little Emo, and like a singalong, then buy this album. Bob Rock's over-produced the drums (surprised) and the production is dubious at times. And the bass is either full whack, or non-existent. Overall, sounding okay though.

Lyrics — 6
Firstly, to whoever printed the lyrics in the sleeve, you talk on MSN too much. That's awful, I was so shocked to see how they were written up. Everyday Combat's lyrics are good, very imaginative. A Town Called Hypocrisy has too much la-la-la-ing in it. Can't Catch Tomorrow has too much do-do-do-ing in it. There are too many gang chants/stadium vocals or whatever. Sounded good in Last Train Home. I think you have to compare this album to that song, to be honest. They've got all the songs to sound like LTH. 4AM Forever's lyrics are okay, not very well laid out though, but I like the guitar solo. Would go down well live, and in an Unplugged-style gig with acoustic guitars and slight distortion. Watkins is sounding okay, but the vocals have been over produced. The lyrics are quite Emo, about cutting wrists, make up, haircuts, shoes, losing loved ones and torn up letters. Slight Blink influence in the title of track 8, I think too. Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters And The Story Of A Lonely Girl. And what the f--k is "Andie, You Goonie" about on Gotta Date With Hate?

Overall Impression — 8
A good mix between lyrics and sound, and I recently bought it again, as dodgy as the record is, it really does grow on you. The most impressive song is Everyday Combat. As classic Prophets as you'll get on Liberation Transmission. It's undeniably a record for 14 year old girls, but it is shockingly catchy, and like I say, grows on you a hell of a lot. Just hope Bob Rock doesn't produce album number 4, because he's an overrated producer.

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    smashin_pumpkin wrote: i totally agree METSOAD lostprophets have turned emo feeder have turned emo tom delong from blink 182 has turned emo with the awfully bad angels and airwaves if i find one more band i used to like turnin emo im gonna kill panic! at the disco.. im not joking rooftops sucks c*ck
    thanks for the agreement but Feeder aren't EMO yet, they are mearly depressing, like Muse
    Ok LostProphets was never metal, and it wouldnt work to compare them to it. Ther new album is emo but dose everyband always stick with just one sound and only that sound. I love the new album, but it did let me down some,cause you expect to hear more of ther harder music like ther older albums.